WoT Map Supertest: Minsk Changes


From the WoT forums.

We’re launching the closed test of the adjustments to the Minsk map. They should provide more tactical variation around Victory Square (in the eastern part of the map), add a safe route at the center of the map, and improve both the offensive and the defensive potential of Minsk’s northern part.

So what has changed?

  • The buildings bearing the “People’s Deeds Are Immortal” installation (those huge red letters on the roofs) now have accessible backyards. This will let heavily armored vehicles get into short range with more ease, and also provide additional opportunities for attacking and taking enemy positions. This extension will make the map a bit larger (1,050 by 1,050 meters).
  • The terrain in the northern part of the map has been raised to create a fold, and the shrubbery is thicker now. This should create more tactical options for both the attacking and the defending side.
  • A ford has been added to the northwestern part of the map. The ford makes crossing the river safer (for either team) than the bridge which is currently well exposed to fire.

By introducing these changes, we intend to make the gameplay more variable and fun while keeping intact the historical accuracy of the map. Whether we go forward with them, depends on the test result


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Funnies: The D-Day Tanks

From The Tank Museum Bovington. To mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day, The Tank Museum Curator, David Willey looks at the ‘Funnies’ tanks. Percy Hobart, head of the 79th Armoured Division, brought together these ‘Funny’ tanks and deployed them to great effect for Operation Overlord. Discover how weird and wonderful tanks, like the Flail, Sherman DD and Churchill AVRE, aided the Allies landing on the beaches of Normandy.

Gold Type 59 On all Servers



Today, the Gold Type 59 that was once only available on the Chinese server got finally added to the rest of all the regions and ready to be sold.

Also, the price is not expected to be exorbitant like it’s on the Chinese server (💰155.520) and instead has been placed at 💰15,000 gold. 

Update 1.5.1 Common Test Pt II



The second iteration of the test server came out today. First iteration is here.

Patchnotes CT2

Main Changes:

1. Crew Books

Details are here.

Added the Crew Books (new entity) to the game. This is an applicable charge.

The Crew Books can be received from Rewards for Merit. Moreover, players will be able to buy books for credit (via the Crew Books interface).

All of the Depot received, where they can be used or sold. The book is not limited. There are four types of these game items:

  • Training Booklet   + 20,000 XP for each crew member (within a single vehicle).
  • Training Guide   + 100,000 XP to each crew member (within a single vehicle).
  • Training Manual   + 250,000 XP for each crew member (within a single vehicle). This game item can be purchased for 2,000,000 credits via the Crew Books interface.
  • Personal Training Manual   +850,000 XP to the selected crew member.

Crew Books are divided by nations. Moreover, it can be used as a rule.
Personal Training Manual has no usage restrictions.

When the update is released, it will be 11 Training Booklets (one per nation).

2. Updated the Bootcamp Opening Video

3. Fixed Issues

  • When the Excluded Map window was not displayed.
  • When it comes to all vehicles beyond the Signal Range.
  • Garage couldn’t be opened.

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Boost Your Crew with Crew Books



From the Portal today.

Crew is crucial!

With the release of Update 1.5.1, we’re introducing a new feature, Crew Books, allowing you to speed up training one or more crew members by instantly adding a certain amount of Crew XP. You can get Crew Books:

  • As rewards in various game events
  • As free items from Rewards for Merit that drop with a certain probability when playing Tier V–X vehicles
  • And some types are available for Credits.

Crew book 1-221_ynnRyCx

Let’s take a closer look!

General Overview

Crew Books are consumable boosters and disappear immediately after use. Each type of Crew Book has its own value. The higher the value, the more experience a crew member will receive when used.

Crew book 2-224

In total, there are four types of Crew Books:

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2019 Tank Season Officially open!



just like the title says, my 2019’s Tank Season has now officially started!

This weekend I decided to attend Militracks at Overloon, Netherlands and already got the first clip out, a starter dish:

As for the main course, a full video is coming later on, I am editing as I type.

In order to balance WoT lack of patch content and now that I have also balanced my health and personal/public life, I have decided to start publishing more military-related content from here on now.

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