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WoT| Update 1.7.1 Is Here!

Meet the long-awaited double-barreled tanks and try out the new Demount Kit feature!

Soviet Double-Barreled Vehicles

Three colossal Soviet double-barreled tanks are ready to storm the battlefield! They provide you with fresh, dynamic gameplay and instantly draw the attention of both enemies and allies. All double-barreled tanks are versatile vehicles, but their most important feature is their three shooting modes, each boasting its own peculiarities.DETAILS

Demount Kit

Now you can unmount and send Complex Equipment to the Depot for free without spending gold. To do this, you need to use the new Demount Kit, which has varying chances to drop from the large Reward for Merit. Earned Demount Kits will be stored in the Stock section of the Consumables tab in your Depot and automatically debited after use.

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WoT: Update 1.7.1: Double-Barreled Soviet Tanks!

A new Soviet tank branch has appeared with Update 1.7.1 for World of Tanks. There are three double-barreled tanks: the IS-2-II, IS-3-II, and ST-II. So how do tanks with two guns work? What features and new terms will players need to familiarize themselves with? Watch this video to find the answers to these questions and more.

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Inside of the Bergerpanzer


In this new video I will show you the inside of the only publicly available Bergepanzer 2 Standard together with Ief who is a Combat Engineer who funnily is also one of my first ever viewers from the young WoT days! He serves in these recovery vehicles and can give you a true squaddie perspective of what’s like in there!


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Tank Chats #92: Challenger 2: Part 2

From The Tank Museum Bovington.

Part 2 of a two-part episode on Challenger 2. As David Willey had so much to say about this British in-service vehicle, it has been split into two parts. The second part examines the Challenger 2 in service. David talks to soldiers currently serving on the Challenger 2, looks at where it has seen service and some of the tank’s features. With thanks to the British Army for their assistance. Watch part 1 here: