Update 9.21: British Tank Destroyers


Some nice pictures of the vehicles and illustrations of armor profiles old and proposed from Wargaming plus the usual explanatory text. From Wargaming.

British non-turreted TDs are largely underappreciated due to their feeble armor. We address this long-standing issue as part of an all-around Tech Tree revision, increasing their protection to help them reclaim a place among conventional assault TDs. With thicker protection up front and on the sides, they no longer suffer from glaring armor weaknesses and can be an intimidating force leading the attack or helping allies. With that, let’s dive into the details!

These TDs are currently being tested and their exact parameters might change. We’ll be monitoring your feedback and game data to fine-tune the lineup by the time Update 9.21 hits production servers. We’ll update you on the final settings; meanwhile, please jump in to test the TDs and share your feedback with us!

Why Revise Them?

TDs on the FV215b (183) line won’t exactly set the Thames on fire (er, not that you’d want to) when it comes to mobility, but it’s not their job to win races. These Brits pick their battles and have enough damage potential to put heavily-armored enemies to sleep working as assault guns or supporting the team from the frontline. Thick armor, excellent DPM (over 2,000 at Tier V; sweet, huh?), a great fire rate, and easy gun handling let them meticulously destroy the opposition, compensating for below-average mobility.

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WoT Erlenberg translation into HD#2


Rework of the map to introduce gameplay changes. The video also shows the borders and beyond. If your vehicle has a high enough power-weight ratio the river is crossable almost anywhere, baring almost vertical banks. Enjoy.

Timecodes (for video):

00:05 Exclusively gameplay changes on the map
02:47 Erlenberg in HD, graphics settings (preset): Ultra
08:19 Showing changes for the boundaries of the map area
09:46 P.S. 🙂 ( Here the graphics are set to low and the 125fps framerate cap has been disabled)

Source WOT Express


FV215b 183 to Badger Trade


A few brief points before the new Tier X British TD hits the tech tree and replaces the FV215b 183:

  • As usual by now, those who own the FV before the trade in will keep it as a special Tier X vehicle.
  • The FV215b 183 crew will be retrained for the Badger. As the Badger has one more crew member than the FV, the new crew will come with a 100% trained radio operator.
  • Going off vehicle changes in testing, the FV215b 183 will also receive an ammunition capacity buff. Going from 12 to 20 shells. Obviously subject to change.

World of Warplanes community made equipment sheet


Good evening everyone,

The Reddit World of Warplanes community has decided to create a equipment guide sheet for WoWp courtesy of WafflesofWrath, Wallace Lord of Ouls aka PeteWallace and SimplePleasures. It is covering all planes with their recommended equipment and pilot skills to boost your planes performance to the max.

Link to the Guide sheet is here

It also includes an invitation link to the World of Warplanes Reddit discord channel. In which you will find many experienced pilots who are happy to give advice and recommendations as well as WoWp devs who chat from time to time.

Link to the R/Wowp discord channel

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Swedish tanks Revisited: Strv m/31 & fm/31


Author: SP15

Welcome back everybody!

It been over three years ago since I started making articles on Swedish AFV’s, in that time a lot of new information has come to light which has made some of my earlier articles obsolete. In this series i will be taking a look back at some of those articles starting with Swedish tanks part II: the history of the Strv m/31 & fm/31.


During the 1920’s the Swedish military started looking into options for the replacement of the Strv fm/21. The fm/21 was originally a German ww1 tank design known as the Lk II, 10 of these tanks had been imported in 1921 under great secrecy as Germany was not allowed tanks under the Versailles treaty. Its been said that they had initially been acquired for the protection of the royal family in case of a revolution, but they soon became a way for the Swedish army to experiment with tactics for armored vehicles. By the time of the mid 1920’s however the Strv fm/21 was already showing its age and due to a lack of spare parts several vehicles had to be cannibalized to keep the others running. Continue reading