9.19 Supertest

Good day all,

While you all are finally getting your hands on update 9.18, WG has announced plans to begin supertesting features for 9.19. Here’s a quick recap of what will be tested:

Ranked Battles

A new mode exclusively for Tier X tanks. The game modes are essentially the same as Standard Battles, though individual effort will be better rewarded.


Teams will be pulled together from players of similar rank (+1/-1), though the matchmaker will get more lenient if it begins to take too long to get into a battle. Both teams will always have the same number of players of the same rank. Continue reading “9.19 Supertest”

9.19 Supertest

WoT NA Micropatch 0.9.18_2

An update to tha MM mechanics.

There are plans to release Micropatch 0.9.18_2 on April 27th, 2017

Maintenance will begin at 03:30 Pacific Time (10:30 UTC) and will last approximately one hour.

During maintenance, the World of Tanks servers will be unavailable.

Patch notes:

The matchmaking mechanics were adjusted as follows:

  1. The top tier of three-tier battles will comprise the same number of tank destroyers, SPGs, and light tanks (of both Platoon and solo players) in both teams. For each of these vehicle types, the number of vehicles will be the same in both teams (i.e. they will be treated separately). In addition, the top tier will comprise the same aggregate number of medium and heavy tanks in both teams, but these vehicle types will not be treated separately.
  2. The top tier of three-tier battles can have only one SPG.


When maintenance has completed please restart World of Tanks using the launcher file (WOTLauncher.exe) and ensure your game client updates properly.

If automatic updating has been enabled in the launcher settings, make sure that the client has finished updating.

WoT NA Micropatch 0.9.18_2

World of Tanks – 9.18 patch

Well this long awaited Patch is finally coming tonight. UK players take note server shuts down at midnight !!

From EU support.

We are happy to announce the release of the 9.18 patch for World of Tanks.

The World of Tanks servers will be unavailable on the 27.04.2017 from 01:00 CEST to 06:30 CEST due to this update.

Please also keep in mind, that due to the actualization:

  • Global map will be frozen from 02:00 CEST 27.04.2017 to 02:00 CEST 28.04.2017
  • Clan Portal (eu.wargaming.net/clans) will be unavailable from 01:00 CEST 27.04.2017 till 06:30 CEST 27.04.2017

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

There is a futher change to the Match Maker. Continue reading “World of Tanks – 9.18 patch”

World of Tanks – 9.18 patch

Update to Server Issues

Wargaming (correction) NA have made a competition package available to cover recent server issues. This issue was also compensated for on the RU cluster. Here on EU nothing no micro patch or compensation even though players have been experiencing some lags and freezes.

From Wargaming portal

Over the past several months, many players reported an unusual number of lag spikes or freezes when playing World of Tanks. Given the nature of the internet, occasional glitches can happen in any online game, but this recent flare-up wasn’t typical.

Our team has been hard at work to address these issues, and released a micro-update on April 13 which solved the problem for many. However, some players are still affected, but it appears their issues are related to internet traffic rather than the game servers. Nevertheless, we’re continuing to research these issues to determine their exact causes. If you still experience severe lag or freezes, visit our Customer Service Center to see how you can help us in this effort.

We know it’s no fun to have battles interrupted like this, and in the spirit of improving your gaming experience as much as possible, we’d like to express our gratitude to you for sticking with us as we get to the bottom of things.

All players can get a special gift if you log in and play a single battle between April 26-30:

  • 3 Days Premium Account
  • 5x +50% Credit Reserves (1 hour)
  • 5x +100% XP Reserves (1 hour)
  • 5x +200% Crew XP Reserves (1 hour)

For the issue on the RU cluster the package was.

  • 1 Day Premium Account
  • 1 +50% XP Reserves (2 hours)
  • 1 +100% Crew XP Reserves (2 hours)
  • 1 +100% Free XP Reserves (2 hours)
Update to Server Issues