Tech tree showcase [WOWP] Italy part 5


Its finally time for another tech tree showcase! Here is Italy part 5 for WOWP. So since I started reworking the Attacker and second heavy fighter line i’m not gonna showcase them until I have finished them and i’m still searching for projects so the next tech tree showcase won’t be Italy but instead Poland which was voted as nr2 in the strawpoll I made a while ago.

Here is the IMAM, Piaggio and Macchi fighter line.



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World of Tanks 2017 Schedule


Good day everyone,

Slow day (as are most weekends) but we have a bit of a schedule for upcoming for update 9.20, and a few other events (subject to change and other specifications):

July 25 – 9.20 patch information
26 July – Official announcement for 9.20 on the WoT main page
27 July – 9.20 ends supertest phase
24-30 July – Beginning of the new season for the Global Map
August 2nd – 19th Birthday for WarGaming
2-3 August – First public test server phase for 9.20
August 12th – World of Tanks 7th Anniversary
August 16th – Second public test phase for 9.20
End of Summer – Tentative window for 9.20 release

That’s it for the time being.

World of Tanks Strongholds: War Games Testing


Good day everyone,

A new aspect of Strongholds has been announced for testing (beginning July 22), this being War Games: a competition among clans in the Stronghold mode. The competition is held during certain periods of time and includes four disciplines. Clans earn points, and the most successful competitors take prize-winning positions and receive clan and personal rewards.

The War Games screen:


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WoT Console Dev. Q&A (June 19th)


Good day everybody,

Here is a transcription of the latest developer Q&A on WarGaming’s Twitch channel covering World of Tanks Console. Trimmed to questions related to content and the direction of the game (as I don’t think anybody really wants to hear about people wanting Doritos ads during the loading screens):

With the introduction of the Sherman Grizzly (being the first tank WG Chicago built from scratch) can we finally see the introduction of truly Console Exclusive lines?

Yes. So with the Grizzly not existing on PC it was our first attempt at creating a tank from scratch. Bringing it all the way through the game, creating all the files for it, testing it out etc. It was about an 8 or 9 week process for a relatively simple tank. So now we have the know-how for making tanks. So expect some console exclusives in the future… We have more suggestions than I know what to deal with.


Will we see implementation of Personal Missions or other long-term operations that would allow skilled players to earn tanks that will never be on sale?

We started doing longer ops, for example the month long ops where you could earn points and cash them in for any tank or premium from there, in the chart there was 10 level of prizes. We realized that players time is constrained, they’re not always able to play on weekends or get the ops done on weekdays, so we have been extending them out to be longer. We have another really cool one coming up in August. As far as having tanks that are exclusive to only people that complete the op: I’m not planning on having tanks exclusive to those things. I don’t see a reason to keep players who can’t complete the op or don’t have as much time to play from owning tanks. If they want to buy them go right ahead, or maybe earn them later. I don’t like the idea of taking content that is expensive for us to make and making it exclusive to a small number of people. I don’t feel like that’s fair to the playerbase. Continue reading