WoT Supertest: Kharkov


Good day everyone,

Supertest has two versions Kharkov in testing, lets take a look:

Version 1:

The first version reduces the number and size of the passages (and thus shot opportunities) into the city area. The intended goal of this is to make a clear area for heavy tanks and brawlers to function without being sniped from the field. Continue reading

WoT Oct. 18th Micropatch


Some brief micropatch news for WoT:

First up, the patch will bring this years Halloween mode. In addition:

  • Fixing errors with the¬†“Coalition-1”, “Coalition-14” and “Alliance-13″missions for the Object 279 campaign.
  • Fixing the lighting for Empire’s Boarder on low graphics settings.
  • Fixing other technical bugs.


Kind of wish they’d elaborate on “other technical bugs” just so these posts would be more substantial! But there we have it.

WoT Sever Downtime

For EU.

Chat maintenance will start on 17.10.2018 at 02:00 CEST and will last approximately 5 hours.

During this period chat and friend list might be unavailable.

Additionally during this time logging in might be not available for short periods of time.

Halloween Event Wallpapers


Let’s enjoy this cool visual featuring an intriguing FV4005¬†dressed up for the occasion. After all, this tank is pretty scary, just like skeletons. Don’t worry though, it’s not gonna shoot, but only doot…


Still no 4K or 1440 Ultrawide.