Build the Puerto Rico: WoWs “Apologise” for poor Comunication


From a redit thread.

[PSA] An apology for poor event presentation and a bit of spreadsheet.


Hello commanders,

In addition to my personal apology and a few replies in different threads, here is our official update on Puerto Rico situation.

Following yesterday’s global release of the update, we wanted to say a few words about our New Year activities. We know that many of you are upset (to put it mildly) about the Puerto Rico event.

In hindsight, it is clear that our communication about this event was rather poor and as a result we created an expectation that the ship was going to be more accessible to the general player base – we own that. Only hardcore players with a fair number of special signals and camouflages can be reasonably expected to obtain Puerto Rico entirely for free.

Of course, this affects many of you, because most of the players do not sustain that level of activity. Please accept our sincerest apologies: we failed to communicate the degree of dedication required and as a result, for some of you, ruined the Christmas spirit of the whole update.

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WoWs Armada: Gorizia

Welcome aboard Gorizia. This ship was the penultimate heavy cruiser commissioned for service in the Regia Marina. She actively took part in battles in the Mediterranean theater during World War II and stood as an example of extraordinary survivability. Now you can take this famous ship under your command!

She is also the premium ship you need to grind some of the unbelievably grindy holiday directives.

Combat Missions in Update 0.8.11


There are loads of rewards waiting for you in Update 0.8.11, including ships, Santa’s Gift and Shipbuilding containers, plus New Year permanent camouflages.

Weekly Combat Missions are published every Thursday on our website. Don’t miss them!

Rewards for Snowflakes

In line with our traditions, ships of Tier V and above will feature Snowflakes with holiday bonuses. Throughout Update 0.8.11, the first victorious battles with each of these ships will reward you as follows:

  • Ships of Tier V–VII will bring you 400-750 Coal.
  • Ships of Tier VIII–IX will bring you 75 Steel.
  • Ships of Tier X will bring a Santa’s Gift container which can drop doubloons, Free XP, Coal, and other goodies. If luck is on your side, you might even get a Premium ship!

Please note: a Snowflake can be ‘blown off’ a ship only once during Update 0.8.11.

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WoT: Holiday Ops 2020


The Holidays are Coming!

Holidays Ops 2020 are coming to World of Tanks. A festive Garage with decorations, numerous rewards and bonuses await you this year, along with some other surprises! More information is coming soon to our channel and the official website. Also, please welcome the magical Snow Maidens who will make your Garage feel cozier than ever. Holiday Ops 2020 are on the way!

Let’s Talk Swiss again & QnA collection


Greetings everyone, It has been a while since i last talked about the Swiss tech tree and while it may seem that not a lot has happened since then, there has actually been quite some things happening behind the scenes.

-Scroll to the end for the QnA part

Now i really need this tree to get as much attention as possible, so please share it everywhere you can, be it the many european forums, the NA Forum, Asia Forum, Russian Forum or social media.  I am not allowed to say anything but maybe WG is very well aware of the tree and is just shelving it for a later date, and maybe when it gets enough attention we’d get a new nation instead of yet another Russian tier 8 premium tank, who knows 😉

For Starters, let’s talk about the Changes to the tree since last time. First one are changes to the Wheeled top tier vehicles, tier 9 and 10 mainly, Tier 9 will stay the Piranha I but instead of a 90mm armed turet it gets the FL-10 turret with a 75mm autoloading gun. Tier 10 will be the Piranha ARES which is a Piranha APC with a HV 75mm ARES autocannon. My idea about these top tier tanks is that they would bring something new to tier 9 and 10, until now tier 10 tanks usually carry at least 100mm or larger guns, tier 9 is generally 88 or 90mm or above, at least for a viable build, there are tanks with 75mms at tier 9 but those are worthless guns for the most part. However these vehicles would have 75mm guns with similar penetration to other tanks of the same role and tier. Look at them as the high tier variants of the AMX 13 57

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Supertest News : Projet 4-1


Today we welcome a new French Tier IX medium to the Supertest, the Projet 4-1, with great dynamics: a top speed of 60 km/h and a power-to-weight ratio of 26.7 hp/t. As usual for French vehicles, it’s not a tank to push enemy lines with. It may have 120 mm of well-angled frontal turret armour, but only 55 mm of hull armour. As for hit points, it has 1750 HP and a view range of 380 m.

The Projet 4-1 is armed with a 105 mm gun that boasts several excellent parameters: a 4-shell drum, 390 damage per shot, a reload time of 4 s per shell and 36 s for the entire drum. The penetration of a standard shell is 264 mm and with an HEAT round at hand you can punch through 330 mm of metal. As for dispersion and aiming time, it is 0.32 m/100m and 2 s respectively – extremely good for an autoloader!

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