01/03/2016 Q&A


I’ve been more quiet today, been translating and compiling a Q&A for you with Ctacello‘s help (who’s been a great help lately). Been making a huge effort to learn Russian for RSR and the language is becoming more familiar each day, I still go at granny speeds and rely on Ivan and Ctacello to teach/explain Russian slang but hey, gotta start somewhere. 🙂

Here it is:

-There is a bug that when players change Domination/Rampage mode it doesn’t allow them to press ready after selecting a tank (crew transfers while playing those modes seem to be causing the same), Dev team is aware of it.


-Storm says that the team is focused on game balance, old problems and old promises.
-Russians players are sceptic and surprised that Storm suddenly became extremely polite, Storm says that he decided to change this year and hopes to prove it.
-On players complains and requests to increase the number of maps, Storm says that its more likely that WoT will have less maps in the future. Less but better.
-A player complained that he doesn’t like the new sounds and asked if was possible to add the old sounds as an option in settings, Storm says its not possible because 2 different schemes are difficult to maintain.
-There is a 9.13 bug that doesn’t allow players to preview their Clan Camouflages, Dev team is aware of it.


-There is a surprising amount of complaints from experienced players who enjoy to play low tier battles, about the upcoming module simplification of low tier vehicles. Storm says that with was a long desired and coordinated decision with the sole intent to facilitate bambi/beginner players. Russians players proceeded to show pictures of people with less advanced mental development asking if that’s what WG think of beginners.
-Stalingrad, Kharkov and Windstorm have shown worse performance (fps) than other maps at medium settings.
-WG has considered and deemed acceptable that maps bay have different performances due to a variety of reasons. Also, each map is tested on all presets and configurations since 9.1. The team also continuously focuses on improving FPS.
-Dev team is aware of the minimap bug that stays locked on the location where the player’s tank got destroyed after switching to a teammate view.
-Storm shown a screenshot on how the T29’s Turrets 127 mm side armor sightly “crawled” to the roof:

-Storm says that SuperPershing’s Spring Equilibrator in-game model isn’t like in these pictures due to technical limitations of the tank animation elements:


-A player reported that there is a bug where the cap circles are going MIA and resurfacing in areas meant for other mode (Encounter), unsure if Dev team is aware of it and there wasn’t a final answer given to him:



That’s all folks! More will come.

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01/03/2016 Q&A

36 thoughts on “01/03/2016 Q&A

      1. Anonymous says:

        well in reality, it wasnt firing AP shells. If you want hisorical performance of that gun, you have to load gold.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Less maps. Even more players will leave. Game is style enough as it is. Dont they get it. Check maps discussion forum. Everybody asks for more maps ans variety

    1. Less maps doesn’t mean less variety. We have what, 30 maps. All are the fucking same. City and corridor shit left right and centre.

      If we had 10 good maps with a variety of terrain that allowed all classes to play on it. I would be happier than I am now.

      Obviously I would prefer more maps but I would prefer better map design. Quality over quantity. Unfortunately WG doesn’t seem to know what a quality map is and are removing the quantity too…

      1. look at the bright side. You will get to know the remaining maps in the slightest detail . That should improve gameplay, right? 😛 Seriously now, it’s still in line with what has been happening since summer 2014. At least they stopped releasing unfinished, raw patches just for deadline’s sake, but the rest of the idiotic decisions are kinda hard to stop, as it seems. Let’s wait and hope Slava’s fingerprint will soon be seen on the content, maps, and the game overall. Patience and tobacco , as they say in my country 🙂

  2. pangzhu says:

    I find it hard to blieve that they did not see coming that players would complain about the remocal of low tier modules, especially after them screwing up the map-selection on low tier.

    They said they would allow for more experianced players to have a greater map selection on those tiers, but half year later nothing has changed…

    I am not someone who is playing tier 1-4 all the time, but i really enjoyed the couple of games to calm my nerves after the losingstreak on tier 8-10 – especially my tier 2-3 premiums have not been played since the map-selection was changed… really annoying – oh mines again, yeah, oh mittengaard again, yippie!… and so on and so forth… 😀

  3. Less maps, not good.
    I would prefer they bring back every single map they ever removed. More variety.
    If one side is less ‘balanced’ than the other – MAKES NO DIFFERENCE. On average you will spawn about equal on both sides – balances out.

  4. septfox says:

    “Russians players proceeded to show pictures of people with less advanced mental development asking if that’s what WG think of beginners.”

    Uh…yes. Hasn’t it been obvious from the start that that’s *exactly* what they think of beginners?

    The sad thing is, for a pretty sizable portion of any of the playerbases, they’re completely justified. People play like they’re not only inexperienced, but outright brain-damaged.

    As for the whining itself, it’s also justified to an extent. Some tanks, like the MS-1 and British monstrosity, won’t be hurt much because their gun and engine nerfs didn’t amount to much (the Medium keeps its derpy 3pdr, the MS-1 has a slightly less overpowered 37mm). The Loltraktor also escapes relatively unscathed, with a bit of a nerf to power:weight. The T1 was basically untouched (which is going to be amusing when everyone realizes it’s now even more ridiculously overpowered compared to everything else), as was the NC-31.

    So that leaves us with the other two: the FT now has a choice of two terrible guns and less than half the mobility that it did, on top of its already mediocre armor. The Otsu lost its top 37mm and with it 10mm of pen, AND is less accurate, so now not only will it miss more, it’ll just bounce uselessly when it does. They’re complete garbage now.

    I understand module simplification, but here’s a thought: maybe in some cases, to keep the tanks able to defend themselves, they should have gone with the top “speculative” modules instead of the shitty historical ones?

  5. Migsaec says:

    Removing modules from low tiers? Really? They are fine. A really quick grind.
    T3/4 is where the suffering happens thanks to t5s being so good compared to them and those tiers need fixing more than t1/t2.

  6. siralexice says:

    How bloody hard it is to take current maps and add snow to them? I think that rain could be a strain and lead to FPS drop while night fighting would be heaven for auto aim+ and other aimbot cheats.

    Also, what *exactly* are they doing to eliminate aimbot and auto aim mods? Getting sniped in the tracks or another weakpoint over and over again by player that is invisible and remains undetected though it shoots 3-4-5 times happens more and more often.

  7. pacer123 says:

    Those folks still fail to realize that the main reason newbies are leaving the game is unbalanced tier 4 with extremely OP tanks at 1 side and extremely UP tanks at the other side+ antrocious +2MM.

  8. mike t says:

    Less Maps equals WG save money so not spend anything more on the game as making new better Maps costs time and therefore MONEY!

    shame on you Storm and WG, were not so stupid as you may think if they dont listen to there customers – that’s us WG not children or un-employed RU players (you know with bank accounts?

    So we just leave go away stop playing
    and play another game where you don’t get pissed off and angry with small maps, city maps, endless corridors, no cover and dumb Match Making – that artificially creates unbalanced 4 minute 1 sided slaughter fests, so not fun

    Btw, Match Making – rename it to ‘Tank Selection’ much more honest don’t you think?

  9. wolvenworks says:

    considering that i play lowtier most of the time because it’s more fun (and less filled with noobs who don’t know how to attack, even by the low SEA standards), i’m joining the complaining shitstorm. surely newbies can’t be THAT stupid. also, think the devs didn’t consider when the noobs get to a tier that DOESN’T have “simplified” modules (t3 and up) as the scrubs are *ahem* suddenly presented with more options *ahem*, if we’re talking about the perspective from WG

  10. Samuel says:

    “Improving fps”

    I used to play wot at medium settings ~80fps, now on the same pc, i play ultra low at barely 30fps, but why?

  11. I personally think it’s better if new players learn about the modules and stuff in low tiers, it’s better for them and cheaper. But WG wants people to get in to the game before you have any thought of living it, that’s why they want to make it easier for them.

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