01/03/2016 Q&A


I’ve been more quiet today, been translating and compiling a Q&A for you with Ctacello‘s help (who’s been a great help lately). Been making a huge effort to learn Russian for RSR and the language is becoming more familiar each day, I still go at granny speeds and rely on Ivan and Ctacello to teach/explain Russian slang but hey, gotta start somewhere. 🙂

Here it is:

-There is a bug that when players change Domination/Rampage mode it doesn’t allow them to press ready after selecting a tank (crew transfers while playing those modes seem to be causing the same), Dev team is aware of it.


-Storm says that the team is focused on game balance, old problems and old promises.
-Russians players are sceptic and surprised that Storm suddenly became extremely polite, Storm says that he decided to change this year and hopes to prove it.
-On players complains and requests to increase the number of maps, Storm says that its more likely that WoT will have less maps in the future. Less but better.
-A player complained that he doesn’t like the new sounds and asked if was possible to add the old sounds as an option in settings, Storm says its not possible because 2 different schemes are difficult to maintain.
-There is a 9.13 bug that doesn’t allow players to preview their Clan Camouflages, Dev team is aware of it.


-There is a surprising amount of complaints from experienced players who enjoy to play low tier battles, about the upcoming module simplification of low tier vehicles. Storm says that with was a long desired and coordinated decision with the sole intent to facilitate bambi/beginner players. Russians players proceeded to show pictures of people with less advanced mental development asking if that’s what WG think of beginners.
-Stalingrad, Kharkov and Windstorm have shown worse performance (fps) than other maps at medium settings.
-WG has considered and deemed acceptable that maps bay have different performances due to a variety of reasons. Also, each map is tested on all presets and configurations since 9.1. The team also continuously focuses on improving FPS.
-Dev team is aware of the minimap bug that stays locked on the location where the player’s tank got destroyed after switching to a teammate view.
-Storm shown a screenshot on how the T29’s Turrets 127 mm side armor sightly “crawled” to the roof:

-Storm says that SuperPershing’s Spring Equilibrator in-game model isn’t like in these pictures due to technical limitations of the tank animation elements:


-A player reported that there is a bug where the cap circles are going MIA and resurfacing in areas meant for other mode (Encounter), unsure if Dev team is aware of it and there wasn’t a final answer given to him:



That’s all folks! More will come.

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