01/06/2016 Q&A


gathered some bits and ends from different servers for you:

-About AC 4 Experimental: “Consider it the AC1’s bigger brother, but with a 17 pounder instead of a 2 pounder.”

-AC 4 Experimental will hit sales in June 3rd on SEA.

-“Let’s hope it’s better for its tier than the AC1…In its current state, the AC1 is a disgrace to Australia.”

-“Well, it depends on your perspective. One could say it the most endowed tank in the game …

But seriously .. when it came to “The wot AC1 in-game tank” , I requested it to remain appropriate / and realistic to the real life sentinel we bought and “shipped back home to Australia” to renew / protect, and put on display for Australian’s to enjoy.

The gun certainly is a bit under-powered being a 2 pounder.. as for the tank’s balancing as a whole .. it has a fairly high win rate % (over 52%).. so it can’t be too badly balanced.

As for the AC4, it packs a punch with the 17 pounder gun.

Both the AC4, and the AC1 go into the premium shop semi-perma on the 3rd of June. IE perma until I decide to remove them…

AND . there is a “Ultimate” AC4 package which is highly discounted, which is on promo for about 1.5 weeks starting 3rd June also.”

-The VK 45.03 was released on SEA today but Cyprus requested it to be pulled and sold on the 3rd as well.

-VK 45.03 video from one of the few guys that managed to grab the VK 45.03 before it got pulled on SEA:


-On NA, the next “On Track” will be AMX 50 B (June 3-17) and Object 268 (June 17-July 1).

-Player asked Storm if the 9.15 bug where the game is giving Extra Effects in sniper mode even after they have been disabled will be fixed. Storm: “I sent it to be checked but no words so far”.

-Player complains that he almost flipped his tank after driving against a rock, that the tanks are oddly climbing up the walls. Storm answered that is a side-effect of the tanks getting stuck in houses and objects bug fix.

-“There’s no way to fix this as well?” Storm: -“Not without bringing the old bug back”.

-Storm says that the team is focused on gathering feedback on the worst 9.15 issues/bugs and that a hotfix may be required.


That’s all folks.


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