01/06/2016 Q&A


gathered some bits and ends from different servers for you:

-About AC 4 Experimental: “Consider it the AC1’s bigger brother, but with a 17 pounder instead of a 2 pounder.”

-AC 4 Experimental will hit sales in June 3rd on SEA.

-“Let’s hope it’s better for its tier than the AC1…In its current state, the AC1 is a disgrace to Australia.”

-“Well, it depends on your perspective. One could say it the most endowed tank in the game …

But seriously .. when it came to “The wot AC1 in-game tank” , I requested it to remain appropriate / and realistic to the real life sentinel we bought and “shipped back home to Australia” to renew / protect, and put on display for Australian’s to enjoy.

The gun certainly is a bit under-powered being a 2 pounder.. as for the tank’s balancing as a whole .. it has a fairly high win rate % (over 52%).. so it can’t be too badly balanced.

As for the AC4, it packs a punch with the 17 pounder gun.

Both the AC4, and the AC1 go into the premium shop semi-perma on the 3rd of June. IE perma until I decide to remove them…

AND . there is a “Ultimate” AC4 package which is highly discounted, which is on promo for about 1.5 weeks starting 3rd June also.”

-The VK 45.03 was released on SEA today but Cyprus requested it to be pulled and sold on the 3rd as well.

-VK 45.03 video from one of the few guys that managed to grab the VK 45.03 before it got pulled on SEA:


-On NA, the next “On Track” will be AMX 50 B (June 3-17) and Object 268 (June 17-July 1).

-Player asked Storm if the 9.15 bug where the game is giving Extra Effects in sniper mode even after they have been disabled will be fixed. Storm: “I sent it to be checked but no words so far”.

-Player complains that he almost flipped his tank after driving against a rock, that the tanks are oddly climbing up the walls. Storm answered that is a side-effect of the tanks getting stuck in houses and objects bug fix.

-“There’s no way to fix this as well?” Storm: -“Not without bringing the old bug back”.

-Storm says that the team is focused on gathering feedback on the worst 9.15 issues/bugs and that a hotfix may be required.


That’s all folks.


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01/06/2016 Q&A

36 thoughts on “01/06/2016 Q&A

      1. Anonymous says:

        To be fair, I really want the 25pdr version as well (give this man some derp in the British tree)

      2. zombietropa says:

        For some reason, I was logged out when I made that comment :P.
        Even beater, the double 25pdr test bed to see if the AC could take the recoil forces of the 17pdr

    1. SFC_Storm says:

      It is gonna be one of the very bes Prems at its tier. I mean 170 pen and a great ROF at T6…LOL
      The Crom`s 140 pen is great at t6 and this has much better gun handling and 30 more pen…OMG

      1. zombietropa says:

        Is it going to be the most fantastic premium tank at its tier, most likely not. It’s even going to be annoying as a crew trainer, as an extra crewman compared to the T8+ UK meds. But I’m still going to get it. Why, because I’m a bit of a collector, that’s why.

      2. Muddy Side says:

        The power/weight ratio in this tank is worse than the T150. It is going to behave like a heavy without armor. And its DPM is not that good, I can think of 3 mediums in its tier with better DPM.

      3. zombietropa says:

        Yep, but as I said, for me the stats are irrelevant, but rather the history of the tank.
        If you are concerned about the hp/t, fit the high octane fuels to push it above 12.5. Its low acceleration is sort of beneficial, as with the Firefly, as it means it will act as the support medium it is. It’s armour is better then the Cromwells, similar thickness, but better sloping.
        With dpm, yes there are better tanks, but yet again, the high pen makes it suitable for the role of a support tank.

  1. On an entirely different note: If you are in Vienna this weekend, don’t forget to take a look at the “On Wheels and Tracks”-event at the Austrian Army Museum. There are, as the name would suggest, a verity of WW2 vehicles and tanks to look at, and they drive them around twice per day (Yes, tanks as well, and if you want to you can be as close as 3 meters (see pictures) 🙂 ).
    Small picture collection from last year: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5bpzupem5ljv47p/AAB9oJsZN5xraViLFQA0Mesqa?dl=0
    Official website: http://www.hgm.at/nc/museum/veranstaltungskalender/detail/show/Event////auf-raedern-und-ketten-2016.html

    1. Corvi says:

      I recommend you the Tag der offenen Türe at the PzB33 in Zwölfaxing. MUCH cooler and MANY more tanks and stuff there than the HGM.

  2. SlayerBR says:

    haha thats funny

    -Player complains that he almost flipped his tank after driving against a rock, that the tanks are oddly climbing up the walls. Storm answered that is a side-effect of the tanks getting stuck in houses and objects bug fix.

    -“There’s no way to fix this as well?” Storm: -“Not without bringing the old bug back”.

    soo basically, they say, you prefer the old or the new bug? cause we are not able to make physics correct anyway.

  3. Loch7009 says:

    Just Going to point this out. The Model actually has two machine guns. One in the turret and one on the hull

  4. Anonymous says:

    Why did WG not put the 25pdr Sentinel in game? Too hard to balance? THIS version ist the most Australian one, because our lads down under did an indigenious design of the 25pdr to put it in a tanks turret.This would be something special, but ..another 2pdr….another 17pdr….yawn…

    1. SFC_Storm says:

      17 pounder a T6 with a meds ROF and a meds gun handling ? Are you joking? Its amazing and totally unique. This will be a credit cash cow. Its gun will feel like a Lowes does at T8 penning most things a tier above.

      Ez8=128 Pen

      And it doesnt have like -6 depression that most had to have, it has -10…Can you say hulldown monster?

      Also the 25 punder would have been bad since it would have had to keep the same t4 armor. And no matter how good the gun was at t8 it would simply play just like a Rev Sherman, huge gun shit armor and vs IS6`s that can block those rounds or IS3`s thin skinned armor doesnt cut it because all you have to do is face hug.

      1. I don’t get why you only compare this tank to the E8, Cromwell and the AC IV. I think you’re legit forgetting the Firefly if we’re talking britain.

        Otherwise, there’s some other countries that have stuff that comes close to this as well:
        – VK30.01H (Yes, tier V. But it has 157 pen).
        – VK30.02M (Still 150 pen, quite nice)
        – Chi-To (155 pen)
        – T-28 F-30 (Only 120 pen, but it’s just a tier IV tank medium!)

        These might not come close to the 170 mm pen, but still this is all very good. So IMO, the AC IV isn’t too special…

    2. Because that would mean firing two guns… And WG does not, after at least 6 attempts, have a setup that they like and that works… IDK how… WoWS did it well enough.

      1. SFC_Storm says:

        True, compared to WOWS, WOT is a mouthbreathing windowlicker. WOWS had multicore support for 9+ months now or at least loadbalancing. Also they fix problems much faster. If the Torpedo spam was in WOT it would have taken 2 years to fix it.

        WOWS has much smaller budget and since it didnt “Make WG what it is” it can`t get lazy like WOT did and has to come through all the time. And for the most part it does. Where is WOT is a disappointment more times than not.

        2 guns firing would be easy, simply make a hotley like shift to activate 2nd gun`s aim. This would be fast, and super simple. WOT jut makes everything sound hard so it can drag out a game that should have had the re-balance and all the bugs fixxed and Havo engine 2 years ago.

        All they have given us in WOT is HD skins which takes individuals who do it better o nthe forums 3-5 days to complete. And they dont even do it they 3rd party it…LOL WG is retarded except for ships.

      2. Anonymous says:

        WoWS doesn’t have problems like hitting your teammate in the turret because he’s sitting beside you in front of a secondary turret (well, it does, but as all ship fire is arty ballistic it rarely matters), or disparate gun ballistics like the T35. Personally I think the biggest issue will be ammo selection and fitting the 10-man crew of a T35 into the garage…

    3. It’d fit pretty well into tier V. The AC III “Thunderbolt”, which is the 25-Pdr variant, had a better armour layout, and a better horsepower thanks to the new perrier-cadillac unit. You basically get a better armoured Sherman, with a slightly weaker, but more accurate and better DPM derp gun.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I wish they made the actual AC IV. With the AC III’s redesigned hull, the new perrier-cadillac power unit which allowed its engines to produce 397 bhp rather than the old 330.

  6. sunny says:

    WoT is becoming more and more a pay-to-win game! The VK4503 is just as good as the Tiger 1 in every department, being even better in regards to the armour! Also, it makes more credits and it trains your crew faster! Tiger 1 just got rekt!

  7. Cr says:

    The AC1 has a good wr probably because only a few acceptable/good players got it IMO. But the tank it itself is poor, it’s hard to be really useful in it (48% wr, despite my 58% recent)

    And yes, they have to keep it historical, so keep that gun, armor, engine, etc.
    But that bloody goddamn 2.7s aim time isn’t an historical parameter! (It’s 1 second longer than on any other 2-pdr. and rof is slightly inferior than on matilda, despite it’s the same gun and crew layout on a Tier 4 tank)

  8. wolvenworks says:

    saw the stats for the AC4. so it’ll be like a worse but shorter Firefly, with a massive dong on the front?

    i think i’ll save up for that if the deal packet is worth it…

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