02/05/2016 Q&A


just finished translating a Q&A from Anton Pankov together with Ctacello, this information was gathered from multiple Russian sources:


-We are thinking about the possibility to give temporary rentals to all premium vehicles.

-There are a lot of questions about the Czech branch. There are two options at the moment: a complete rebalance of the branch with buffs to all vehicles up to tier 8 along with tier 9-10 rebalance. Or waiting with the rebalance to the new “tank role” model global overhaul.

-There will be rewards for the Alpha and Beta WoT Testers. Unfortunately we wont make it on time to celebrate the WoT birthday (12/08/16) but we will be ready on the Tanker’s Day (11/09/16 – Russian holiday). There will be unique promotions.

-The Role balance is expected to come during the summer, there will be more information about it around 10/05/16.

-New MM is now being tested and its named “preset”. More tests will come in the Summer.

-The M4A3E8 Fury wont be sold in the future because Sony pictures owns the rights of the this tank.

-IS-5 will only ever be a CW reward.

-Berlin and Paris will be added as random maps and there will be an extra third map that will be added this year but first the Devs want to fix the map rotation (receiving same map over and over again issue). There will be less maps this year.

-LT need to be given back their role as spotters as they are now only sightly playable. Tier 9-10 LTS are planned for the future but not right now.

-Team battle’s format will be reconstructed but not this year.

-We are hoping to add a new nation at the end of this year.

-Italian tech tree is planned to appear around 2017 or 2018. The team already gathered a full branch of HT, MT, LT and TD but there is little info about SPGs. The MT line will have a Leopard on Top but that’s as far as he is willing to comment on it. (RG: I wonder where he got the TDs completed… imaginary Pony land?)

-Many players want the WT E-100 to stay in the German branch but there will be a replacement nevertheless in 9.15. Still, the Devs will ponder what to do with the tank.

-Right now we are thinking about reset the WT E-100 perks because Grille 15 has a different type of gameplay.

– World of Warships Blitz and World of Warplanes Blitz – No comments.

-In the next patch fail platoon will be receiving -50% XP from the battles.

-We have ideas to release special perks bonuses by Nation.

-There wont be amphibious tanks.

-Arty rebalance is planned to come together with the Role Balance (aka Balance 2.0)

– We have many ideas planned for arty, for example smokescreen.

-And smokescreen for LT? “Arty is our priority”

-Armor will be the main theme of the upcoming Role Balance.

-Team Battles will eventually have tier 10 vehicles.

-He have a PVE prototype built so far. Our main plan/idea is to make a PVE historical company (bring back Historical Battles and merge them with PVE). And please let’s be realistic, do not expect it this year.

-Tank customization (player ability to add logs, bags, shovels, etc) is not planned for now (definitely not this year). (RG: They promised this years ago but they had to focus their resources into HD models first. It will be only for smaller customization and never for actual tank parts (hull as example) because of similar vehicles like the E50 and E50M)

-Will there be hull “modules changes” in the future? We don’t have many replacements for all the vehicles. It’s not planned for this year but we will be addressing it in the future.

-What happened with “WOT: Generals”? -This was first try to give players possibility to play in Browser. We stopped the updates but we wont shut it down because we have some people who play. We will keep it live as long there are people who want it live.

-Will there be multiple turrets? We have some prototype built but is not ready and we are not in a hurry to release it. T-35 will be first tank with Multiple turrets. (RG: Players will be able to control all turrets like in WoWS, they will all rotate where the player is aiming and hopefully they will make sure we don’t shoot ourselves)

Will WG release something like Warthunder (tanks, planes and ships all together)? No, there are not plans.

-Will Premium Shells be balanced? Yes its planned to come with the Role Balance this summer.





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