06/04/2016 Q&A


Have a massive Q&A for you, big thanks for Edrard or compiling Q&A,  Ivan for translating the whole thing and Ctacello for giving a hand:


– The developers state that the information about the alleged average winrate drop of light tanks following their reverse speed nerf is not true. Or, more specifically, it’s vice versa. Average winrate remained about the same (changes are within tens od percent margin), but the average distance travelled, average XP per battle and average spotting damage were increased by 3-5 percent. This information concerns tier 7 and 8 LT
– the developers are working on further improvements to the 0.9.14 physics based upon player feedback
– 0.9.14 physics are not tied in any way to HE splash, player “feeling” that the HE splash increased since its introduction is just a conspiracy theory
– 0.9.15 will bring several personal mission fixes
– The information about alleged armor thickness nerfs in upper and lower part of the frontal turret armor of the Tiger vehicles is false. The frontal part is 50mm thick, so is the rear part of armor, together they make 100mm which is correct
– If Strv 103 ever appears in WoT, the developers will have to create a brand new aiming system for it
– There will be further aim reticle customization option – it will be a full circle instead of consisting of dots
– According to Storm there is nothing new regarding the map separation by tiers. Until it was introduced, the number was 4 maps for tiers 1 and 2 and now it’s suddenly 3 and everything’s bad according to players. The “unique lowtier map gameplay” that the players long for is nothing more than simple sealclubbing. Malinovka, Prokhorovka and Province are not suitable for newbies for several reasons, they had to be replaced for low tier battles. On the other hand, map separation by tiers as well as other simplifications significantly improved the newbie to long-term player conversion ration (players started staying longer), which was really bad until it was introduced. The developers finally made improvements to the situation that work
– The decision about the reduction of tier 1-2 vehicle modules is final
– Churchill AVRE will not appear anytime soon
– There is currently no specific timeline end for WoT vehicles, whether a vehicle is suitable or not is decided individually, although relatively new tanks (like 1980) will not be introduced even if they will fit. The “no smoothbores, ATGMs, composite armor or ERA” rule is till in effect
– The 152mm T49’s gun is suitable because it’s not really a smoothbore
– Patch 9.15 will have as many fixes of 9.14 bugs as possible
– There will be deeper technological changes to the game in 9.15, an announcement will come later
– Current issues Wargaming is having are not caused by SerB leaving WoT to work on other projects. The ongoing personal changes in WG should help fix the situation
– The 9.14 feedback is very positive, much more than of the patches before 9.14, based on series of surveys with several thousand respondents
– If players don’t have enough money to buy premium account each month, Storm is recommending buying a lowtier premium tank and farming credits with it
– There are no plans for +/-1 MM (with the exception of lowest tiers), but if that ever happens, all vehicles will have to be completely rebalanced. This happening is very unlikely but not 100 percent impossible
– The income values for the “Rampage” mode were checked many times and they correspond to random battles of the same tier, the only difference was that skilled players made a bit more (several percent) than in random (counting the income per hour).
– Wargaming has plans how to fix the Rampage mode mechanics after it is removed from the game
– The constant ongoing damage when you drive onto another tank will not be changed, this is intentional so the players don’t do it. The developers haven’t figured out any other suitable solution and didn’t discuss this yet, currently they are working on fixing the bugs present in 9.14 release
– The developers are considering adding a feature to block constant map ping spam, the option to completely disable pinging will however not be introduced
– German tier 6 Panzer V/IV special (event) tank will be rebalanced for tier 5
– There will be several more larger changes to regular vehicles (buffs/nerfs)
– Only those tanks that are statistically much worse than other comparable vehicles will be buffed
– Object 140 and Object 268 in HD were shown in WG movies but they will come later
– 9.15 will bring many small changes to earlier HD models
– The new lighting model is sufficiently advanced, now the maps have to be reworked so that it’s more visible
– There are no plans for alternative ways how to get T-22sr (other than in the Rampage mode)
– Some “Domination” bugs will be fixed in 0.9.15
– 9.15 will not bring any global vehicle rebalance, only some changes to individual vehicles and many physics bug fixes
– The developers haven’t seen any massive negative reactions towards the April 1st mode
– There are no plans to return 4K tank textures to the game
– DirectX 11 support will come relatively soon
– There are no plans for “negative” achievements (for example for quitting early), some players would collect them intentionally
– The 192mm AP penetration for the T25 Pilot Number 1 tank was a balance decision
– Global and complete class rebalance for the entire game is already being worked on
– The developers agree that TDs should not generally have tons of hitpoints and be very maneuverable but there can be exceptions
– Average skill-to-winrate ratio graphs do not show any noticeable differences between TD players and MT or HT players, the amount of TD’s/MT’s/HT’s in battle hasn’t changed either, the differences are really low between patches (depending on nations and tiers). There are no noticeable tendencies pointing towards population increase of one of the three classes
– The old SPG nerf was a very specific situation – the number of arty players dropped considerably and only real hardcore arty players remained. Other players saw that the number of arties dropped and started driving around really carelessly, standing in the open etc., while their statistics didn’t reflect this carelessnes by dropping

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