06/04/2016 Q&A


Have a massive Q&A for you, big thanks for Edrard or compiling Q&A,  Ivan for translating the whole thing and Ctacello for giving a hand:


– The developers state that the information about the alleged average winrate drop of light tanks following their reverse speed nerf is not true. Or, more specifically, it’s vice versa. Average winrate remained about the same (changes are within tens od percent margin), but the average distance travelled, average XP per battle and average spotting damage were increased by 3-5 percent. This information concerns tier 7 and 8 LT
– the developers are working on further improvements to the 0.9.14 physics based upon player feedback
– 0.9.14 physics are not tied in any way to HE splash, player “feeling” that the HE splash increased since its introduction is just a conspiracy theory
– 0.9.15 will bring several personal mission fixes
– The information about alleged armor thickness nerfs in upper and lower part of the frontal turret armor of the Tiger vehicles is false. The frontal part is 50mm thick, so is the rear part of armor, together they make 100mm which is correct
– If Strv 103 ever appears in WoT, the developers will have to create a brand new aiming system for it
– There will be further aim reticle customization option – it will be a full circle instead of consisting of dots
– According to Storm there is nothing new regarding the map separation by tiers. Until it was introduced, the number was 4 maps for tiers 1 and 2 and now it’s suddenly 3 and everything’s bad according to players. The “unique lowtier map gameplay” that the players long for is nothing more than simple sealclubbing. Malinovka, Prokhorovka and Province are not suitable for newbies for several reasons, they had to be replaced for low tier battles. On the other hand, map separation by tiers as well as other simplifications significantly improved the newbie to long-term player conversion ration (players started staying longer), which was really bad until it was introduced. The developers finally made improvements to the situation that work
– The decision about the reduction of tier 1-2 vehicle modules is final
– Churchill AVRE will not appear anytime soon
– There is currently no specific timeline end for WoT vehicles, whether a vehicle is suitable or not is decided individually, although relatively new tanks (like 1980) will not be introduced even if they will fit. The “no smoothbores, ATGMs, composite armor or ERA” rule is till in effect
– The 152mm T49’s gun is suitable because it’s not really a smoothbore
– Patch 9.15 will have as many fixes of 9.14 bugs as possible
– There will be deeper technological changes to the game in 9.15, an announcement will come later
– Current issues Wargaming is having are not caused by SerB leaving WoT to work on other projects. The ongoing personal changes in WG should help fix the situation
– The 9.14 feedback is very positive, much more than of the patches before 9.14, based on series of surveys with several thousand respondents
– If players don’t have enough money to buy premium account each month, Storm is recommending buying a lowtier premium tank and farming credits with it
– There are no plans for +/-1 MM (with the exception of lowest tiers), but if that ever happens, all vehicles will have to be completely rebalanced. This happening is very unlikely but not 100 percent impossible
– The income values for the “Rampage” mode were checked many times and they correspond to random battles of the same tier, the only difference was that skilled players made a bit more (several percent) than in random (counting the income per hour).
– Wargaming has plans how to fix the Rampage mode mechanics after it is removed from the game
– The constant ongoing damage when you drive onto another tank will not be changed, this is intentional so the players don’t do it. The developers haven’t figured out any other suitable solution and didn’t discuss this yet, currently they are working on fixing the bugs present in 9.14 release
– The developers are considering adding a feature to block constant map ping spam, the option to completely disable pinging will however not be introduced
– German tier 6 Panzer V/IV special (event) tank will be rebalanced for tier 5
– There will be several more larger changes to regular vehicles (buffs/nerfs)
– Only those tanks that are statistically much worse than other comparable vehicles will be buffed
– Object 140 and Object 268 in HD were shown in WG movies but they will come later
– 9.15 will bring many small changes to earlier HD models
– The new lighting model is sufficiently advanced, now the maps have to be reworked so that it’s more visible
– There are no plans for alternative ways how to get T-22sr (other than in the Rampage mode)
– Some “Domination” bugs will be fixed in 0.9.15
– 9.15 will not bring any global vehicle rebalance, only some changes to individual vehicles and many physics bug fixes
– The developers haven’t seen any massive negative reactions towards the April 1st mode
– There are no plans to return 4K tank textures to the game
– DirectX 11 support will come relatively soon
– There are no plans for “negative” achievements (for example for quitting early), some players would collect them intentionally
– The 192mm AP penetration for the T25 Pilot Number 1 tank was a balance decision
– Global and complete class rebalance for the entire game is already being worked on
– The developers agree that TDs should not generally have tons of hitpoints and be very maneuverable but there can be exceptions
– Average skill-to-winrate ratio graphs do not show any noticeable differences between TD players and MT or HT players, the amount of TD’s/MT’s/HT’s in battle hasn’t changed either, the differences are really low between patches (depending on nations and tiers). There are no noticeable tendencies pointing towards population increase of one of the three classes
– The old SPG nerf was a very specific situation – the number of arty players dropped considerably and only real hardcore arty players remained. Other players saw that the number of arties dropped and started driving around really carelessly, standing in the open etc., while their statistics didn’t reflect this carelessnes by dropping

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06/04/2016 Q&A

113 thoughts on “06/04/2016 Q&A

  1. hooraay says:

    heheh today i was hitted twice while driving the t62 on ooen.lol.but nooo hey when i am driving arty i xant hit shit.

      1. T-54 nor E100 dont need a AP pen buff. I play the T-54 with 40AP/10HEAT rounds. Its knowing where to pen or using your brain to flank, its not hard 😉

      2. brumbarr says:

        T54 is op with heat, but a perfectly balanced tank without, you dont need heat at all to play it right, i got 3 marks without ever firing a single shot of heat.

      3. Anonymous says:

        T-54 is not OP, its the premium round which is OP; there is a difference. Remove premium rounds form the game and suddenly all these OP tanks become balanced. This is why premium rounds are the worst thing to ever happen to this game in 5 years, worse than arty, because it is impossible to balance tanks around two vastly different shell types.

      4. T54 is completely OP with or without gold ammo. With it just gets retarded. Even without it is completely broken.

        The armour is very effective and if you learn to position and angle you become invincible. Cupolas are tiny. No other weakspots. Lower plate same thickness as upper plate and because well angled is more effective.
        Has ridiculous power to weight ratio, terrain resistance and track traverse for a medium this well armoured.
        On top of all that has one of the best handling medium tank guns in the entire game.

        Anyone who argues that the T-54 is not OP doesn’t have a single fucking clue.

      5. stormcrow99 says:

        So make the AP rounds as powerful as the HEAT rounds are now? There’s a reason why the AP is so weak, so people wouldn’t find the derp gun so appealing.
        The situation is EXACTLY the same as picking the gun the Pz IV H. The 105 derp IS powerful, but it requires HEAT for effectiveness, so nobody uses it. And NO, that 105 AP SHOULD NOT be buffed. The gun is and should be shit.
        Same for the E 100. The HEAT is too good as is, the AP is the only thing holding it back. No buffs needed whatsoever, the 128 should be made more appealing, and plenty stronger for both E 100 and Maus.

      6. That’s exactly what should be done. Make the AP more powerful. That balances the gun on the E100. AP is useable then so less people fire HEAT.

        The Pz IV H is completely different and you comparing two just shows what you know. The Pz IV H can be effective with all ammo types on it’s 105mm gun. The AP for very weakly armoured targets. HEAT for well armoured targets and HE (which is the main ammo) for everything.
        The biggest difference here is that the Pz IV H is balanced around the HE ammo. It’s the normal ammo to use whereas klon the E100 AP is the standard ammo.
        Not to mention the Pz IV H doesn’t lose out in other stats such as mobility, dpm etc near as much as the E100 does to get a big gun. And again this comes to normal ammo choice. HE on the 105mm won’t penetrate most targets. That’s why it doesn’t lose out in other stats. However the AP is designed to penetrate and because of the large alpha is massively loses out in other stats. But he AP is completely incapable of penetrating most similar tier tanks. So it’s worthless as well as giving the tank other disadvantages.

        So next time you want to talk utter garbage research what you are taking about before you come here to spew it. 105mm on Pz IV H same as 150mm on E100….what a joke…

    1. wa says:

      you can play any tank without any gold ammo. statpadders and unicunts just use gold in every tank they play. like i havent faced even one tvp(tier10) yet who DONT fire HEAT. this game is ruined by these lowlife worms

      1. Oh yeah, tell that to every red/yellow E-100 or T-54 players that only fire HEAT. Its not just Unicums or Statpadders that only fire gold, and not even in just the HEAT-100 or HEAT-54 :/ Doesnt matter the tier, class, stats or anything anymore, its always someone firing gold, even in tier 2 or even if you drive a light tank…

  2. yea i think im one of those very few hardccore arty players that remains…if more players played arty maybe they wont hate them so much…maybe

  3. thesherbet says:

    Interesting decision to drop the PzV/IV to tier 5, all it really needed was a little more penetration and less russian accuracy to be competitive imho.
    Also if you’d like someone to full grammar/syntax check the Q&As, i’d happily do it, some of the stuff that gets posted can be a little bit awkward to read sometimes. Not having a go, just a suggestion from a self-proclaimed grammar nazi…

  4. Infernal969 says:

    Yeah, Malinovka is no good for newbies, that’s why you get it at tier 3, only pros play those.
    Disable the limitation for players that have decent amount of battles or stop giving out tanks that you can play with on Mines all the fucking time. Also, fuck your retarded Shittergard.

    “Only those tanks that are statistically much worse than other comparable vehicles will be buffed”
    Get ready, more RAAASHHHHAAAAA STRONK tenks will get buffed. Maybe few Burgers. Nerf the rest, because fuck Europe.

  5. – If Strv 103 ever appears in WoT, the developers will have to create a brand new aiming system for it
    I’m not really sure why. It seems to me the regular turretless aiming system would suffice for this. I see no difference in it.

    – Current issues Wargaming is having are not caused by SerB leaving WoT to work on other projects. The ongoing personal changes in WG should help fix the situation
    Wait, didn’t they *just* release a video in which Victor said SerB had returned to work on WoT??

    – There are no plans to return 4K tank textures to the game
    Did I miss this? Were they ever in?

    1. Strv 103 would need a new aiming system, as it’d be really annoying to control the gun using the current system (the tank would constantly traverse back and forth to try and aim at the target you’re looking at) since the gun itself can’t traverse left or right. Also, the gun doesn’t depress normally: the suspension moves the entire tank up or down. Again, would be a bit finnicky with the current aiming system.

      Also, I believe 4k tank textures were introduced back when the HD models were first being rolled out. At one point, they were able to be downloaded separately from the main client as a mod, but this was discontinued as well.

      1. Ah, so the gun has no horizontal movement whatsoever. Yeah, that would be annoying :P.

        Hmm, funny, I did miss that download apparently :P.

      2. SFC_Storm says:

        STB 1 on,y has -6 depression INRL and its -10 is from its suspension as well. You could use the same aiming system, you just make the bloom when at 0 KMH extremely low and the model would cheat a bit on screen.

      3. Eh, if they were to make a new aiming system, they could also apply it to tanks like the STB 😛 Also, that’d be one workaround, but it’s a bit of a cheap one… personally, I’d rather it be done right, even if it takes more time to make.

    2. Anonymous says:

      actually Strv 103 ‘s gun doesn’t have ANY degree of motion (elevation-depression and traverse) and just sit fixed on the tank
      aiming was done by raising and lowering the suspension system as well as traversing the tank, and WG think that was very unnecessary just for one tank

      1. That doesn’t seem unnecessary for a virtual tank in a computer game, that seems unnecessary complex for a real life tank as well. Whoever thought that was a good idea?

      2. Sven says:

        The Strv 103 was developed formerly as a defensive weapon against Russian invasion of Sweden. The idea was to set up defensive positions, shoot the enemy and then set up a new position. The tank had an insanely low profile with the gun configuration it had, and that paired with the ability to drive bakwards just as fast and as easy as forward made it a shoot and scoot tank. The crew of three consisted of a commander, a driver/gunner and a radio operator that was situated back and backwards in the tank. The radio operator could drive the tank backwards as he was sitting backwards just as easily as the regular driver could drive the tank forwards.

    3. The normal aiming system wouldn’t suffice due to the fact that the tank aims up and down by use of suspension and has no left or right traverse. It would have a horrible time in the current system as there is no mechanism to lift the front of the tank up and down for it to lower and raise the gun (ie, you would never be able to aim at someones lower plate unless they were flat on to you.) Would be a cool system if they ever got it running.

      IIRC we had 4k textures for a bit but because less than a quarter of the population downloaded them they deemed them worthless. To much work for them to put it as a download apparently… The problem with their logic is that they combined the populations of all the servers only the US and EU servers had a decent population using them while the RU and SEA clusters had practically none.

    4. slow645 says:

      strv 103 if i’m not mistaking has 0 gun traverse to the left and right so you can only aim with turning your whole tank all the time

  6. Sultanbev says:

    “If Strv 103 ever appears in WoT, the developers will have to create a brand new aiming system for it”
    Really? It’s just another StuG/Marder/Hetzer type vehicle with very bouncy frontal armour, a good gun (lengthened 105mm L7) and reasonable speed. Not sure if they are making work for themselves?
    ANyway, there are plenty of other Swedish TD/SP guns from 1944-1965 they can pick from.

    ” There are no plans for +/-1 MM (with the exception of lowest tiers), but if that ever happens, …….”
    It is necessary at tier 4-6. THere is no way a tank with a 2pdr should be in the same games as tanks with over 100mm of armour and guns up to 200mm. Having your Matilda or Sentinel one-shotted by an O-I or 150mm artillery isn’t a learning curve, it’s just tedious.
    I’m not sure why they even have 10 tiers at the moment, as there are only 3 tiers of game play in effect.

    1. Sven says:

      “ANyway, there are plenty of other Swedish TD/SP guns from 1944-1965 they can pick from” – a Swedish line without the Strv 103 would be so sad. It is such a unique and iconic design that truly belongs in the game IMO.

    2. linktoinsanity says:

      +1/-1 MM is only really necessary up to (and including) tier 4. By tier 5, players should be more capable of using their tank more effectively. If they can’t, they can stop playing.

      Regarding the maps, they are completely right regarding Province and some of the other maps not being suitable for new players. If you want to sealclub, put up with the maps or choose a higher tier to sealclub in.

  7. – The 192mm AP penetration for the T25 Pilot Number 1 tank was a balance decision

    Why not just make it the proper 90mm M3 penetration and bump the tank down to tier 7 (with adjusted reload/etc, of course) instead? In its current state, it’s basically just a KR Patton with even less armor and speed. As a tier 7, however, it would be a fairly good tank (it’d play similar to the T20, but with less speed [or whatever WG would do to make it ‘different’]).

      1. piledriveryatyas says:

        Well they did just introduce the KR – so bring it back, problem solved for T8 Premium.

    1. Da_Zohan says:

      Well, there is the easy answer.
      What can they charge for a tier 8 premium?
      What can they charge for a tier 7 premium?

      Now, what do you think the reasoning for making it a tier 8 premium is?

      1. Still, I can’t help but feel like they’d sell way more of the tier 7 version than the current tier 8 one. Additionally, they could either re-introduce the KR Patton or put in something entirely new as a tier 8 premium, making them even more money…

    2. but US 90mm guns are currently overnerfed, also it isn’t like a KR Patton (at least it shouldn’t) because after WWII the US built medium tanks, including Pershings and the Patton series, were armed with guns that were at least as good as the 90mm T15E2

    3. SFC_Storm says:

      I agree, whats really dumb is they are using the Semi SMoothebore gun line from the 1950`s to fill in this 192mm place and those guns were 240mm AT THE LEAST.

      What would have been best IMO is make the T25 have a 90mm but have APCR as its Primary ammo like the Rev or Is3a, see that would be unique, or use a special Cored round with 215ish pen

      1. Now that I think about it, I think the T42 would make a really good tier 8 premium. They could just put that in and then bump the T25 down to tier 7. Boom, lots of $$$ for WG.

  8. marianr87 says:

    Yeah arty stops people doing crazy crap, like I don’t know, having fun. I’ve recently started playing more and more on low tiers because of all the low tier premiums I have and FFS even at damn tier 2 you can’t escape the one shotting crap buggers. Arty Is really frustrating.

    1. pixywing says:

      Love when a medium tank gets 3 arty firing at him as he is the first spotted and trying to be aggressive and keep the game from being a camp fest. Instead arty kills people not camping as they are not arty safe and promote camping. The only time arty actually stop camping is on maps like Camonvka which is just less of a camp fest with arty as when stuff gets spotted it tends to die instead of being taken to half hp.

      1. marianr87 says:

        Yeah, yet it’s taken years to promise to do a real rebalance. I hope it will be done right and we won’t have to wait 6 more years for it. I’m sick of it.

      2. Yepp i am playing less and less WOT, and really don’t play tier 10 any more because if you try to do your job as a medium or a heavy, you will get artied all the time by really balanced arties like the BC or the T92.

      3. You get shot at because you are the first one spotted? Thats called stupidity, not “Aggressive”.

        The entire enemy team can only see you. Who they shoot at? You! You’re the only they can see.

        And even funnier is that you said SPG shoot the people who’s not Arty-safe – well who do they shoot then? Do I shoot a guy behind a rock that will 99% miss and wait another 30 seconds to have a second shot? Das Logic. Make yourself a harder target if you don’t want to get shot at.

        Get gud. Play some SPG to understand their postioning and weakness, instead of crying week in week out. It’s weak enough and extremely RNG – you want more nerfs?

      4. pixywing says:

        Why would I play a class that is dependent on RNG rather than skill? Arty is a broken class as it doesn’t matter if you have a 42% or a 52% win rate, as both of these players will have very similar results. Arty allows terrible players to kill good players from the back of the map without fear or with-out counter-play of any kind as you have no idea if arty is targeting you. Also arty should be able to hit the guys behind the rocks as its to prevent camping although you seem to disagree.

      5. 42% WR plays SPG differently than a 52%. Common Misconception that SPG had a very compressed skill gap – No. There is a significant difference.
        What 42% does is really point and aim. Oh and thats what most of the people crying remove SPG from the game is doing anyway. It isn’t supposed to play like that.
        Positioning, relocating, when to scout/shotgun, how to maximize your hit chance and so on are what makes the difference. I am not denying that SPG do require less concentration and skill to play, but that doesn’t mean OMGSPGNoobGetALife. Being a good “Normal tank” driver doesn’t mean you are instantly good at SPG – I learn this the hard way. I suck in SPG I’ll be the first to admit. But I get better at it and are able to actually impact the game instead of randomly firing people that look purple/blue.

        Does it allow potatoes to kill unicums? Yeah, but it happen wayyyyy less often than you think. If they’re potatoes, they won’t know how to lead properly and don’t predict how your movement will be. I love the tears (Especially the better players) when they keep peaking the same corner thinking pulling back quickly will put me off. No I don’t and thanks for the free damage.
        So. Predictable. Not even joking.

        Oh and if SPG are able to hit people behind a rock, all it does is even more annoying. Mein Gott no wonder Storm or SerB get mad at people (Not to say I agree with some of their BS), all you did you make them more powerful as it doesn’t matter now as the entire team can do NOTHING to cover themselves. From what I see I don’t think anyone will like that here.
        Sure I don’t mind though if you really think thats a good idea 🙂

        A rebalance is needed, indeed – yet SPG simply don’t need any more nerf. If anything it need a buff on aim time to actually allow it to “Support” teammates in need (Given the Alpha is reduced, obviously).

    2. marianr87 says:

      BTW, lower tiers need some new rebalances. Since the T18 scourge has vanished, a new one has appeared, M2 Light gold spamming platoons. You have now real chance against them if they come all at once you’re gone in seconds. That reminds me, gold spam is another issue that needs some fixing.

  9. GTXPlayer says:

    “DirectX 11 support will come relatively soon”

    Bullshit. How many times have we heard this already. For those that don’t know, you have to basically re-write the game to take advantage of this.

  10. hditerrorizei says:

    “DirectX 11 support will come relatively soon”

    Bullshit. They said this last year at least twice. For those that don’t know, they basically have to re-write the game to take advantage of Dx11.

    1. SFC_Storm says:

      Yeah right, this E5 thing is really overblown. The IS7 has much much better armor, a much higher top speed and is arty proof compared to E5. Morons need to learn to get its sides and shoot thru its paper 76mm into its ammo rack.

      Baddies fixate on tanks if they cant load gold and pen from front, which is funy because lower plate is only 150mm at los

      1. Indeed. E5 isn’t op. But blown out of the water by fucking idiots who have no clue how to aim. And yes is7 is better in almost every way.

  11. Laserguided says:

    Bring back older maps. If a map is unpopular, just make it show up less instead of removing it. I miss the old maps, some of them are unique.

    1. I’d agree completely. Can’t understand how wide maps aren’t beneficial to high tier tanks with their superior firepower and mobility, maybe apart from a few cases of really slow TD’s. There has to be some compromise. I remember the idea of multiple spawns for each team …

  12. UNUNUMUS says:

    “Churchill AVRE will not appear anytime soon”
    Good lord, are you serious? You mean the Churchill with a 290mm gun?? Why not the Centurion AVRE, a Centurion with a 165mm gun, put it at tier 8 with some other guns of the same size on some other chassis, worse accuracy, 35kmh, but it has a turret. Just came to me- Why not put it at tier 10 as a replacement for the Conqueror Cancer Carriage? 165mm gun at tier 10 is doable (BC-155s) give it the same armor as the Cent Mk. I, 37kmh, but it has decent aim time and a 360 degree turret

    1. it’s not a 290mm “gun”, it would be a Churchill SPG since the “gun” was classified as a petard launcher

      if they used “petard” as the ones used on “ancient” wars (prior to the 1900s) it would be similar to a mortar, I’ve seen photos of the Chruchill AVRE and how it behaves when playing “Men of War: Assault Squad 1&2” and it does indeed work like a mortar

      it could be a good choice for a tier 8 premium artillery for the british tech tree, of course I don’t actually know if it would be OP but it shouldn’t since the range wouldn’t allow to cover the entire map meaning you would actually need to be fairly close to the fight and in range of the enemy guns

      also the Centurion with 165mm gun wouldn’t be the only one, for the US it would be a M46 with a similar 165mm howitzer/demolition gun

  13. Anonymous says:

    – 0.9.15 will bring several personal mission fixes

  14. I can understand the removal of the maps at low tier to protect the new players, however there is no excuse for not making them available to players with a set number of battles under their belts. Say 12,000 battles. I really do want to play on wider maps with my lower tier vehicles – some of which I have paid good money for.

  15. Anonymous says:

    “The developers agree that TDs should not generally have tons of hitpoints and be very maneuverable but there can be exceptions”
    – Yes, WoT needs more spawn camping TDs /facepalm

  16. atomicemu says:

    “German tier 6 Panzer V/IV special (event) tank will be rebalanced for tier 5”

    Sigh. Fine, I’ll be driving something else in skirmishes…

  17. reaper no weaper says:

    I feel Ive wasted my time and money on WOT… Not sure who is enjoying it? none of my clan… I wont spend another penny on this game… I shouldnt lose or win regularly 12-0 and why have i wasted money on premiums that are utter shit…

  18. Anonymous says:

    Yes Rita can you make a Polldaddy for the old maps pearlriver, hidden valley, ect..
    And im shocked there is still no nerf news for the jap tanks (cause detach) and i thought SerB was responsible for introducing it, if no i owe him a big apology.

  19. “The 152mm T49’s gun is suitable because it’s not really a smoothbore”
    more like it doesn’t actually take advantage of the advantages that smoothbore cannons have over rifled cannons such as higher muzzle velocity (yes I know I used the same word twice but it was needed)

    this happens, as we all know, because it wasn’t intended to fire AP and rely mostly on ATGMs and HE against armor or fortified positions

    1. Esurio1 says:

      if i am not mistaking the gun of a t49 dous have rifling but has straight lines running trough it in which the rocket will slide to counter the rifling. so when you load HE or HEAT it will spin but the rockets will glide down the barrel kept straight by the lines.

  20. I still say they should knock the TOG down to Tier V. It’s been powercreeped to oblivion, especially after the Jap heavies came out. And unlike the Jap heavies it can be easily penned by most things in Tier V nowadays. Unless they pull a miracle out of their ass when they bring it to HD and give it better armor.

    1. Corvi says:

      Seriously ? TOG is already OP on T6. Hell, it can 1 on 1 solo a T7 heavy tank .. That thing on T5 would be overkill.

  21. jim says:

    Maybe they should get some new hardware for their servers, as they are down again right now. EU2 kicked the bucket and no one can log back in to EU1 as they have sessions active on EU2.

    Working as intended!!! Nah, screw that, let’s add more new useless features instead of assuring old bugs are removed and servers keep running or things get balanced.

  22. Anonymous says:

    bullshit I liked the panzer V/IV more than the cromwell when i had the chance to play it. I would pay an arm and leg for a tier 6 Panzer V/IV on the live server.

  23. Me says:

    Current state of WoT can be easily figured out just by looking at that fat dick’s face on photo.

  24. I just love how players in general just promote there own agenda of likes and dislikes here on Rita’s Forums it like ‘gossip’ and much of it goes off topic with a life all of its own

    Wargame does not read this Forum and remember anything that gets said here, ever

    However the fact that most players don’t know that Storm is maybe the one single reason that WOT is in the shit that it is now – just amazes me,
    I thought WG had him re-moved ‘posted or let go’ to the NA region in USA after his ‘fails’ in Minsk then Nicosia now to USA to ‘re-learn how to work better’ at it in NA region

  25. Jack Kenyon says:

    Instead of just buffing the vehicles that are statistically much worse (very few) why not nerf a select few that are statistically too good and have become the high tier Meta, ruining variety and punishing you for not playing them? Object 140 springs to mind. Even a few small nerfs to terrain resistance would make it balanced. No tank with such bad power to weight should reach light tank positions at the same time, then have enough armour and DPM to shred them before their team arrives. Swarms of Object 140s make most other tier X mediums feel miserable, leading to a tier X meta of Russian mediums which frankly sucks. Any thoughts?
    Also Rita could you bring up how WG nerfed the armour on Centurion 7/1 a second time in 9.14 by changing the HD model again, and didn’t put it in the patch notes anywhere? They basically covered up an unjustified nerf with no compensation, explanation or even a mention.

    1. Well I hope that is true really I do, honestly

      but with WG current abysmal record of totally ignoring anything at all from its player base I’m not get my hopes up
      – in fact WG (like no other company) seems to go out of its way to completely ignore its players (customers) suggestions or ideas or complaints

      maybe its a Russian mentality thing

  26. WinkelriedDerVerpetzte says:

    “There are no plans for +/-1 MM (with the exception of lowest tiers), but if that ever happens, all vehicles will have to be completely rebalanced.”

    Completely wrong.MM would be mich fairer as it is right now.

    Once again an example:
    As a Tier 6 Medium u get a Tier 8 match many times.I get so often such matches and my High-Tier-Hevies are tomatoes or bots (bots can u report as often u want,WG don’t do anything against it).They are dead after 4 minutes by the better Top-Tier-Heavy-Players from opponent team or stay afk in base.Even if i use gold-ammo with my Tier VI-Medium…how to have a chance to pen,destroy and win against much better armored 2 tier higher heavy?

    So WG-arguments are completely wrong.If they had MM with 1 tier difference (scouts 2 tiers) it would be much fairer.So there is definitly less need for rebalancing tanks compared to mm +/-2.

    Another example:
    Play as Matilda against tomato O-I-Player in other team.How pen it?How flank it with slow Matilda.U get one-shotted by a tomato…not because he has skill or can good play.He just have a great MM and no one can do something cos of MM +/-2.

    1. Get gud. Thats all I can say.
      It’s not only you that meet these frustrating matches – yet why people are still able to do well?
      Sometimes it’s not the game’s fault – instead it’s yourself.

      1. WinkelriedDerVerpetzte says:

        Everyone sometimes is doing a fault.

        The point is that such faults become probablier with MM +/-2 and u can’t do enough for the team simply cos of low tier and no chance to penetrate the opposits.

  27. Anonymous says:

    More same old, same old.. CEO blathers without saying anything except the playerbase is wrong.. and nothing is done..

    Why are these even posted?

  28. BatelGeuce says:

    “– The developers agree that TDs should not generally have tons of hitpoints and be very maneuverable but there can be exceptions”

    Yeah ? If they make proper tutorial divided into multiple steps to teach them everything they should know about the game so every player knows how to play each class, they can rebalance the TDs. Until that, leave my TDs alone.

    1. Many players in WOT

      never use or look at Mini-Map
      never move away from ‘there fav bush’

      never notice a flank is falling – do nothing ignorance is bliss
      never help there team – just watch

      don’t understand camo bush mechanics or any WOT game mechanics
      firing there gun gives there position away
      most players it seems are ‘Lemmings’ follow the herd like sheep

      watch and ‘wait’ until its safe while there team take damage or die – then move
      half or more of your team are ‘foreigners’ so nobody speaks same language, so text is useless

      so to read and even understand an instruction ‘Guide’ lol
      that’s hoping for far to much

      players in WOT most times can be ‘frustrating’ lets say to be polite

  29. Anonymous says:

    I wish the Chieftain was a Medium tank (I mean, all the other MBTs are medium tanks, it stands to reason, doesn’t it?) instead of a heavy.

    For one I wouldn’t have to grind a line I have no interest in just to get a tank I like.

    And second no one would have to put up with a Tier X heavy with 85mm front armour.

  30. Yes, they are reading it and then dismissing what they read because we lowly customers are clueless and can’t appreciate the magnificent wisdom of the developers. *cough* play armored warfare instead *cough*

  31. Migsaec says:

    “Other players saw that the number of arties dropped and started driving around really carelessly, standing in the open etc., while their statistics didn’t reflect this carelessnes by dropping”
    Of course. As long as they are covered by terrain/rocks/buildings and other tanks can’t shoot them but they are open to arty, their carelessness is not punished because arty as they are now has pretty damn bad accuracy and won’t hit them without waiting 2 years for the gun to aim, in that period of time, they probably did more than their hp worth in damage and gotten a kill or two.

  32. siralexice says:

    Report system is still broken, I am chat banned for insults & provocations, but:
    – there have been no insults from my part, I just called out cowards, cheaters and botters
    – the customer support can’t show me on what this ban was based on
    so basically I am punished without proofs of any kind.

  33. wolvenworks says:

    “The income values for the “Rampage” mode were checked many times and they correspond to random battles of the same tier, the only difference was that skilled players made a bit more (several percent) than in random (counting the income per hour).”

    preety sure they completely forgot that “same tier” is tier X, which is publicly known to drain wallets if you’re underperforming, especially w/o prem.

    which doesn’t help you with making people love the mode

  34. +1/-1 MM does not need any work in tanks at all. It will work out perfectly. When you are bottom tier you are pretty much target practice for the top tier tanks. There are very few tanks that can hold its own against a tank 2 tiers higher by penning them and taking shots from them.

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