06/05/2016 Q&A


there’s a new Q&A from Storm, thanks to Ctacello for translating it with me:

-In next patch Chieftain\T95 will take premium status. What about Т95Е2? -We haven’t considered.

-Where we can read more about the conceptual and integrity + 2 / -2 MM? -Nowhere.

-So far there have been 3 Test Server patches:

  • May 6th:48.4  MB  for SD-version and an additional 21.8 MB for HD-version .
  • May 5 : 57.5  MB  for SD-version and an additional 44.5 MB for HD-version .
  • May 2: 17.3  MB  for SD-version and an additional 4.1 MB for HD-version .

The updates:

  • Fixed log-in problems;
  • Fixed FPS drops;
  • Fixed a problem with the appearance of an error after the client tabbing out of full screen mode.

-Why don’t you post a poll about the Matchmaker (allow players to tell what they want)? We believe you will F* it up. -They are full rebuilding the matchmaker and there’s no sense for me to make a poll at the moment.

-Will you be doing similar changes to 113 and 215b as you did to the 112? -112 was just a “bugfix”, we have nothing else planned.

-Directx 11 was added? -Yes

-I don’t see an option to change between DX9 and DX11. -The switch will be done automatically if there is the need for it.

-About the issue that tanks like AMX Elc bis and TDs (E-25s and even perhaps others MTs) are turning by themselves when we hit the breaks due to the New Physics. Are you planning to fix this? -“Its my fault, I misinterpreted what the guys working on the physics shown me. We wont be reducing/fixing this effect in 9.15.”

-Question about the WGL reward tank (German Bulldog): The vehicle doesn’t match the gameplay characteristics that were advertised, will there be any changes to the tank? -Everything is fine, read carefully what we wrote in the portal.

-I found a bug where the aiming falls down when I get out of sniper mode. -There’s nothing wrong with it, before entering sniper mode camera the game automatically aims down to match the same angle of the gun.

-Player whines about being critically more often than before. -Statistics showed that the number of critical hits are not increased.

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06/05/2016 Q&A

55 thoughts on “06/05/2016 Q&A

  1. atikabubu says:

    Aaaah, I missed Storms attitude… Now I need some SerB “how terrible!” and everything will be okay lol xD

    1. Billy Jean is not your lover says:

      You want attitude? Read comments below 🙂

      More or less, all the same.

  2. tombosoldier says:

    Seriously, the bug when the tracks start turning when u reverse a bit or break is fucking stupid and it’s really laughable these asshats at WG are not planning on fixing it yet. Way to go wargaming, light tanks are now the weakest class, let’s just make them even more clusterfucked and hard to control, and wait, we should also make them very easy to flip so light tank players get even more screwed! Da da gut idea comrade

    1. Anonymous says:

      Light tanks are better now after the new physics. They can turn on a dime and keep going instead of losing all the momentum. Sounds like you just need to practice more or just go to a different class. Another option would be to uninstall 😉

      1. Well, I’d say uninstall to a person that defends the bugs of Wargaming an to the person that denies that light tanks are currently a poor man’s mediums. I agree that they have better mobility but thats’s all, lights are still inferior

      2. Nobby says:

        How are light tanks “a poor man’s mediums”? They get worse match-making, worse armour and (usually) worse guns with the advantage of better camo. The new physics have improved their mobility considerably and being more twitchy is the pay-off for that. They *used* to be mini-meds because they didn’t have the mobility advantage and that’s what’s changed. If you can’t drive a light tank with the new physics, it’s not the fault of the game.

  3. Henk Bok says:

    “The switch will be done automatically if there is the need for it”

    What does this mean? Does it mean that they will not ye switch on DX11 because they do not yet deem it nessicery? Do they mean that it will switch on automatically when the option is available for the GPU of the player?

    1. Dreadmoth says:

      If your GPU and operating system support DirectX 11, the game will use it automatically.
      If not, the game will use DirectX 9.

  4. wow why did I bother wasting 2 weeks in a clan war campaign to “feel like I have a tank other really really bad players would not have ” GG Wargaming GG and you wonder why players are moving to AW

      1. Because any red bad player can buy the tank having zero skill or team work to have it. Which is why the top 8000 players who worked hard for 2 weeks to get the tank in the campaign did. Wow if I knew it was coming out to buy i would not have wasted my time. It means nothing once anyone can buy it, as at the moment it shows look this guy was a team player and got it the hard way making it a prestige tank, not a common premium tank that any retard can buy making it a run of the mill tank not like the obj 907,vk7201 or the T95E6 that I got that not any old player can get.

      2. Nobby says:

        Nothing’s been said about it becoming available to buy. The tank was described as a ‘premium’ in the run-up to the campaign and during the campaign but when it arrived, it didn’t earn credits like a premium – technically it was an ‘award’ tank rather than a premium (check the description of a tank like the StuG IV to see the difference). A lot of players cried about that so WG have changed the credit-earning status of the tank.

        Now it fulfils all the criteria of a tank with ‘premium’ status, though I’m expecting to see further complaints if the credit earning potential doesn’t exceed that of the JgTig 88.

      3. DerKeim says:

        You understood somethimg wrong. It gets premium status i.e. more credits, it’ s not going to be sold.

      4. stormcrow99 says:

        Progress (yes, every last bit of it) is optional. Completely and utterly. There is a way to get 99,9% of the stuff in game with sufficient funding. Welcome to PC gaming.

    1. Premium status means it will have the bonus to credit gains. Unlike for exemple personal missions reward tanks that just have “reward” status. They dont gain more credits than normal tanks.

      That is what they meant by giving the tank premium status. They wont sell tier X tanks to public, they’re not that stupid. Stop complaining just for the sake of complaining, you dont even understand what you’re talking about…

    2. Anonymous says:

      Personally, the top clans have been given enough of the elite tanks. So if they decide to make it available to everyone, more power to WG. You hould jut be happy you didn’t have to buy it.

  5. Just Call Me Zo says:

    “-Where we can read more about the conceptual and integrity + 2 / -2 MM? -Nowhere”

    Right. And where do players stop playing the most? Tier 3/4? Your idea of low tier gameplay balance is a joke. You lose hundreds of accounts per month to things like this. People like the aesthetic, the history, and maybe even the gameplay loop, but the first time you take your stock Luchs out and meet a T29, where does the enjoyment go? Right in the damn shitter. This is not a new problem. You (WG) have stubbornly refused to alleviate this issue for YEARS claiming to know what’s best for players without even so much as a half-assed explanation as to why the MM at those tiers is so critically imbalanced though still called “Working as intended.”

    You are now working on the MM, and as it is, I believe I speak for everyone in saying “F****** FINALLY!!” Aspects of the game need reworked or scrapped and redone entirely. I’m glad to see MM getting this treatment, but this needs to be the first step of hundreds to actually give disenfranchised players the reason to continue on, or even possibly comeback from what was a greener pasture. Even if you start small, you’ll be at least doing something!

    Example of a small thing that could be done:
    Crew customization: If I want to change the picture or name of a crewman, it costs 10 gold. What? Why, even?! Get your hand out of my pocket! This is an aspect of the game that does not change vehicle performance or is ever seen by other players, but you still charge REAL currency for this? If I want to change the crew to all one picture and name the Clone Trooper 1-5, I should damn well be able to do so. I know, it’s peanuts in terms of gold or real money, but demonetizing things like this says, “Hey, you should at least get some creative freedom. Go for it! Have fun with our game!” Call it an investment in goodwill toward players; something critically missing from the game for a long time. Something that should be worth SO MUCH MORE TO YOU.

    1. Laserguided says:

      WG uses -2 MM to retain players too. You either drive OP Russian meds or hope you are top tier in other tanks. I found some tanks are just horrible to play unless fighting tanks that are 2 tiers below.

    2. It’d be nice if we were given a longer grace period on stock-grinds. The Luchs is an extremely adequate tank in Tier 7 battles when it’s maxed out. That little dynamo is borderline OP, IMO. But Stock? You’re pretty fucked.

    3. Anonymous says:

      Why don’t they just use the MM system from WOTBlitz ( The old one, where there are +/- 1 MM for tier 1-4. They recently use the new +/-1MM for all tier). I saw people playing there actually enjoying the tier 1-4 more than on PC. Just swap it out, it’s so easy to do it.

      Oh wait, they also use that to force player to use money for free exp, prem tank,…v.v… Clever.

      1. I agree. While +2/-2 mm is good from tier 5 on, tier 4s have no chance against tier 6s which start having 122mm guns for russians, big armor for heavy tanks, strong guns for mediums, etc…

        +1/-1 mm for tiers 1 to 4 is needed. Please what is supposed to do an AMX40 when facing an M6 (when facing anything in general in fact lol).

      2. pixywing says:

        +2/-2 mm is how you get people to not play this game. I tried with 7 friends and only 1 got to tier 4 before quitting. It’s really hard to keep encouraging them when they are getting gunned down in their 50% no equipment stock tier 3s on a standard account by “good” players with 5k battles in their tier 5 seal club tank with equipment and good crew.

        What needs to happen on low tiers is remove equipment entirely. Tiers 1-3 shouldn’t even be allowed equipment as only seal clubbers and experienced players benefit from it. These players already have an advantage with crew and game knowledge they don’t need another advantage on top of this.

    4. RagnarokBazil says:

      Wargaming is making tiers 1-4 only have -1 +1 example the PZ B2 has a match maker of -1 +0 which means it can see tier 3, and always will be top tier.

    1. Tobiaz says:

      The One million is a special mission only certain players get, I sent a ticket about that and that’s what they said, “only certain players” fucking retard… The 250 gold and 3 days of prem could be something similar, mission usually don’t give that much.

  6. MisterText says:

    This guy Storm, does he have brain damaged ? The way he answers questions is quite an insult everytime. Why he behaves like this ? If he wants to lose clients, just keep this way

  7. Anonymous says:

    So the chieftain/T95 will now gain credits like its suppose to? great i’ve been losing credits(1k-4k if i lose or something)…..its not really much but i would like to make a profit playing it since its very fun to play 😀

  8. When or If AW finally wake up and realise the should be going direct for WG and WOT throats without trying to be ‘polite and nice’ buy copying everything that the players like and is good in WOT

    And then AW becomes in effect AW WOT then only then will WG finally get off there arrogant Russian opinionated cash obsessed profit is everything asses

    My god! you will never see WG move so fast to repair the game they created and fix all the shity Maps change the crap unfair MM system and listen to the players who are now installing AW and by the tens of thousands

    Of course all to late by then!
    ~ and Storm will still be there f_cking things up to the very end in his sarcastic so superior f_ck you attitude

  9. GTXPlayer says:

    “-I don’t see an option to change between DX9 and DX11. -The switch will be done automatically if there is the need for it.”

    You can change this yourself under the following line:


    Changing the value to 0 will probably result in the game using DX9

  10. Sqilquich says:

    No-one should be able to make sure the government of Maharashtra and Goa know gun and the rest of your website

  11. siralexice says:

    Every problem you bring up, his answer is the same “there is no problem”, :there is no bug”, “everything is as intended”.

    This game is bugged and abusive to us and we behave like battered wives, we stay and we keep playing it.

  12. Ast says:

    I like how everyone cries about the MM. The really oldschool players still remember the old MM. Kv1 meets Is-7, well that was a gg Moment. But todays scout drivers and low tier players cry their asses off. And no, im not an whiner nor a wg staff member.
    People complain too much nowadays. No one will ever be happy, even if WG fixes the stuff everyone cries about.

    1. Gideon says:

      Another moron that think just because it was so extremely fucked up before it is ok to be fucked up now. Go to sleep old Hag!

  13. Sir_Lanzenschrott says:

    They foxed log-in-problems …..

    …. perhaps for players in RU, but not for me.
    Since that update i can not connect any more.

    Well done WG.

  14. Gandalf the weener says:

    -I don’t see an option to change between DX9 and DX11. -The switch will be done automatically if there is the need for it.
    /// Need? Uhm…
    isnt DX11 superior in any regard? Performance and possibility wise?
    Only thing i can think off is, if the system doesnt support it.

    Like if you are on an old windows version (aka EastEurope PC :p)

    Or is the word “need” somewhat… different than i expect?

    1. Klimax says:

      Some drivers/GPUs might cause problems especially if they are older or for older cards. Also good for debugging of any problem. This will be very new code and I expect to see loads of brand new bugs. (No way to catch them nor to catch fun failures)

      But yes, DX 11 is preferred API. (More powerful and far more efficient and better support for multithreading)

  15. Yndy says:

    AW is really bad and dieing, at least in PvP.
    Referring us to that game is an insult to our intellect. Also they are also very aggressive in advertising.

  16. psychopatton says:

    T95E2 Is listed as a premium tank so false advertisement there too. Cannot change one tank for those reasons and not the other.

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