06/05/2016 Q&A


there’s a new Q&A from Storm, thanks to Ctacello for translating it with me:

-In next patch Chieftain\T95 will take premium status. What about Т95Е2? -We haven’t considered.

-Where we can read more about the conceptual and integrity + 2 / -2 MM? -Nowhere.

-So far there have been 3 Test Server patches:

  • May 6th:48.4  MB  for SD-version and an additional 21.8 MB for HD-version .
  • May 5 : 57.5  MB  for SD-version and an additional 44.5 MB for HD-version .
  • May 2: 17.3  MB  for SD-version and an additional 4.1 MB for HD-version .

The updates:

  • Fixed log-in problems;
  • Fixed FPS drops;
  • Fixed a problem with the appearance of an error after the client tabbing out of full screen mode.

-Why don’t you post a poll about the Matchmaker (allow players to tell what they want)? We believe you will F* it up. -They are full rebuilding the matchmaker and there’s no sense for me to make a poll at the moment.

-Will you be doing similar changes to 113 and 215b as you did to the 112? -112 was just a “bugfix”, we have nothing else planned.

-Directx 11 was added? -Yes

-I don’t see an option to change between DX9 and DX11. -The switch will be done automatically if there is the need for it.

-About the issue that tanks like AMX Elc bis and TDs (E-25s and even perhaps others MTs) are turning by themselves when we hit the breaks due to the New Physics. Are you planning to fix this? -“Its my fault, I misinterpreted what the guys working on the physics shown me. We wont be reducing/fixing this effect in 9.15.”

-Question about the WGL reward tank (German Bulldog): The vehicle doesn’t match the gameplay characteristics that were advertised, will there be any changes to the tank? -Everything is fine, read carefully what we wrote in the portal.

-I found a bug where the aiming falls down when I get out of sniper mode. -There’s nothing wrong with it, before entering sniper mode camera the game automatically aims down to match the same angle of the gun.

-Player whines about being critically more often than before. -Statistics showed that the number of critical hits are not increased.

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