1.0.2 Map Changes

Some changes are coming to certain maps in 1.0.2. Here’s a (brief) overview:



  • Spawns have been adjusted to make the distance to key points of the map equal for both teams.
  • Bushes on the cliff moved closer to the edge.
  • The church has been rotated to serve as better cover for the northern team.
  • The density of bushes around the swamp has been changed for both teams.
  • A small step has been added to the slope in F7 for the northern team.



  • Changes to this map have been minor, mostly for the benefit of the team spawning in the top left, including indestructible houses and small terrain changes allowing tanks to find better hull down positions.

Mountain Pass


  • Unspecified changes made do to the southern team having an advantage (sorry folks, not much written on that one).



  • Some changes made the the castle geometry, making defenders a bit more susceptible to attackers in E1 and the town.
  • Houses have been added for attacks along the 0 and 1 lines.
  • Trees have been added to the town.
  • Some errors to the minimap have also been fixed.
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1.0.2 Map Changes

7 thoughts on “1.0.2 Map Changes

    1. There was nothing wrong with old erlenberg.
      It was on of the most reactionary and rewarding maps for smart AGRESSIVE gameplay.
      The problem is with shitty playerbase who always camp regardless of the map. But even if you had 1 decent player who was willing to make aggressive plays you could absolutely shut down the campers.
      The map also actually gave mediums lights and td something to do instead of the usual heavy tank dominance

      Now it’s just a pure acc. The teams who camps harder wins. Or the team whose heavies push the city most effectively wins.

      Just like every single other map except prok and Mali.

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