1.3 Common Test

Good day everyone,

So testing for Update 1.3 is soon upon us, and with it some new content and adjustments, lets see what is known so far:

  • New Customization Options
  • Personal Mission 2.0 Changes
  • Dynamic display for Personal Mission progress in battle
  • Changes for some Personal Mission 1.0 reward tanks (not specified)
  • Changes to Pilsin, Himmilsdorf, Mannerheim Line, and Fisherman’s Bay
  • A new map for Grand Battles mode

In addition, soon testing will begin for Tier 8 Grand Battles

We’ll be sure to post more info as it comes. The update for those with the test server client should be out now.

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1.3 Common Test

15 thoughts on “1.3 Common Test

  1. NoComment says:

    WG marketing dep’t:-

    Frontlines was fun and popular so lets give palyers grand battles which wern’t.
    Puts off having to improve the game in any form for another patch..Next patch tell them we are waiting for all the stock-piled gold ammo to be used up (over the next five or six years)… so then we can look at the idea of possibly thinking about getting some balance into the game.(rofl)

    1. Seth H. says:

      Just playing devil’s advocate, but maybe they are still having issues with the performance of FL? I hope they do bring it back though. I would like to see them make maps roughly that size the only maps for tier 7+ tanks. No tank should have a view range that covers more than 1/4 of a map.

  2. lukas93h says:

    next on their priority list should be premium ammo balancing. ASAP!
    no new content. no new fake and made up tech tree… fix the balancing already!

    1. Grut says:

      Its an auto reloader without the disadvantages because it reloads faster if you go deeper into the magazine (at least that was the case last time they showed stats).

      It that is still the case them the tank will be completely broken. It takes t9 heavies to get that alpha in a clip and those t9 heavies trade in a lot to get it

    2. Indy_ah says:

      More like reading the update info, scrolling down,meanwhile zipping my coffee, reading is-3a gets the new autoreloader, spitting the coffee on the screen –> Excuse me, what the fuck?

  3. Anonymous says:

    GG wargaming, you RUSSIAN KNUCKHEADS!! How about addressing the most important aspect of the game that is BROKEN…. the match maker.

    Even Quicky Baby now says the match maker is BROKEN.

    How about just a quick fix for now with 2 tiers (5/10) as first option, 1 tier as the second and the BROKEN 3/5/7 as the last?

    Then start working on how you can average the PR of every player on both teams, to make them fair fights. You can do an average weight of tanks, so you should be able to do this and fix the game.

  4. Guys, keep in mind that several departments work on different parts of the game. The visuals department just added new stuff to play around with, so why not? Just because the balancing department is lagging behind doesn’t mean the whole company is to blame. To be fair I’m no expert at estimating the time it takes to balance things, do iterations etc., but imho it’s better to be patient for a great product than to have a rushed mess that’s even worse than what we have now. 🙂

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