100 Years: Mark IV in Trafalgar Square

Hello everyone,

Bit of a slow news day, but here we have some pics of the Tanks 100th Anniversary event in London.


The event began with a replica Mk. IV being brought in to London’s Trafalgar Square. This particular replica was given to the Tank Museum at Bovington after being used in the Steven Spielberg film “War Horse”. Bovy uses this replica during events, though it does have an early Mark tank in running condition, but the wear and tear on the machine would simply be too much.


The tank, nicknamed “Big Brute”, moved through the Admiralty Arch and onto the Horse Guards Parade to take up position with one of its modern day decendants, a Challenger 2.


Video of the Mk. 4 rolling through the Admiralty Arch.

Even being a replica,  it is still quite a sight.


Photo Credits to: WOT Express and The Bovington Tank Musuem Facebook page

Video from 2862WU

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