100 Years of Tanks- “Trench Warfare”

Hello folks,

To celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the tanks combat debut at the Battle of Flers-Courcelette, World of Tanks Console will feature a special Trench Warfare mode with a playable Mark 1 tank, and the possibility of earning a Centenial Chieftain (Tier 8 Chieftain/T95 with WW1 bits and bobs added)


Mark 1 Tank

For the console event, players will be given a drivable Mk. 1. Stats for the Mk. 1 are as follows (from the console Tankopedia)

-Tier 1

-200 HP


-420h.p. Engine Power

-35km/h Speed Limit

-49deg/sec Hull Traverse

-36deg/sec Turret/Gun Traverse


-Hull: Front 21mm/ Sides 3mm/ Rear 3mm


-40 round ammo capacity

-23-38 Damage

-20-34mm Penetration

-Rate of Fire 26.25rounds per minute

-View Range: 270 meters

The tank’s armament is stated as a Hotchkiss 6 pdr with standard AP, as well as a flamethrower. The flamethrower will need to be refueled, and done so with fuel pickups scattered across the map.


The Mk. 1 also has a 400% XP and 50% Crew XP Bonus.


The Mk.1 will not be able to mount equipment, camo or inscriptions/emblems. It will be removed from the garage along with its slot at the end of the event. Any crew used in it will be transfered to the barracks.

This vid from WarGaming Europe’s YouTube channel gives a few glimpses of the Mk. 1 in action.

Earn the Centennial T95

A short while back, you may have read up on WoT Console adding in a Tier 8 Chieftain/T95. This bugger…

It’ll now be making its debut in game as an earnable tank. To earn the tank for free, players will need to earn 300 points over the course of three time-locked events.

Point Earns:

-1pt for destroying at least one enemy in a winning “Trench Warfare” battle

-1pt for destroying ar least one enemy in a winning Random Battle

Players will also earn an Event Boost if they place in the top 3 damage dealers for their team during a “Trench Warfare” battle. The Boost will grant a random number of points to the Operation when the player placed in the top three damage dealers in a Multiplayer Random Battle.

Those who wish may also purchase the Centenial Chieftain in a series of bundles available from Sept. 15th through Sept. 30th (along with the T-34-88 Soviet/German premium tank).

Centenial Chieftain/T95 Stats
(From the Console Tankopedia)

-Tier 8



-750 h.p. Engine Power

-42km/h Speed Limit

-40deg/sec Hull Traverse

-36deg/sec Turret Traverse


-Hull: Front 85mm/ Sides 51mm/ Rear 25mm

-Turret: Front 254mm/ Sides 89mm/ Rear 51mm


-90mm T208

-80 round Ammo Capacity

-180-300 Damage

-152-253mm Penetration

-7.24 rounds per minute Rate of Fire

View Range- 380 meters

Event Times

Mark 1 Weekend 1 : Sept. 15 12:00 UTC*- Sept. 19 6:59UTC

Mark 1 Weekend 2: Sept. 23 7:01UTC- Sept. 26 6:59UTC

*tenative due to server maintenence.

Next couple of weeks will be busy for console players. I for one can’t wait to get my hands on that Mark 1 (even if she moves 10 times faster than reality, that flamethrower looks fun).

As for the Centenial Chieftain/T95, I am glad to see a premium added thats truly unique, and not just a tech tree tank with a bright paint job. The sand bags and barbed wire seem odd on a machine from the early Cold War, but what can you do?

Still, they had me at flamethrowers…



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