10/05/2016 Q&A: Murazor


just finished translating with the help of Ctacello another Q&A from Murazor, this took us a few hours to complete mostly because Murazor is by far worse than Storm when it comes to answering questions. Storm can be tough, he gives proper and direct answers most of the time, but Murazor instead, seems to not be able to type anything concise as he is more engaged on being childish and trollish, I tried to keep most of the content of the Q&A for you nevertheless.

Seriously WG, just put this kid in a corner and make the more grown up man give the answers instead. This guy is a F*ing waste of time.

Here it is:

-Are there any plans to make changes in the M6A2E1? -First, what is wrong with the M6A2E1?

-When will be new Personal Missions come? -Not soon

Murazor do you remember when you made a video saying that making T30 a TD instead of HT was a mistake. Would it ever become a HT in the future? -Unrealistic it will happen

-When there will be better graphics? -Graphics depends on content. New content: New Graphic features.

-Are there any plans to change the T110E4? Maybe lower changes of being ammoracked? I get Ammoracked or critically hit too often. -No plans for such thing.

Who are making the WoT 2.0, one of the Minsk team  or like MoO, other team? -Other Team.  (RG: It’s another team, located in Seattle, US)

-Do you play on Super Test? How is it and is there only players with low ammount of battles? -I don’t watch players statistics, skills are not required because people just need to test the content.

-Will you buff the tier 4 Matilda? -No, Matilda is a very good tank and have the better penetration than many tier 5s.

-Will you make the referal system more popular? -Maybe.

-Do you know who worked on the Type 4 Heavy balance? -Yes

How will you do the rebalance? Will you fix problems like view range, camo, penetration, type of shells or do a full rebuild? -No comment yet.

-Murazor says that the Type 59 is not okay in terms of standards but even if it gets buffed now it most likely will get nerfed again (Ctacello: Maybe after global rebalance there will be changes)

-About Sentinel AC I: “The Tank is bad I know”

-What about arty? When will you fix it? -When global rebalance comes.

-Would be nice if you buffed the penetration of the M6A2E1. -Armor and penetration, you are asking for too much, in the future we will add  one new premium tank with armor and better penetration, just be patient.

-Will the MAUS gun (12,8 cm Kw.K. 44 L/55),  VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B and buff AMX 50 Foch (155) be buffed? -Now now.

There are no plans at the moment to buff the AMX 50 Foch (155)

Why you want to buff the tier 8 CZ? Compared to the tier 7 it’s a very good tank, you must buff the tier 7 instead because is has no DPM and the thing is useless on the hills. -The tier 7 CZ is overpowered (He means the 250 penetration value on premium shells)

-There wont be a possibility to sell premium vehicles for gold.

-Player whines that MAUS is much worse than E-100 and wants buff: There are no plans to buff the MAUS (“MAUS blocks twice as much damage as the E-100”)

-There wont be such a thing as option to activate Premium Account at a desired time.

-Its possible that the AMX 13 57 GF will be buffed in future.

-Will Caernarvon be buffed? I know it has received a new turret but seems that it wasnt been working at all. -Caernarvon turret blocks damage very well.

-There are no plans to change the AMX CDC: “CDC is very good at the moment”

-I have an integrated GPU. Is there any possibility to compress the SD client version a bit more so I can play on my potato PC? -Game is not designed for integrated GPUs

-IS-5 is fine, expect no changes.

The speed of the 4202 wont be buffed to 40 km/h because its gun compensates for the lack of speed.

-There are no plans yet to introduce +/- 1 tier bellow tier 5, yet.

Why WG wont give back the compensation by gold? -“This is business, nothing personal.”

-Will you bring back Province? It was a good map. -It not a good map.

-Obj. 430 wont be buffed, however a replacement is possible.

Will you review the cost of premium shells? Some tanks have really expensive Premium shells.  -Cost of shells is balanced depend of they are effectiveness

Will the view range of tier 9-10 MTs be nerfed? -We are working the view range on all tiers (global rebalance)

-Will be there German captured KV-2 (and perhaps even T-34/85 German captured?) -In the future, nothing is impossible.

-Murazor never heard of plans for tier 8 British HTs.

-Will Rhm Scorpion be added on Premium shop this year? -Maybe.

-There is a change that old maps will be remade. (RG: I wish we could have something like the Blitz version of Port, seems very interesting)

-Its because there are many stupid questions and I because I am under NDA (RG: As you should be.)

– +/- 1 tier wont come. Something else is planned instead.

-There are no plans for Obj. 140 HD version.

-Murazor works in close cooperation with the game balance team.

-What about Havok? Has it been abandoned? -Nothing new for the moment.

-Why do you give short answers like Storm now when you were indignant about it in the past? Why Serb doesn’t talk much? Another NDA or too much stupid questions?


  • I answer as openly as possible to the questions that I can answer and I try to not make fun of them. I didn’t resent Storm specifically but was the fact that the players weren’t contructive enough with the dialogues sent to him. Storm then was the one everyone threw rocks at. About Serb, no comments.  (RG: I find funny how double-sided this guy is as he was one of the worst people who created stupid hate wagons towards WG staff in 2015)


-Where is 9.15? -Drowned. (He’s just trolling and completely disregarding what he said previously about not making fun of things.)

-Tier 9 and 10 Japanese HTs were buffed on second 9.15 iteration.

-Will you do something to the IS-3A (give it an autoloader like in Blitz)? -We havent addressed this issue.

-What about Panther 8.8? -Gun depression is very bad.

-Why Obj. 416 have so expensive shells? -Normal payment for ter 9 gun.

-Player whines that he gets critically hit too often on Panther II and asks for ammorack area to be buffed/harder to hit. -Panther II is historically correct.

-Will we see Kanonenjagdpanzer ? (RG: In Ru server) -Unsure.

-Anton Pankov said that we will see news about new balance on 10.05.16? -Maybe later than that, need to ask Anton.

What do you think about perks by Nation? Would be interesting if each Nation had their unique perks. -Unique perks would make more sense per class/role than Nations.

-Murazor thinks there is no chance that T-50-2 will ever come back to WoT.

-When will we have female voices? The New Sound Engine can take them, what’s so complicated? -In fact, with the female voice acting is very comical situation, but I can not talk about it.

-People want extra XP for blocking damage and instead you give us extra XP for platooning, where is your logic? -They are 2 different features. My personal opinion is that extra XP for platoon is an excess.

-Murazor is not a Community Manager but talking to the community is one of his tasks.

-A 113 armor buff is very possible once it turns HD.

-In balance 2.0 will be fixing characteristics? -Not only that.

-Will Chi-Nu Kai be buffed? -I don’t like this tank but is doing more than well statistically.

-Murazor believes that the SP and KV-5 roles (which are currently broken) will be back after the global rebalance.

-STA-2 shell speed wont be touched.

-What about that French tank with armor 250 mm and that weights 70 tonns? -Be Patient.

-What about WT E-100? Will you sell it as a Premium tier 8 tank after global rebalance?

Of course, it will be a premium tier 8 vehicle, the price will be 10.000 $ (RG: He’s trying to be funny again)

-Global rebalance will bring back the good old game when everything was okay? -This is what we want.

-Will the T110E4 armor cupola be buffed? And what’s the difference between the E3 and E4 cupolas in real life? -There’s no difference, these are 2 tanks made of fantasy/paper only.

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10/05/2016 Q&A: Murazor

105 thoughts on “10/05/2016 Q&A: Murazor

  1. Mrigank Jha says:

    Hey Rita, could you ask whether they plan on buffing Leopard 1? It hasn been revisited for a while and the new tier X (obj 140 t62 etc) have better DPM, soft gun stats, comparable mobility and better camo. So the leo’s inital gun handlin and mobility factor is very average now.

  2. fighting_falcon93 says:

    – “There’s no difference, these are 2 tanks made of fantasy/paper only.”
    That’s not correct, IIRC the E3 was actually a design but under another name.

    – “+/- 1 tier wont come. Something else is planned instead.”
    When will they learn that +/- MM isn’t working, neither for balance or player enjoyment? 😐

  3. 1n_Soviet_Russia says:

    I love this guy, he is frank. WTF E100 as a t8 premium, retards like this should not even be allowed to waste this guys time. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  4. Gideon says:

    “Will Chi-Nu Kai be buffed? -I don’t like this tank but is doing more than well statistically”

    There is a difference between balanced, doing well statistically, and fun to play. WG base all its decisions in numbers, not in real experience playing the game. Despite what they say that they have people with thousands of battles playing, they still must be robotic, number obsessed bastards. My Chi-Nu Kai does surprisingly well but it is because it has my over 100% Chi-to crew in it and I treat it as if it was made of thin ice.
    This is the reason AW has a chance. In AW I’ve been playing almost every line (except arty) and I haven’t found a single tank (well there is the starship and the swingfire) that is not fun to play, although I’m just reached tier 5. It doesn’t matter (much at least) if you don’t have perfect balance if your game is really fun to play.

    1. Gkirmathal says:

      I fully agree.
      Statistics are not the “all-showing-goto-global-measure” on which all sole balancing decisions can be made. This is a game, not an oil refinery and thus has a large subjective side to it.
      Namely how players perceive said balance, as in the level of comfortably and more subjectively the experience of ‘fun’.
      Any product with a high subjective side to it, such as a game, cannot be purely approached by looking at statistics alone nor if something is statistically doing fine.

      My car has statistically been doing fine over the years, very few breakdowns, low repair bills. But is it comfortable? No heck no. Fun to drive? Well, it drives. Is it economical, 1996 economical? xD
      But statistically it is indeed doing more than fine!

  5. Matthew Shine says:

    “Its possible that the AMX 13 57 GF will be buffed in future.”
    Please be sooner rather than later, this thing is useless as an actual scout…

  6. Glenn A says:

    I stopped reading his Q&A after the last one…the guy is lacking that sub concious filter where every thought passes a check of A)Does this sound professionl? and B)Does this make me look like an asshole/idiot?

    Storm comes off sounding like an ass but at least he acts professional to a degree despite having to answer the same few questions every other Q&A which will get annoying.

    1. CelticArchangel says:

      Most likely being replaced. The fact they aren’t planning to when the end goal is to have EVERY vehicle in HD, means its probably going out the door.

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