11/04/2016 Q&A


new Q&A for you, compiled from various Russian sources and translated by Ivan:

– T110E4 didn’t change at all
– 9.15 release date depends on test results
– Storm states that even if he played WoT actively, it would bring no additional improvement to game development, there are other developers who play a lot
– The developers are considering removing the three caliber rule in some cases (roofs of heavy tanks such as IS-4 and T34)
– Object 268 will not be replaced by anything else
– The older “fun modes” will not be introduced as permanent, it would be hard to support all these at the same time, since the game is undergoing a lot of serverside changes and every old mode would have to be reworked and tested from scratch. The developers are actually removing a lot of features before a great rebalance
– Matchmaker and maps will be completely overhauled, the game will be rebalanced – the game will however not be reworked from scratch, there is no need for it
– The matchmaker overhaul will be pretty good according to Storm, but there is no point in discussing it now
– +/-1 MM will not be introduced, it would completely break the progression
– Global tank rebalance? “No comment for now. We are working on it a lot.”
– It’s possible that spall liner will directly reduce artillery damage
– The player opinion that TDs are too easy and that average player deal 1.5x damage compared to MT/HT is not correct
– Developers are not using winrate to balance tanks for a ery long time
– T-22sr is overpowered, even considering the fact that only skilled players have it
– LT stats improved in the new physics in all stats (spotting, damage, distance traveled)
– There are no plans for special reward tanks for modmakers
– There are other OP tanks apart from T-22sr, they will be nerfed
– 9.15 will bring fixes when it comes to tanks tipping on their roof
– Storm stopped playing Fallout 4 in the middle because the story sucked, he didn’t try the Witcher yet
– Overpowered tanks need to be removed from the game
– Province totally sucked for newbies, even the hated Mittengard is better
– The Armored Warfare arty system will not be introduced: “It would be easier to implement Battle Assistant”
– Storm can’t judge whether Object 260 15th missions are too hard or not, but they won’t be changed
– The “set a target on fire twice” mission will be changed a little
– Strv 103 will not be introduced unless the developers make a brand new aiming mode for it
– If the new aiming system is introduced for Strv 103, it’s possible that the developers will add the Japanese STB-1 hydraulic suspension and the E10

Storm reacting on players accusing him of not playing enough:

“F*ck you. I am tired of explaining this. The guy sitting in front of me has 40k battles and the guy sitting next to me as well. And another guy has 60k battles. Minsk has few more guys with 40-60k battles. By asking questions on Livejournal, I want to know YOUR opinion (RG: He means: “is not you to tell me that mine is wrong”). As the experience shows, the player opinions are very, very diverse. That’s why I want to see the entire range of them. This is not about saving a game. This is not about my opinion – screw my opinion. Here I want to hear YOU, to see your point of view, to evaluate things from your perspective.

It’s possible that we missed something, it’s possible that I don’t look here too often, it’s possible that I missed some interesting idea, it’s possible some cool theory will appear. It’s like brainstorming, such surveys. And they are always useful, you have no idea how useful they are and what kind of output comes from them. How it extends our narrow developery view of the game, that is really “skewed” by us seeing the game from the inside.

Sure, I can let Murazor to make such posts instead – will you give answers to him? He has enough battles – he’s sitting down and playing constantly. Or will you not answer to him to for other resons? Sorry for the rant.” (RG: Please no Murazor, guy is an ****)

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