11/04/2016 Q&A


new Q&A for you, compiled from various Russian sources and translated by Ivan:

– T110E4 didn’t change at all
– 9.15 release date depends on test results
– Storm states that even if he played WoT actively, it would bring no additional improvement to game development, there are other developers who play a lot
– The developers are considering removing the three caliber rule in some cases (roofs of heavy tanks such as IS-4 and T34)
– Object 268 will not be replaced by anything else
– The older “fun modes” will not be introduced as permanent, it would be hard to support all these at the same time, since the game is undergoing a lot of serverside changes and every old mode would have to be reworked and tested from scratch. The developers are actually removing a lot of features before a great rebalance
– Matchmaker and maps will be completely overhauled, the game will be rebalanced – the game will however not be reworked from scratch, there is no need for it
– The matchmaker overhaul will be pretty good according to Storm, but there is no point in discussing it now
– +/-1 MM will not be introduced, it would completely break the progression
– Global tank rebalance? “No comment for now. We are working on it a lot.”
– It’s possible that spall liner will directly reduce artillery damage
– The player opinion that TDs are too easy and that average player deal 1.5x damage compared to MT/HT is not correct
– Developers are not using winrate to balance tanks for a ery long time
– T-22sr is overpowered, even considering the fact that only skilled players have it
– LT stats improved in the new physics in all stats (spotting, damage, distance traveled)
– There are no plans for special reward tanks for modmakers
– There are other OP tanks apart from T-22sr, they will be nerfed
– 9.15 will bring fixes when it comes to tanks tipping on their roof
– Storm stopped playing Fallout 4 in the middle because the story sucked, he didn’t try the Witcher yet
– Overpowered tanks need to be removed from the game
– Province totally sucked for newbies, even the hated Mittengard is better
– The Armored Warfare arty system will not be introduced: “It would be easier to implement Battle Assistant”
– Storm can’t judge whether Object 260 15th missions are too hard or not, but they won’t be changed
– The “set a target on fire twice” mission will be changed a little
– Strv 103 will not be introduced unless the developers make a brand new aiming mode for it
– If the new aiming system is introduced for Strv 103, it’s possible that the developers will add the Japanese STB-1 hydraulic suspension and the E10

Storm reacting on players accusing him of not playing enough:

“F*ck you. I am tired of explaining this. The guy sitting in front of me has 40k battles and the guy sitting next to me as well. And another guy has 60k battles. Minsk has few more guys with 40-60k battles. By asking questions on Livejournal, I want to know YOUR opinion (RG: He means: “is not you to tell me that mine is wrong”). As the experience shows, the player opinions are very, very diverse. That’s why I want to see the entire range of them. This is not about saving a game. This is not about my opinion – screw my opinion. Here I want to hear YOU, to see your point of view, to evaluate things from your perspective.

It’s possible that we missed something, it’s possible that I don’t look here too often, it’s possible that I missed some interesting idea, it’s possible some cool theory will appear. It’s like brainstorming, such surveys. And they are always useful, you have no idea how useful they are and what kind of output comes from them. How it extends our narrow developery view of the game, that is really “skewed” by us seeing the game from the inside.

Sure, I can let Murazor to make such posts instead – will you give answers to him? He has enough battles – he’s sitting down and playing constantly. Or will you not answer to him to for other resons? Sorry for the rant.” (RG: Please no Murazor, guy is an ****)

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11/04/2016 Q&A

93 thoughts on “11/04/2016 Q&A

    1. gold ammo is a thing though, having trouble penning no worries click 2. sometimes when i want to be a dick and a tryhard. i fire gold from my E3, really pisses people off. 375mm pen is super OP, butters everything.

    2. That is true, but another issue is a lot of players are completely unaware of tank roles. I lost count of how many LT players started in their tier 7 tank because they are bottom tier in a tier X battle “I can’t damage anything”. Or MT players who start whining because they can’t win hull down fights with heavy tanks…

      1. Grabarz says:

        That’s because WG is promoting light/medium tanks last days and ever f*king kid is playing that shit its normal to find a 10 medium/light tanks per team they mostly they rushing 1 side or just go to corner of the map and wait
        but wait 180/212/240 penetration at trier 7/8 mobility, speed plus view range makes those vehicles more OP than any other class so

  1. willat says:

    Well NA might be worried about the financial situation with the game there Organisation often become defensive and authoritarian when they percieve they are under threat in some way

  2. Is it too hard a concept or too much trouble writing a couple of lines of code to reintroduce Province and make it inaccessible to new players? They already protect rank noobs from better players. Why not Province reintroduced but only for players with 10,000 battles?

    1. Far too few people play at those Tiers who have 10,000+ battles. WG isn’t trying to make maps for people to seal club in; rather to introduce new players to general game mechanics. Province was terrible for that, as it was a seal clubber’s paradise and far too campy.

      1. The reason people with 10,000+ battles don’t play those tiers any more are the dreadful maps they’ve left us with. I understand that Provence is not suitable for newbies “Anonymous.” I do however have memories of tense late night games with a few experienced players stalking each other. That gameplay is gone. With that is the value in the premium tanks we have at those low tiers.

    2. Totally agree on this one.
      If province and Malinovka is too harsh for new players, enable them for veterans, FFS!
      Thry to play a paper low tier tank on those 3 city maps you developer noobs and then say that province was bad!

  3. we need the vehicle balance asap, tier 10 and 9s are unplayable for heavies and tds. mediums are too good, with the exception of shit ones. arty is still 2 ez and for the brain dead.

      1. thesherbet says:

        It’s true, for every time that you get one-shot by an arty player, they’ve probably missed and hit nothing 4-5times. With the serious reload times, that’s not fun for anyone.

      2. Spitfire says:

        But the problem is that arty is way to powerful when it does hit and arty is not that random if you know what you’re doing. I personally have a pretty high hit rate in the M40/M43 which is known for being inaccurate. Like 85% over 150 battles.

      3. AT tier 8, when compared to other tier 8’s, that arty is really not that accurate. It’s about halfway there with one arty with similar stats, two arty with better stats and one arty with worse stats (comparing top gun).

      4. Shitty arty player then. You can hit well over 75% of arty shells if you aim. And about 25% will penetrate for full damage obviously depending on what targets that you are shooting at. But arty is nowhere near as inaccurate as people claim.

      5. Having had quite a few games in several arties, I really don’t agree with this. Yes, there are a few better arties, but most arties will miss a lot of shots even on static targets with completely zoomed in aim circles. This has NOTHING to do with skill.

        And even when you do hit, damage rolls can be pretty random as well.

      6. I’m not saying arty is OP. I’m saying it’s completely and utterly broken.

        It’s not fun for either the victim or the abuser. It’s so RNG dependent that skill and game knowledge becomes irrelevant.
        You can do the same thing two games in a row in the exact same situation and end with 0 damage or 6k damage and 5 kills.

        The whole system is broken. If you want to see a fixed and ‘working as intended’ arty mechanic look at AW. That is what WG should copy…

      7. That I completely agree with. And up until this Q&A I thought WG had made it known they were planning on something similar. But apparently we have been deceived once again…

      8. Laserguided says:

        85% or 75% hit rate on arty? I’d like to see a proof. These numbers are too good to be true. Arty accuracy is not only affected by RNG, dispersion, and aim; it’s also affected by vertical gun arc. An arty with flat trajectory will miss more because its will get blocked by obstacles more often.

      9. Arty with flat trajectory hit more. You just don’t shoot when something is blocking the shot. The reticle turns red. However in a flat trajectory the shells travel the distance a lot faster meaning you have to lead less or if the target just moves you can still splash.

        High arc arty can hit behind cover. But the shells take longer to get there because they go ‘up-across-down’.

        Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. I think high arc arty is just a lot more powerful though.
        And yes totally possible to get a 75% hit rate in arty. I’ve got that in my GW Panther and I have a 75% crew in it and no equipment. Same with my Lorr 155 51. Although that has a 1 skill crew and full equipment.

        I find as long as you fully aim and shoot at targets sitting still most shots will hit directly. Sure there is an element of RNG. Make sure to aim at heavier armoured tanks. Your team has no trouble penning the other tanks and usually the heavier the armour the slower and bigger they are making it easier to hit.

      10. Also, with high arc trajectory artillery, you are much more likely to hit the top armor instead of the front/side/rear armor.

        There is also the issue of the server-side reticle. Ever since I have that turned on, I noticed a tremendous difference in reticles. So even if you think your reticle is fully zoomed in, it sometimes is not, even though my ping is good (around 15-20ms). Somehow the difference seems different in other artillery, even though that should not be possible. I noticed a very big difference in my T92, but only a slight difference in the LeFH…

    1. heavy are perfectly fine (except for some like Maus aka too slow too long reload) but heavy TDs sure suffer a lot from the game moving fster (the JPE-100, slow and very troll gun, E3 is still a beast but suffer a lot as well)

      1. Enigmaticmuffin says:

        implying maus is not perfectly fine
        learn to play it, I regard the Maus as an excellent heavy tank, I can crank out 3k damage easily in my Maus

    2. zz9pza says:

      arty 2 easy and for the brain dead… hmmmm. long reloads, long aim time, reling on other team members to spot, then fire, then its all RNG. It’s the only class with a very high RNG.
      No arty is not for the faint hearted, be prepared for 0 damage games and a huge ammo bill, for this happens on a regular bases

      1. All classes have the SAME RNG. You just tend to see it more on SPGs due to the high dispersion, high inaccuracy and long aiming times. Not everyone fully aims the SPGs.

    3. Tobiaz says:

      Mediums too good? By which you mean you get destroyed by unicums playing meds and platooning right? A supported heavy push is nigh unbeatable, just like a coordinated wolfpack rush is nigh unbeatable. If you get killed by enemy mediums in your heavy you’re on the wrong side of the map. go brawl with the heavies and stick together when moving.

      1. Ramenrasengan says:

        Yes, HT’s can do a very good push, but most of the time, MT’s can always do it better. They are faster, can react to situations easier, have better DPM (and in some cases penetration as well), and artillery are less likely to hit MT’s than HT’s. The only 2 advantages of a HT push over a MT push is the extra hit-point pool and armour, but the armour doesn’t matter due to 350mm+ of pen on TD’s, and being able to dodge and hard to hit in a MT is a much better solution than just tanking hits in a HT. There is a reason most professional CW teams use lots of mediums and only a few, fast heavies. Basically it’s not really the fact that meds are too good, it’s the fact that HT’s are not good enough.

      2. taief98 says:

        Forget the other. Guy. There is a reason why clans like FAME and MERCY etc take a load of e5s 215bs and e100s and 113s into cw . The 140 is good fro support and so is he batchat. Buy you need the health pool and armour advantage

  4. piledriveryatyas says:

    So many opinions from the pros. I love it. Mission 15 for the Obj 260 too hard? Give me a break. There are 140 or so Obj 260s on the NA server. I have one. My WN8 is a measly 1679. If I can do it, anyone can – it just takes fucking time and effort. The problem is tomatoes want stuff for free – they don’t want to actually get BETTER, they want to get a tank that makes them FEEL better. This is why all the baddies are rigging for the T-22 now. In a good players hands that thing is beast mode, but in a bad players hand? It’s just a bad player with a good tank still. Guy above me that says tier 10 and 9s are unplayable for HT and TD – wtf? Really? Your view of the world MUST mean that we all feel that way right? Nevermind that I’ve been playing my Maus (because of the On-track event) constantly the past week or so. I have a 58% win rate and a very high wn8 in it and its largely considered one of the worst tier 10s to play. So MY opinion must the same as everyones too right? Now, admittedly, there ARE some broken tanks for sure; WT100 (sort of), the FV4005, 113 (pretty sure it does not do well statistically), etc. But that’s not the same as these salty tears.

    1. wfschepel says:

      They *are* too hard. I can do them as well, just two missions away from the 260, but they require such specific circumstances that it is not a matter of skill, but a matter of time. Lots and lots of time. Want to do 8K spotting? Play 500 games until, finally, the map is right, there are no other scouts or scout meds to steal your spotting, etc., etc. Want to do MT15? Play 500 games till, finally, there is enough TD hp available to get it done. The HT-15 is kind of OK, as is TD-15, but again, both require grinding rather than actual skill. Sure, if you are a flaming red baboon, you will never do them. But for reasonably skilled players, it is just all about getting enough games in. Which is, without a shadow of a doubt, the point of this entire thing: get people to play. I am OK with that, it is a fun game and all that, but I would have liked mission requirements that aren’t about getting circumstances to be *just* so.

      1. pixywing says:

        I know the feeling I’m stuck on T-55a MT-15 as my last one and have played over 300 games and only had 2 that were close. If the mission read get 8 kills, do 7,000+ damage, win, survive I would have already done it, but getting 2 higher tier tds is really hard now especially when my team seems to always be the one with all the tds :(.

    2. pixywing, try it with lower tiers, i did it with my T20 (usa medium tier 7) killed a jgtiger and isu 152. i actually waited others to lower jgtiger’s hp and made last shot to it. forget 2nd missions, just get the tank.

      btw, setting fire mission was much more hard and much more luck dependant. it is good to hear they will make changes to it.

      1. pixywing says:

        Been trying with tier 8-9 (was grinding to get the Centurion AX and seemed worth my time to do both).

        I might go down and try tier 7 again, even on the TD weekend there still were 1-2 tds per team.

    1. apache1990 says:

      IMO it would be via increasing the thinnest armor on the tanks they’re thinking of up to 41mm, rather than changing the mechanic itself (which would cause negative effects throughout nearly every tier and class). A better way for him to have said it would be buffing their armor so that the specific tanks aren’t 3x’ed.

      The Fochs would be much better if the side armor nerf from years ago was reverted, for the same reason (dropping to 40mm pretty much makes it impossible for them to bounce anything but non-121 mediums and lights off the side from any angle).

    2. GhostUnitVII says:

      That no x3 rule was only counting to the tops of certain tanks, in a way I see that as a blessing as the IS4 turret armor is softer than the backside of a AMX13-90. Point is that x3 rule destroyed alot of tanks, and tell me this, how often do you see IS4’s or any other tank with a soft top, on the field…

      and various other tanks would benefit by the removal of this horrid system on tank turrets…

      1. Infernal969 says:

        None of those tanks need a buff.
        Last time I heard WG “doesn’t want to confuse players with weakspots” and now they are going to roll dice which tank can be penned through the roof and which can’t? What a load of bullshit.
        The only tanks that could actually use that buff are, you know, the shit ones, German.
        But as we know WG it will result in the fact that the IS-3 will be even more OP and IS-4 making Maus even more useless. Because Russkie tonks don’t need no weakspots.

      2. taief98 says:

        215b is only not there as much because of the e5 buff untill that point it was the king heavy

    1. pixywing says:

      Soon TM

      Mostly likely never, I would find a new game if it bothers you, aimbot is the least of your problems when people can run mods that detect environment damage and don’t face bans despite running the mod for 3+ years.

      1. Domo says:

        maps constantly being removed/changed/added. (really want historical mode back but PvE…. with special tanks that the AI has like sturm tiger… or even landkruzer.. omg so much potential and WG doesnt hop on before someone else does) tanks being updated to HD stats changing sometimes even removing tanks or changing the tier the tank is

        graphics are constantly being updated… still no multicore support. new modes added/removed many times.

        lacks many features that other tank games that have come out fairly recently already have. (really wish they would add the camo/decal customizing and placement of exterior objects on tanks like WT i know they talked about something like this even before WT did it)

        chat system and UI is something i would expect to see in a game from the 90’s.

        some tanks are under powered or waay over powered COUGCOUGHCHGOARTYFUCKARTYCOUGHCOCUGHCOGUH

        some of these complaints have been there since the beginning of WoT… some have been attempted to be addressed and some havent at all.

        but these are just the reasons why it feels like its still in beta. i love this game more then any of the other tank games. its the #1 game i play and dont see my self stopping. hopefully they will get things lined up some day.

    1. Alex says:

      At least you don’t see Pz II J all the time. But the japanese heavies that you must shoot with gold ammo to pen frontally even if you are 2 tiers above them, I consider that overpowered.

      1. michalm9 says:

        If you can’t pen a japanese heavy from the front while being 2 tiers higher than I’d say you are underpowered.

        Japanese heavies are borderline shit. O-I is the only one that may be considered OP.

      2. Alex says:

        It’s not just my humble average player opinion, SirFoch says repeatedly in his videos that their balancing is shit.

        But you are right, I was especially thinking of O-I. KV-2 was a fun tank but it’s now completely obsolete (same gun, about same mobility, way worse armor).

  5. George H. says:

    – T-22sr is overpowered, even considering the fact that only skilled players have it <—- That made me laugh, seriously. What about all the people who rigged the games? I'm sure they're not all skilled players.

  6. Alex Knight says:

    – The developers are considering removing the three caliber rule in some cases (roofs of heavy tanks such as IS-4 and T34)

    Yeah sure they are, since the russian fanbabies are sad! IS-4/IS-3/Obj-140/T62A… Let’s buff them comrade!!!!

      1. Tobiaz says:

        They specifically said roofs. Foch and French tanks have weak sides, their roofs are fine. But this buff would instantly make an IS3/IS4 hull down unbeatable, same with the Russian meds. The only tank without turret weakspot is the IS-7 and that has a shitty gun to compensate. The rest of the tanks mentioned would have to give up something to justify a buff like that.

  7. HJN says:

    Did I read this right?

    – Matchmaker and maps will be completely overhauled, the game will be rebalanced – the game will however not be reworked from scratch, there is no need for it
    – The matchmaker overhaul will be pretty good according to Storm, but there is no point in discussing it now

    And sorry for asking but what is the x3 caliper rule

    1. Alex Knight says:

      It’s the Overmatch rule: If an armor surface is hit by a shell from a caliber greater than x3 the thickness of the armor, the shell will auto pen, regardless of the angle. Example: 25mm armor is overmatched by 76 mm caliber gun. However! Not all ammo types overmatch, the ones that do are: AP/APCR

      But here is a very good topic about shell mechanics in WoT.


      Hope I helped 🙂

  8. FingerOfGod says:

    I’m a committed arty player, so these comments apply only to making arty more useful to the team and fixing the most common complaints.

    Battle Assistant is very good, not perfect, but it makes life (and playing arty a lot easier) for most arty players. Adding this to the standard WoT would be a good add-on, but not crushing to other players.

    People hate arty because at heart, its not consistent. One shell hit will cause zero damage to an open top TD, the next shell one-shots a Ferdinand at maximum range.
    A quick re-balance for arty might :
    (a) wind back the RNG to 1/2 of what it is now – reward accuracy and skill.
    (b) reduce the power of most arty shells (by a sliding scale, higher the tier, the more the power of each shell is nerfed) so its hard to get a one-shot kill without some serious skill being applied – penalise the “fire and hope I get lucky once” player on the team,
    (c) reduce the reload time of most arty shells (by say 50% a sliding scale, higher the tier, the less the reload of a shell is nerfed) so its hard to get a one-shot kill without some serious skill being applied, again, penalise the “fire and hope I get lucky once” player on the team,
    (d) give arty a limited ability to defend itself at very close range, rather than just waiting to die because 99% of players won’t help arty, ie a highly inaccurate, but fast loading-time shell with a super-quick fuze so: it can’t successfully be used at a range of more than (say) 100-150m, but will give arty some chance to stay alive by (say) having a faster 2nd shot at potentially point-blank range – reduce arty players rage at being sitting ducks for most of the game.

    Good luck with the rebalance.

    1. Anonymous says:

      “Battle Assistant is very good, not perfect, but it makes life (and playing arty a lot easier)”
      Yes vanilla arty is too hard to play. Kappa.

  9. Berto72 says:

    ” – T-22sr is overpowered, even considering the fact that only skilled players have it”
    pffff….. skilled players AND TONS of RIGGERS, maybe…..lot of plalyers meets in late night to rig, some sent friends request too to do this… T 22 missions have become a sort of stealthy pair trading between players and clans

    1. JohnJr_1 says:

      My clan commander and other officers as myself, had agreed to not get involved in the rigging. We even went so far as to say we will kick those caught rigging from the clan. The same as we would treat those using illegal mods. So not all clans will get involved in that. We will take a very hard stance on those infractions.

  10. nano852 says:

    one thing id like to see with MM is less top tiers than mid and bot tiers. It really sucks when MM puts a lonely bot tier in a match, which usually it cant do anything against top, specially slow tanks like ht and some td where their armour is nothing. I think defining portions per tier would be cool, for example, 4 top tiers, 5 mid tiers and 6 bot tier, with +-1 variation.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I like your idea and I hope for it to become real – being one of 3-5 tier X with enought IXs and VIIIs seems like new sealclubing grounds to me 🙂
      Imho its hard to say “lowtier HT cand do a s**t” or so, its way more complicated as FR tier6 HT has gun to reliably pen IS6 frontaly yet armorwise its hardly such beast – I loved that tank because you dont care much about battletier; UK BlackPrince is on the other hand beast as toptier but when you see HTs like ST-I or almost anything IX you are glad that you have penned 3 times before being killed.
      Same with MTs TDs – there are some where you dont have to care about +1 or even +2 and some where you litteraly have to be top in order to rock (usualy low pen high alfa/dpm combo).

  11. Dowbor says:

    Rita do you have any information about new polish tank projects? Maxim Shuvalov WG product director (im not sure i spelling his forname correctly) in Q&A for Dom1n.com give the information that Wargaming found about 12 new post WWII tank projects in archive of Military Technical Academy in Warsaw. Also he say that unfortunately polish tech tree will coming in 2017, mabe as a part of european tree. I thoud that european tree is a dead project. Can you confirm or denied this informations?

  12. Dowbor says:

    quick translation Q&A with Maxim Shuvalov (please excuse my english) source Dom1n.com:
    “- we are aware that Polish tech tree is very important for the Polish community, but there are already so far a lot of rumors and false information;
    – We are not 100 % sure how polish tech tree will look like; everything depends what tank projects was found in the archives. There will be a tree of individual nations or all will be thrown into a European tech tree;
    – our historical section is working on tanks from across Europe: Polish, Hungarian, Italian, Swedish;
    – the problem with the European tanks (including Polish tank projects) is that in the case of the post-war construction is very difficult for any material;
    – We found in the archives of Military Technical Academy in Warsaw about 12 new tank projects;
    – Polish tech tree appears in 2017;
    – Why so late? We want each new tech tree consisted of unique tanks – not like China, which are mainly copies of Soviet tanks;
    – Chinese tech tree was needed to enter the Chinese market;
    – is possible that the earlier you get some Polish premium tanks – on the occasion of some events, gifts or premium tanks to buy in store;
    – I heard about the heavy tank invented by Stanislaw Lem – a very good idea to bring it to the game, but only in the special game mode on the occasion of an event;
    – TKS is still in the testing phase, we have not even decided on which Tier it will be II or III;
    – also we dont know yet that TKS will be premium tank or the part of the standard tech tree;
    – question that T-34/85 Rudy will be in Polish or Soviet tech tree is only technical matter – it is possible that in the future, players will be able to decide in which tech tree it wants;
    – at 9.15 buff will get 10 premium tanks;
    – for now we are not concidering implement to the game tank personalization because we have more important things on our mind;
    – we can’t remove the artillery or implement MM +/-1 because it does not solve anything;
    – the situation is complicated by the fact that the various tanks of the same class have different roles in the game, such as Maus (first line tank) and AMX 50B (damage dealer) – we want to simplify this;
    – I agree with the fact that the tanks, which should lead the attack (as Maus) are victims of gold ammunition,
    – playing the artillery is problematic for the player because of a long reload time and also is problematic for the opponent because of the high dealed damage. We want to change this;
    – this year we will see some new maps and tanks;
    – we are still working on the sounds diversion in the game;
    – also we are working on the maps in HD resolution;
    – we will never give up BigWorld;
    – i dont know anything about third EU server;
    – we know about problems with reporting system and work on the possibilities of praising the players in battle as in World of Warships.”

  13. siralexice says:

    Still nothing about the broken report syste. Example:
    – get banned from chat for supposed insults
    – customer support declares that the reports were checked by them
    – customer support can’t copy paste and show what was considered insults or provocations, because you could deduce who reported you.
    WTF?! So the ban is real, but the infractions can’t be proven because of an absolutely non-existent reason – it could be any of the other 29 players that reported you.

    1. Tobiaz says:

      Didn’t they introduce a feature to go over the heads of the one checking your ticket? Pretty sure they had a system like that in EU, not sure if it is still in place.

  14. Shrike58 says:

    There gets to be a point where one wonders if WG would have been better off just coming out with WoT II instead of trying to rehab the game from the inside out.

    What I’d like to see is that all the missions for a given reward tank get turned on at the same time, with the exception of the “15” missions. The opportunities to get a certain mission done are often so rare is that this is what would be the fair thing to do.

  15. ZioBest says:

    “– T-22sr is overpowered, even considering the fact that only skilled players have it”

    and the Failowe, T95E6, M60… also only skilled player have it but not op, indeed T95E6 is underpowered!

    usual wg fucking answers

    1. BEST_NOOB_BG says:

      It’s not OP, it can’t hurt anything, nerf it’s ammo and it’s dead.
      What’s the problem with having one tank that has armor?

  16. “+/-1 MM will not be introduced, it would completely break the progression”

    they should reconsider do that for low tiers, they intend to add “skill” MM (more like “nº of battles based MM”) for new players but that won’t change the fact that new players will reach tier 3 in a few battles and then they have to face KVs or worse (O-I Experimental, I’m looking at you)

    at least until tier 3 they should limit to +/-1 MM, even new players with tier 4s can “seal-club” “newer” players with tier 3 tanks

    M3 Lee/Grant, M8A1, Valentine, T-28, SU-85B, Matilda, Pz.II Luchs, Pz.III, Pz.B2, Hetzer, AMX-40, Char B1 or even the Somua SAu 40, these are all tanks available to anyone with wich you can “seal-club” players who have been playing for 2 or 3 hours

    it’s because of these tanks that many players stop at tier 3 because they had a lot of fun until then and when reaching only tier 3 they start having trouble progressing in the game

      1. wolvenworks says:

        actually, there’s a mod called “We Are The Minutemen – WATM” that upgrades your Minutemen and reduces the radiant quest rate from Preston.

        in fact, haven’t got one in Fallout days. kinda miss it since i actually like the bonus xp and asskickin

  17. Dead_Zombie says:

    – Storm can’t judge whether Object 260 15th missions are too hard or not, but they won’t be changed

    This is why after spending 3 months trying to complete the last 2, i gave up even playing the game. they are turning this game into a freaking joke.

    1. taief98 says:

      Not really. They are supposed to be hard to be a reward for people good enough to get it. I get the set 2 tanks 2 tiers higher than you on fire is shit and the kill 2 heavies 2 tiers higher than you is shit too

  18. badwolf527 says:

    “Storm states that even if he played WoT actively, it would bring no additional improvement to game development”

    “I don’t know things, I just work here!”

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