12/03/2016 Q&A: Storm / Misc


have a new Q&A for you which Edrard compiled and Ivan translated:wgn_photos_people_m_zhyvets_02


– Storm on balancing: “We will be making adjustments to balancing but, as usual, everyone has his own idea of what balancing should be like and the balancing will be met with mixed reactions”
– No news for now on 112 (tier 8 Chinese tank) buff, the developers are working now on general issues
– There will be serious adjustments to matchmaking but for now no details
– All the drawbacks of the IS-6 are covered by recent buffs
– Soviet LT2 T-60 armor was nerfed on some places, buffed on others. The nerf concerns lower righ part of the upper frontal plate and right frontal part of the turret
– US T34 premium had the edges of the turret roof improved a bit, now it is like it was before the tank was reworked to HD
– It’s not technically possible to allow players to select “new” or “old” sounds since the sound engine is completely different
– WG employs several people who actually served on tanks, they know what the gunfire sounds like
– It’s possible to select voiceover localization even in launcher
– Exhaust smoke that reduces player FPS can be turned off by reducing effect quality
– In order for the premium hangar not to stress the GPU too much, the developers recommend enabling vsync
– The clock won’t be added to the garage
– The devs are considering adding damage log to the game
– The devs haven’t discussed adding hitpoints to vehicles on minimap after pressing Alt
– Silver/xp income was not changed in the Domination mode
– The fact that the sounds of module critting and Sixth Sense lighting up cannot be disabled is not a bug
– 9.15 will not bring the HD model of the French Tier 10 arty


Gathered some more information:

-After players requests, WG said that is not planning to change/rebalance the E-100.

-About “Top of the Tree”: WG is looking into ways to improve the technical aspect of the voting. Also: “As for a streamer encouraging his community to vote for a certain tank, this is something out of our control. There is nothing stopping you guys from organizing a voting campaign here on the forums or elsewhere to try and get another tank selected, everyone gets a vote.

-RU Players been crying that they miss Storm. Storm answered that he is very busy this year.


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