12/03/2016 Q&A: Storm / Misc


have a new Q&A for you which Edrard compiled and Ivan translated:wgn_photos_people_m_zhyvets_02


– Storm on balancing: “We will be making adjustments to balancing but, as usual, everyone has his own idea of what balancing should be like and the balancing will be met with mixed reactions”
– No news for now on 112 (tier 8 Chinese tank) buff, the developers are working now on general issues
– There will be serious adjustments to matchmaking but for now no details
– All the drawbacks of the IS-6 are covered by recent buffs
– Soviet LT2 T-60 armor was nerfed on some places, buffed on others. The nerf concerns lower righ part of the upper frontal plate and right frontal part of the turret
– US T34 premium had the edges of the turret roof improved a bit, now it is like it was before the tank was reworked to HD
– It’s not technically possible to allow players to select “new” or “old” sounds since the sound engine is completely different
– WG employs several people who actually served on tanks, they know what the gunfire sounds like
– It’s possible to select voiceover localization even in launcher
– Exhaust smoke that reduces player FPS can be turned off by reducing effect quality
– In order for the premium hangar not to stress the GPU too much, the developers recommend enabling vsync
– The clock won’t be added to the garage
– The devs are considering adding damage log to the game
– The devs haven’t discussed adding hitpoints to vehicles on minimap after pressing Alt
– Silver/xp income was not changed in the Domination mode
– The fact that the sounds of module critting and Sixth Sense lighting up cannot be disabled is not a bug
– 9.15 will not bring the HD model of the French Tier 10 arty


Gathered some more information:

-After players requests, WG said that is not planning to change/rebalance the E-100.

-About “Top of the Tree”: WG is looking into ways to improve the technical aspect of the voting. Also: “As for a streamer encouraging his community to vote for a certain tank, this is something out of our control. There is nothing stopping you guys from organizing a voting campaign here on the forums or elsewhere to try and get another tank selected, everyone gets a vote.

-RU Players been crying that they miss Storm. Storm answered that he is very busy this year.


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12/03/2016 Q&A: Storm / Misc

30 thoughts on “12/03/2016 Q&A: Storm / Misc

  1. Infernal969 says:

    “All the drawbacks of the IS-6 are covered by recent buffs”

    Last time they were saying that the armor is no longer a balancing matter. Did it finally occur to them how retarded that was?
    Oh, wait, the IS-6 buff is retarded as well, so there’s no hope for them.

    1. Jerry_at_rick says:

      Killed an IS-6 just in my stock Tiger II with credit ammo about 50% pen rate but that drivers hatch now no way :p

    1. suprememadninja says:

      Penetration says hello, but i get your point it is stupidly good now even if i don’t get on with mine.

    1. Last thing I heard is that it the buff was unintentional when the vehicle got passed to HD and a nerf was most likely to happen. I can ask Slava about it next week and see if I can tell you something.

      1. If it got the 122mm gun on IS-5, IS-3A, Kirovet-1, and got no more pref MM i wouldn’t mind about that, it will worth the price of the tank more 😛

  2. Landric says:

    What downsides of the IS-6 were there that needed correcting? It was very strong before the HD model, now it is stronger. It’s only real downside is 175 AP penetration, but that is why it gets limited matchmaking, so even that isn’t really a downside.

  3. Oleg Ouyantsev-Syu says:

    Storm was talking about 112, not 121. 112 _IS_ the Tier 8 premium )

    Please revert your alteration and just put 112 instead of 121 )

  4. Loooolz…..is drawback….hahahahah what drawbacks hahaha. What an OP unbalanced piece of….

    121 is utter garbage. Give better gun depression to the sides. Better gun handling and either make the cupolas smaller or make them thicker.

    Also while you are it nerf the fuck out of the Russian high tiers…but noooo…balance fails when stronk stalinium tank is involved.

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