12/05/2016 Q&A: Murazor


thanks to Ivan for translating this Q&A as mine and Ctacello‘s brains are still fried from translating the last Q&A from Murazor, this is what could be salvageable from the amount of sh** answers this guy gives:

– the developers are considering implementing rewards for some difficult achievements (medals)
– artillery will be rebalanced during the global overhaul of other classes, in the future it will be more predictable and will cause less toxicity
– no plans for Patton KR penetration buff
– developers have nothing to do with premium vehicle prices
– regarding new maps – one of the old mapmakers returned to Wargaming, a guy who made the oldest maps, the players will see results in time
– FV4202 shells are too expensive but lowering their price is not a fast process
– IS-6 with HD model bounces more shells than the SD one used to
– there are currently no plans to buff or nerf specific vehicles unless they are really OP or are doing really poorly, everything else will come with the global overhaul
– developers are considering changing the repair kit and medkit to the cooldown system that’s in WoWs
– AMX M4 49 will definitely not be a regular vehicle
– track traces (visual effect) behind tanks will return once the game is fixed, not sooner

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