12/16 Q&A

Hello everyone,

Last minute Q&A from Anton Pankov, and with a brief bit from our old pal Storm.

* I understand the personal NDA, all the cases. Will the new project will be announced soon?
– Alas, I can not say 🙁

* Its been a long time of not saying anything. 😉
– It is very dull, I agree. 🙂* Where is Murazor?
– He shaved again! Yes, now I can adequately respond to questions such as: “What is the weather like in Nicosia?”

* The new premium Sweden TD will have 288mm of penetration? Increasing the role of armor?
– We’ve only started to set it up,it’s too early to say anything.

* Hello, a bit off-topic, but what about the 121B, which is for Clan Wars, do not you think it strange that his сharacteristic are the same as aTier 9 and not Tier 10? And its 130 mm of frontal armor and turret can’t do anything.
– You can choose a different tank 😆

* People wrote about why there were no discounts on Swedish tech tree, and in response to this the news retroactively changed- “Discounts do not apply to the Swedish technique.”
– Discount on the Swedes was not originally planned, and therefore finished writing to questions were not.

* In patch notes for 9.17 it states: angle of depression for VK2801 increased from -5 to -10! Currently at 9.16 they are -10. Was this a mistake in the patchnotes or in the client?
– This tank used to have different angles of depression from the side and the front. We made them consistent from all angles

WG’s E-25 Marathon dramatically increased population to a harmful level. I do not know what it shows in your stats, but I play the randomness and see what he is doing is fucking imbalanced.
If you can, comment, please: examined whether any remedial measures are being taken with the E-25? Or is postponed indefinitely?
I do not suggest “nerf it to shit”, but you need to do something with it. Do not expect the problem to be solved by itself. IMHO, the best option would be replace it with something different, more balanced characteristics.
– No, nothing is planned for E-25.

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