12/16 Q&A

Hello everyone,

Last minute Q&A from Anton Pankov, and with a brief bit from our old pal Storm.

* I understand the personal NDA, all the cases. Will the new project will be announced soon?
– Alas, I can not say 🙁

* Its been a long time of not saying anything. 😉
– It is very dull, I agree. 🙂* Where is Murazor?
– He shaved again! Yes, now I can adequately respond to questions such as: “What is the weather like in Nicosia?”

* The new premium Sweden TD will have 288mm of penetration? Increasing the role of armor?
– We’ve only started to set it up,it’s too early to say anything.

* Hello, a bit off-topic, but what about the 121B, which is for Clan Wars, do not you think it strange that his сharacteristic are the same as aTier 9 and not Tier 10? And its 130 mm of frontal armor and turret can’t do anything.
– You can choose a different tank 😆

* People wrote about why there were no discounts on Swedish tech tree, and in response to this the news retroactively changed- “Discounts do not apply to the Swedish technique.”
– Discount on the Swedes was not originally planned, and therefore finished writing to questions were not.

* In patch notes for 9.17 it states: angle of depression for VK2801 increased from -5 to -10! Currently at 9.16 they are -10. Was this a mistake in the patchnotes or in the client?
– This tank used to have different angles of depression from the side and the front. We made them consistent from all angles

WG’s E-25 Marathon dramatically increased population to a harmful level. I do not know what it shows in your stats, but I play the randomness and see what he is doing is fucking imbalanced.
If you can, comment, please: examined whether any remedial measures are being taken with the E-25? Or is postponed indefinitely?
I do not suggest “nerf it to shit”, but you need to do something with it. Do not expect the problem to be solved by itself. IMHO, the best option would be replace it with something different, more balanced characteristics.
– No, nothing is planned for E-25.

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12/16 Q&A

38 thoughts on “12/16 Q&A

  1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    “* The new premium Sweden TD will have 288mm of penetration? Increasing the role of armor?
    – We’ve only started to set it up,it’s too early to say anything.”

    It’s the same as UDES, and still worse than ISU-152. So stop fucking complaining before they overnerf another tank. The handicap of siegemode and lack of armor needs to be compensated by something, and accuracy isnt gonna be it apparently. And as the tank needs to fight at long ranges wjat it needs is pen. Period.

    1. Rombat says:

      People are very retarded…they see op tanks even in shitty ones…if they ask for nerfs they think they are smarter than thouse who ask for buffs. They really think that asking for nerf is a way to be taking into consideration…i bet that dude doesn,t know that tier 8 tds have tier 10 guns on them.

  2. Uuuhhh says:

    What’s the issue with the e25? That roach is awesome. Why would it need to be changed or nerfed? Is someone trying to brawl with it or r they getting killed for running out in the open like a lemming?

    1. Infernal969 says:

      It’s completely OP and broken in the hands of basically anyone that isn’t drooling on their keyboard while playing?
      Giving it out for free in some sort of a marathon would make tier 6 and 7 completely unplayable for a long time.

      1. Rombat says:

        Since when you are playing on tier 6-7 so much?
        It,s not challanging for you to kill an “op” e25?…game will get borring without any challanging…see armoured warfare lacking of players because of thouse things made perfect.

      2. Infernal969 says:

        Considering how unplayable tier 10 is because of Grilles and E5s and how they broke tier 8 with bIaS-3 and OP premiums tier 6 is the last tier that remains playable.
        And I totally enjoy getting shitfaced with gold by a wanker in an invisible broken TD. So much fun, oh my god. I can’t wait to give the fat fuck Kisly even more money for that.
        This game is enough of a challenge to win a single game with 14 braindead shitters on your team and retarded amounts of RNG.


    “* Hello, a bit off-topic, but what about the 121B, which is for Clan Wars, do not you think it strange that his сharacteristic are the same as aTier 9 and not Tier 10? And its 130 mm of frontal armor and turret can’t do anything.
    – You can choose a different tank 😆”

    FUCK YOU WG, YOU CANT CHOOSE ANOTHER TANK IF YOU ALREADY OWN ALL THE OTHERS. Just buff it to T10 levels already, with Obj 907 it was a fucking 1 day job for WG to buffing it, but hey its russian…

    1. King_Viper says:

      You realize the gun had 219 Ap pen prior to the buff right? The 121B is literally the fusion of a type 59 and a 121(at least looking at it) and it also took about a good 3 years for the T34 gun stat buff, I still it needs more but yeah, nothing can happen in a day so you’re doing it in a day was wrong. :^)

      1. dddzxc says:

        KZW gave the 120B(type 59 with 105L7) to WG,but WG thought it is weak. WG created the 121B and gave it 130 mm of frontal armor. That’s why it looks strange.

      1. AHELPFULSOUL says:

        You guys didnt know what happend to the Obj 907 just a few days before end of the campaign back then? It was literally the same situation, the vehicle was just utter garbage.
        Buffs to ROF and PEN in substantial amounts in just a few days. But its russian….I guess thats the reason then.

      2. That is the first I have heard of the Obj 907 getting last second buffs but you are right that it did happen. Surprised you thought that it was the norm but you are right, it pretty much is russian bias and balancing tanks with 320 alpha (the lowest at tier X) is pretty dodgy when the Obj 140 and T62A set the bar already so high. Anyways, I wouldn’t use gambles to justify an end goal, it’s like walking into a lottery and complaining that a $100 jackpot didn’t get hit by a mystery bonus so that it would become a million dollar jack pot.

        The thing is that Clan Wars are very exclusive to the player base. There are many players who still don’t own a tier X tank and the majority of players that do have never played Clan Wars. It is an awful idea to make an exclusive tank overpowered or you get the T-22 fiasco so there does have to be a lot of care put into the decission.

        That said, the 121B does look like a tank that will get a buff in the future simply because as more tanks with higher dpm’s are released, the 121B will suffer. Just have to be patient as wargaming does recognition delay since the info they get from people playing a tank is not immediately present and they don’t want to play hopscotch with buffs and nerfs.

    1. Think they’re holding off to see how changes to the overmatch mechanics affect things, plus, there are bigger problems with the swedish td’s and their tinfoil armor at the moment. Can’t buff too many things at once or you get madness worse than 9.17 buffs

  4. dddzxc says:

    The reason that 121B’ сharacteristic are the same as aTier 9 and not Tier 10 is because KZW give 120B to WG ,but WG think it is weak and cteate the 121B.

  5. Rick says:

    Nerfing the e25 would be pointless as they have made new line tanks and rentals over op and would have to nerf them to be fair.If they are not nerfed then neither should e25.

  6. Klami3sz says:

    So I assume this post is sponsored, yes?
    Last question basically remind everyone that E-25 is OP and assure, indirectly, that WG do not plan to do anything with that, and in the meantime, surprise surprise E-25 is being again offered!
    At least I know that times where blog was showing independent opinion are over.

    Regarding it being OP, sure it’s cammo factor is great, you can have great games in it but win ratio for this tank on EU server is worse than a M56 Scorpion, hell! and that one has a worse W/R to Su122-44, which is constantly offered!! Why and how OP tank would have such a bad results? We can’t explain everything with a “tomato” skill, as some of them do own also Su122-44 or a Scorpion. Think about it.

    You/we often complain about those few players that knows how to use it and have on time luck to be in a proper tier battle… but many of you would lose with them anyway, no matter in which tank they would be, possible me also 🙂

  7. I don’t have an E-25 and apart from the occasionally invisible E-25 I didn’t have much problems with them. So I’m wondering is it really that OP? I mean it has bad penetration, bad alpha, no armour… And what do you do in a Tier IX matchup?

    I’m thinking about buying the bundle today though I don’t really need it, having a few tier VIII and VII premiums…

  8. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    Hey guys
    Guess what
    We have the official WG confirmation that the game is dying. WG is going for a final grab before cloqing it down : E25 is on sale, against all expectations.

    I sincerely hoped WG wouldnt be this fucking retarded but apparently they are. And they now single handedly broke tier 7 again.
    I think now might be a good time to hate on them, for once they deserve all of it.

    1. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

      The game’s been dying for the past few years. Belarusian people aren’t smart, especially WG, so they’re just trying to squeeze every last drop before abandoning ship and scamming us with another half-baked MMO game.

  9. Tommy_Gun says:

    Well… E25 is the most frequently meet premium tank right now (despite the fact that that it is not available on a daily basis and only available on very special occasions. No joke !)


    So tell me… People play this tank because they like this tank or they like winning ? If the tank was not OP then I am sure probably it wont be that frequently met in randoms. There are a lot off people who already have other premium tanks and way to get credits & crew experience fast. By adding one clearly OP tank WG is forcing everybody who want fair chance to buy it.
    btw. Do you rly want random battles to be 15 E-25 vs 15 E-25 ? ? ?
    I just hope that if too many people will have this tank, its global statistics will be to good, and WG will nerf it (as the did with S Pershing back in the day).

    1. Infernal969 says:

      Don’t worry, CuckyBaby’s got your back and reminded every retard how OP E-25 is so they take their mommy’s credit card and buy one.

      1. Tommy_Gun says:

        Well yeah… but still… being the 4-th most popular tier 7 tank in game means something…
        Only T29, M41 and IS are more often meet than E-25. That means that such tanks as:
        Black Prince, LTTB, T43 (my god do I have to place every other tier 7 in here ?! xD) are rarer..

        And E-25 is a prenium tank that is not available from in-game store. Only through special promotions. WOW :O

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