30/05/2016 Q&A: Slava Makarov


Just finished translating a Q&A with my comrade Ctacello which was compiled by WoT Express (spasibo!), this Q&A was answered by Slava Makarov, one of the guys who created WoT and is now back on working for the company. For the sensitive ones, I warn you, there’s some cursing on this one.

Also, Happy Birthday Slava M.!


-We are seeking for solutions to fix the tier 10 SPG with tier 8 LT platoons (Platoon penalty) but a final decision hasn’t been made yet. Personally, I want arties out of platoons.

-I watched the statistics and Arties in platoons are one of the problems in MM. They are bullshit.

-Developing a new MM is a high priority task. When we make model algorithms based on the types of vehicles and tiers existing in the game it’s only with arties in a platoon where we find issues.

-”What about 50vs50 battles?” -We have a prototype and looks okay.

-Player complains that LTs can no longer join MTs, TDs and HTs because of Platoon penalty. -“It’s not cool!” -This can be fixed with a couple tweaks and if we introduce special tier 10 scouts. We have some plans already but we are heavily discussing it still. We have some balancing problems with tier 10 LTs but if we make a new type of scouts it will work.

-”So you have blueprints on tier 10 LTS? If you approve them when we can see them in-game?” -”Pasholok has them.”

-We need to refine the SPG role.

-We don’t need Arties in Platoon.

-So you think that arties in the platoon are a big problem but we only see arties in a platoon like in 5% of the battles. You are like “Quickly! Fix it!” But you are forgetting that the maps are shit, Light Tanks are dead as a class, with a fucking dispersion +/-25% that you won’t fix. -”What are you talking about? We are working as fast as we can on a new MM.”

-”You must remake maps first.” -”We have plans to fix maps too.”

-T-64 won’t be added to WoT, ever.

Why won’t you make a limit of 3 arties per team? -It’s not needed. It won’t fix the gameplay problem. You just need 2 skilled arty players for the game to be fucked. the best way to fix this is by denying arty from joining platoons. (RG: Wouldnt fix the problem but it would be an upgrade, to be honest, its 4-5 SPGs per team in a 15vs15 format game  is fucking ridiculous)

-Veider told us that tier 9 and 10 Czechs are not overpowered, what are your plans if you have them for the Global Rebalance? -You don’t see many in the battles and they are not overpowered.

-”I can go now and fix 100 small bugs or make the Global Rebalance. You choose!”

-What about the personal missions for SPG and LT? -We need to remake those.

-Last 2 patches were okay, we are slowly improving.

Where were you and others who are working in the Global Rebalance 2 years ago, especially when shit hit the fan with Rubicon? -I wasn’t working in WoT so wasn’t allowed interfering, sorry. I convinced them to make repairs around in January (2016).

The men who developed the game for the past 2 years left WG, so there is no way to ask them.

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