30/05/2016 Q&A: Slava Makarov


Just finished translating a Q&A with my comrade Ctacello which was compiled by WoT Express (spasibo!), this Q&A was answered by Slava Makarov, one of the guys who created WoT and is now back on working for the company. For the sensitive ones, I warn you, there’s some cursing on this one.

Also, Happy Birthday Slava M.!


-We are seeking for solutions to fix the tier 10 SPG with tier 8 LT platoons (Platoon penalty) but a final decision hasn’t been made yet. Personally, I want arties out of platoons.

-I watched the statistics and Arties in platoons are one of the problems in MM. They are bullshit.

-Developing a new MM is a high priority task. When we make model algorithms based on the types of vehicles and tiers existing in the game it’s only with arties in a platoon where we find issues.

-”What about 50vs50 battles?” -We have a prototype and looks okay.

-Player complains that LTs can no longer join MTs, TDs and HTs because of Platoon penalty. -“It’s not cool!” -This can be fixed with a couple tweaks and if we introduce special tier 10 scouts. We have some plans already but we are heavily discussing it still. We have some balancing problems with tier 10 LTs but if we make a new type of scouts it will work.

-”So you have blueprints on tier 10 LTS? If you approve them when we can see them in-game?” -”Pasholok has them.”

-We need to refine the SPG role.

-We don’t need Arties in Platoon.

-So you think that arties in the platoon are a big problem but we only see arties in a platoon like in 5% of the battles. You are like “Quickly! Fix it!” But you are forgetting that the maps are shit, Light Tanks are dead as a class, with a fucking dispersion +/-25% that you won’t fix. -”What are you talking about? We are working as fast as we can on a new MM.”

-”You must remake maps first.” -”We have plans to fix maps too.”

-T-64 won’t be added to WoT, ever.

Why won’t you make a limit of 3 arties per team? -It’s not needed. It won’t fix the gameplay problem. You just need 2 skilled arty players for the game to be fucked. the best way to fix this is by denying arty from joining platoons. (RG: Wouldnt fix the problem but it would be an upgrade, to be honest, its 4-5 SPGs per team in a 15vs15 format game  is fucking ridiculous)

-Veider told us that tier 9 and 10 Czechs are not overpowered, what are your plans if you have them for the Global Rebalance? -You don’t see many in the battles and they are not overpowered.

-”I can go now and fix 100 small bugs or make the Global Rebalance. You choose!”

-What about the personal missions for SPG and LT? -We need to remake those.

-Last 2 patches were okay, we are slowly improving.

Where were you and others who are working in the Global Rebalance 2 years ago, especially when shit hit the fan with Rubicon? -I wasn’t working in WoT so wasn’t allowed interfering, sorry. I convinced them to make repairs around in January (2016).

The men who developed the game for the past 2 years left WG, so there is no way to ask them.

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30/05/2016 Q&A: Slava Makarov

66 thoughts on “30/05/2016 Q&A: Slava Makarov

  1. Major Rager says:

    The men who developed the game for the past 2 years left WG

    YES and left this man a hell of a mess to clean up.

    1. jim says:

      That is BS, WG as a whole fukced up their game, now they are blaming two guys that left like they has complete control. This is just WG trying to look good by blaming someone that is no longer there.

      1. Anonymous says:

        I take it u don’t know how companies work… The higher ups dictate to the employees as to what they’re focusing on. They set the direction all the employees go towards. But yeah you’re right, every single employee there screwed the game up. From the art department to the mail room. Congrats on pointing that out.

      2. I mean, they *did* have complete control, and you’re claiming WG is blaming 2 guys after hearing what this 1 guy said — bit hypocritical, no?

  2. unable2pwn says:

    Dont need arty in platoons? Does the guy realize how hard it is to get a decent scouting job in pub matches?

    1. Dreadmoth says:

      Hopefully he meant multiple SPGs platooning together, rather than SPGs platooning with LTs / other classes

    1. Roland says:

      They are not OP… And I agree with him, if they are that OP why you barely see them into battles? Czech are just good tanks with even better potential on the right hands. Baddies need to understand the difference, an OP tank performs always beyond the player skill, a good tank excels when it’s played by skillful players, and that’s why awful players may believe that’s because the tank is op… For ex. after my T22 got nerfed, I’ve played it again, did 4.5k easily and 4 kills, and the usual shitters complained again, maybe next time they should remove its gun…

      1. CynicalDutchie says:

        Because to get to the insanely OP T9 and T10 czech tanks you need to grind trough 5 tiers of garbage, then 2 tiers of meh and then a T8 which is simply atrocious.

        The T9/10 are very much OP though but if WG is too blind to see this than I will happily continue playing my unnerved T50/51. At least this means it won’t end up as terrible as the french autoloading MT line.

      2. thesherbet says:

        I dunno about you but i see them all the time on the EU server, main reason you might not see that many players with them is because they made tiers 1-7 so unbelievable crap and no-one can stand to stick it out with them to get the OP top tiers.
        Although I agree theyre no more OP than an AMX 50 120 or bat-chat in that there are other tanks that can kill anything else in one burst.

      3. ares354 says:

        Yes, only bad tank are taken into CW, Fame use TVP 50|51 cuz it is bad tank, no OP….nah, full fake autoloader, that was never build, way better then Bat….cuz reasons////

      4. Random pubbie says:

        You barely see them in battles? I see at least 1 every match. And if it’s played by a good player it murders everything and if in bad hands it is a pest and sies like a fly like every other tanks as well. But no other autoloader has such a retarded low exposure time (4.5 or 3.6 s) to drop it’s clipp and has a good clip reload and gun handling and on top of that is fast and can poke over hills.
        BC has a high clip potential but it pays for that with 11 s of exposure time and bad gun handling and fairly bad accurecy, TVPs in comparison have no major drawbacks. What 248 mm pen is that bad? It’s 11 mm less compared to BCs 259 mm doesn’t really make a difference when shooting at most tanks anyway and for more armored tanks you load gold with 310 mm of pen which with that speed and clip reload is not as risky as for the BC.

      5. Schollii says:

        The Czech T6-T8 are not bad
        T6 is actually extremely good with that autoloader
        T7 was sometimes a pain in the ass with the gun handling but still a very good tank
        T8 is a Panther 2, and I am also one of the few guys who liked and played well in the Panther 2
        The czech line was the FIRST line that I enjoyed from t5 to t10
        and funny enough, I suck the most in the T10 TVP (Arty+XVM focus and the fear factor of that tank doesnt make it better)

  3. Anonymous says:

    T-64 will not be added to WoT, ever. (The most stupid question)
    RU kid actor proposed T-64 125mm smoothbore gun

    WG said there will be no smoothbore gun <- ( hopefully =.= lll)

  4. jim says:

    All the answers are complete ignorant as per usual WG mentality. They do not have a clue what is going on in their own game. You see in his anwers that they are fixing stuff we don’t think it broken, and completely ignoring everything that the forums are busting at the seams with. Complete and utter incompetence and disrespect.

    1. Roland says:

      As far as I know this is business, and people is still throwing money to them… They copy and paste a new tank every month and they sell millions. So… Whose fault is it? Why bother fixing things when you are swimming on money anyway?

      1. It all comes down to the vanity of the players, so many of them are willing to throw insane amounts of money to preserve their precious stats, like starting new accounts with a shitload of gold and a tier 8 premium tank, or resetting the current one and use gold to skip the lowers tiers, etc. But to be honest, some of the answers were ALRIGHT, it does seem like they’re trying to fix the game and the last 2 updates were proof that they are at least working on it. Now we wait for the artillery and light tank rebalance, only then we can safely say if WG doesn’t give a rats ass about their game or not

  5. “Last 2 patches were okay, we are slowly improving.”

    You may or may not like WG as a company and their way of doing things, but you gotta admit that it’s true. They are dedinitely going in the right direction, regardless of all the whining. They start fixing broken things, and the game is becoming more enjoyable.

    Now this big Global Rebalance may either save the game and fix the major flaws WG made over the past years, or it may completely kill the game because they “rebalanced it” by killing entirely the artillery class, overnerfing some classes but not touching gold ammo, and buffing HTs back so much that the game will become unplayable until new maps are out.

    Doesnt matter if everything isnt published by this summer, if they gotta delay the future updates a bit in order to do 5-10 public tests of the new rebalance, they better do it. Something that important cannotnbe thrown away like they would have thrown Rubicon at us.

  6. Gorzki says:

    when do you see 4-5 SPG’s in game?
    I am trying to do MT mission for killing 2 arties and in 2 out of 3 battles there is only 1 arty per team

    and arty in platoons is so much a problem? 2 skilled arty players ruin the game?
    so it seems that whole arty platoon is a problem? The repair arty + other tanks platoons, because by penalising arty + lt platoons you increase the problem.

    Also – if arty platoons are so much a problem just remove the equal amount of SPG per team rule and we will soon see if SPG’s should be nerfed as a whole.
    On 80% of maps having tanks advantage allows you to rush enemy and make arty useless so arty platoons will solve itself.

    And makarov completely evaded most valid point – LT’s are fucked because of changes they did to maps. There is so much cover now, that to be able to shoot enemy you have to be close enough so you can see him ourself so no reason to spot except few maps with one or few areas were sniping is possible

  7. 4-5 arty per side is better than 14 per side, or one team with 3 and the other with 9… I remember those days… as far as amount of arty in matches, its fine now, the biggest issue with arty is the whole RNG “Miss 6 shots, one shot a top tier tank, and proceed to miss every shot again” cliche…

    simple fix for that to, massively decrease damage per shot, while increasing the accuracy, that way your “Support” can reliably support their teams without massively inflicting damage upon the enemy ruining their day, and their teams chance of damage, Arty is a support class, it does not need to do so much damage, and that is the only reason its so inaccurate is to counter the fact it hits so fucking hard… if you reduce damage per shot, you can increase accuracy, the support class can then reliably support, and then the main tanks of the battle are back doing most of the work…

    you do not need to decrease reloads to counter this, because then you would have a whole class of LeF’s and FV304’s, and no one wants that, the mobility, and camo is not the issue,, so it doesnt need to be tweaked, simply the damage per shot, and accuracy is what makes this class so broken…

    right now its all about heavy hitters, and splash damage (American, German) frankly if I had known this is the way arty was going I would have chosen the M12 over the GW Panther, but back then arty was still fairly accurate, so I chose accuracy over splash, after 8.6, and the patches following where they reduced amount of “Bulls eye snap shots on the move” arty was left in its current “Fully aim in, or not, where ever it goes is a roll of the dice” state… that needs to change, arty in real life was not this inaccurate… and a proper support class needs accuracy, especially when their reloads are so long… in order to get this accuracy, sacrifice their damage per shot…


    1. fighting_falcon93 says:

      There’s more into it than just buffing accuracy and reducing damage per shot. The thing is, arty is supposed to counter heavy armored targets, if you reduce their HE damage, they will do even less damage against them, but still massive amounts of damage against LTs and MTs. Have you ever shot a Maus with a T92? Compare that to shooting a Leopard 1 with a T92… that’s the problem. WG need to change the HE damage formula for arties, so that armor thickness is not considered in that formula. That way arty will start focusing on the targets they’re supposed to counter. Then also arties should have higher alpha than any other tank, simply because they have the highest calibers. And lastly, they need to make it less frustrating to play arty on city maps. If they can get all these things right, I think they can turn arty into something good 🙂

      1. when talking about damage reducing, it should be noted that reducing the damage intake across all classes from arty IE Heavies take less, and so do Lights is possible… city maps are not a big issue for arty (I have a lot of arty battles, I dont get city maps as often as people bitch about)… reduce the damage taken across the board from arty, while increasing accuracy, problem solved as I previously said…

      2. fighting_falcon93 says:

        Just lowereing the damage from HE shells won’t solve anything. Drop the HE damage on a T92 down to 2000 and you’ll still oneshot a LT/MT, but only do like 600 damage to a Maus. Drop it down to 1000, and not only will it make very little logical sense, but you’ll still do 1000 damage against a LT/MT, but only about 100 damage against a Maus. Arties are not supposed to attack LTs/MTs, and your suggestion does nothing to prevent that. Also, “city maps are not a big issue”, are you for real? Seriusly? *facepalm*

      3. JoeBlobdob says:

        Maybe they should have light arty and heavy arty, one faster and more accurate and the other as is now. So some games it’s the heavies who need to be aware and others it’s the meds and lights who are in danger.

    2. the damage formulas for HE damage are just that, formulas… there is nothing stopping them from adjusting the formula to reduce damage taken from arty in heavies, and even more drastically reducing its effect on LT/MT… in fact they should, Heavies should deal with MT’s, MT’s should deal with TD’s and LT’s, SPG’s are only logically here to support the MT’s and HT’s against enemy HT’s and dug in TD’s… so they should reduce the damage taken from arty in MT’s and LT’s as a penalty to SPG’s for hitting the wrong priority… that said, MT’s and LT’s should still take some damage because it may be a case of that’s all that’s left for the SPG’s to shoot at… in which case, it would still hurt, but not completely ruin your game in one shot… and as for your remarks about city maps… there are always spots where you can fire across, maybe on a secondary line and not the main fight, but then you’re keeping the flank protected for your team… it all takes a matter of skillful positioning and the ability to know when to move to what spots on a city map for TD mode…

      1. fighting_falcon93 says:

        Well, that’s just what I said. They need to alter the formula, not only reduce the alpha. And regarding city maps… being able to provide fire support on 5-10% of the map just because you had the RNG-misfortune to get a city map is just as broken as being able to oneshot a LT/MT that is going 60 km/h or missing a perfectly aimed shot because of RNG. Arties should be able to manually change their gun elvation, a low elvation would result in quick shell travel time but low shell trajectory, while a high elvation would result in a slow shell travel time but high shell trajectory.

      2. Wahnfried III says:

        The reason why arty does not shoot targets that are heavily armored is simple that there are bigger threats out on the battlefield.

        A Maus in endgame will just be goldspammed to death by any noob in his medium. On the other hand, a medium in competent hands will rape several tanks of your team.

        Good arty players will focus on the tanks and players that are the most dangerous. A Maus is not a particular high threat right now. There are several tier 9 tanks that are much more dangerous and those are the tanks that you should be shooting at.

      3. and with my proposal, arty can shoot a MT all it wants, its not going to be an immediate death sentence to said MT if it still has the majority of its HP…

      4. fighting_falcon93 says:

        @Killswitch95: No, as I’ve said 3 times now, you only mentioned reducing HE damage. Even if you reduce T92s alpha to 1000, which makes extremely little sense in the first place, it will still be able to do massive amounts of damage against lightly armored targets, while doing basicly no damage at all against heavily armored targets.
        @Wahnfried III: That’s a good point, and a proof to that in order to fix arty, other areas must also be reworked, for instance, gold ammo, maps etc.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Object 279: originally that I will not launch but Russian children Clamoring to launch
    WG relented but I will nerf T-64 you will appear WOT

    1. fighting_falcon93 says:

      Are you retarded? Going through the comment section I’ve now seen 4 cooments from you where all of them contain “russian children/kids” and “T-64″… Damn isn’t 1 post enough?

  9. CynicalDutchie says:

    -Player complains that LTs can no longer join MTs, TDs and HTs because of Platoon penalty.

    That doesn’t make any sense at all. The penalty is only for a difference of more than 3 tiers and if you platoon a T5 LT with a T9 you deserve to have your XP taken from you. Same goes for arty, why the fuck would you bring a T5 LT with T9 arty?

    These complaints are complete bullshit

    1. Dreadmoth says:

      Isn’t there a bonus for same-tier platoons? Some might consider not getting that (for tier 8 LT + tier 9/10 whatever) to be a ‘penalty’…

  10. Klimax says:

    SPG in platoon being problem? Not true, unless we are talking about rare platoon with 3 leFHs. Those can cause massive problems.

    Just now I got another reminder why one always sticks with corridor and does not ever stick even gun outside: sniping TD. (got annihilated by Ferdinand as by the time I knew it was there I was mostly gone… and not going anywhere because tracked.)

    1. sometimes 1 arty is more than enough 😀
      once on global map i did 7K dmg with 4 only shots in GW E100…
      4 shots: 2x b-c-s killed on move, T110E3 and IS-7 huge DMG… the only problem with SPG-s, that they are RNG monsters… sometimes 4 shots 7k DMG, sometimes 10 shots and less than 1k DMG…

      1. Klimax says:

        Or zero. Been there. (massive difference between Birch gun, Bishop and FV304 and Crusader SP and FV207)

        On CT I am often driving Conqueror GC. That’s ultimate example I think. Ten misses in a row and then multi-hit.

        Note: Also driving leFH. Fast reload, good damage. Only limitation is amount of carried grenades. Three of them is massacre…

  11. I strongly hesitated between AW and WT.

    Honestly the recent World of Tanks release went okay but for a few glitches and NA server acting up yesterday. And WG is doing its usual business, for better and worse.

  12. Anonymous says:

    >> the best way to fix this is by denying arty from joining platoons.
    Yeah, cue the ragestorm on the forums and cue players having to play arty for longer or to go through much more tougher LT missions. It’s so fucking funny to try and hit 2k or 4k on heavies and TDs all by yourself. And it would be sooo easy to complete scouting missions without a pair of skilled arties in your platoon, sure as hell…

    Although 3 arties in a platoon is too much, disabling them the option of platooning at all is a pretty retarded decision. Though i doubt it would go without changing the missions, as some imply that you should try and make a team.

    1. Klimax says:

      I have yet to see even 2 FV304 on one side. They could be problem, but their range and damage makes it less problematic. What really can destroy battle are 3 platooned leFHs. one has already short reload (~5 secs) and good accuracy and quite good damage output. Three is OP to hell. Effective reload time is 1,7s (alternatively three-grenade burst). I was on receiving end and it was bad as there was no way to avoid them. (Because leFH has very long range too) Also one leFH can be almost critical element… (Just recent battle were I drove leFH ended 5-15, but 4 of 5 tanks were destroyed by me)

  13. You can say that it was their first time attempting to see how far they could milk players, and that now they know it’s a bad idea. Maybe they wont do it again. It was a stupid idea but let’s say they’re learning. We’ll have to see in the future if they keep doing this kind of things before immediately judging them at the same level as Gaijin who forgot it wasnt cold war and USSR was down and still try to send anyone not agreeing with them to gulag. Because gaijin did it for years and got known for that. Same for WG : it’s not their first time at anything really.
    That comparision is a bit unfair currently. Wait a bit to see if they deserve the same attention (it’s My.com, russian company, I havenno doubt they will deserve it at some point but right now maybe not)

  14. Arty +LT platoon might be free to go for now, but yeah, kill the Arty + Arty platoon.

    Nothing is more terrifying compared to things like driving Chi-Ri and then meet 3 FV platoon which kill you in several seconds without opportunity to do anything other than camping like a retard. That would ease things before the global rebalance which might come still far later.

  15. Anonymous says:

    TVP T 50/51 62 Battles 72.58% W/R 4098 WN8 3,747.95 DPB 1,144.08 EXP

    I am a 2300+ Wn8 overall, no not broken at all, LOL

      1. RagnarokBazil says:

        Just like destroyers torpedos and battleships who sit still or sail in straight lines.. SURRE arty is broken. How about you stop holding still and serve and learn to turn more.. -.- its NOT that hard..

  16. True scumbag says:

    As a true scumbag player I looooove playing artillery! It’s so satisfying to drop a tiny nuke on a moving target also many players go in a straight line for long amount of time sooooo quite easy to shoot (bit like battle ships and destroyers in wows)

  17. so what about the issue with platooning with a light and a medium or heavy? Since the new patch it is not considered a valid platoon if you fight in a tier 8 light with a tier 10 heavy/TD or medium…. that’s stupid!

  18. this conversation bullshit and nonsense.
    1-Chech tier10 OP and they are evervhere.
    2-arty is not major problem of mm.
    3-Major problem is heavies vs. TD or med vs TD.Light mix etc. unbalanced teams.
    4-45k vs 3k played players unbalanced thing too.
    5-stok heavies vs full heavies etc. another mm problem
    6-5000 global point players vs 2500-3000 another problem.

    stop shitting throw to arty and WORK!!

  19. WN8 1,6k says:

    I don’t see LT missions imposible because t71 is such a multirole beast. But what I consider imposible is the HT mission to kill 3 heavies and medium where you have to cause 2k of dmg to an td. Would be easy if there were more than 1 td and exactly 3 heavies on enemy team.

  20. Brauer says:

    I think max 1 arty per game , or max 2 with a limit of 1 per platoon would be OK, and still allow LT’s to have someone to help them with LT15 etc – as the only way to reliably have someone on your team to shoot what you spot is to bring a tame skypig and have it work with you – otherwise you spot stuff and your team just ignores it and stares at the other side of the map or forgets where the fire button is.

  21. Laserguided says:

    This guy is trying to distract players from real problems by saying arty, arty , and arty. Please focus on problems like MM, gold ammo, 15-5 matches, and MT dominance.

    Also, would be really nice to see some numbers in these Q&A every time statistics is used by devs to justify their positions.

  22. My god all you guys whine on about stuff that don’t matter that much,
    Arty yea its broke yea we know! LTs are pointless and why? its the dam Maps!”

    its New and bigger Maps that is needed and ASAP

    the game is so boring with the same few Maps on rotation each and every day
    dumb ass brawling small corridor Maps ~ or open Maps with 50% total area wasted with mountains or vast empty spaces to suicide on

    New better and bigger Maps
    then fix the shity and unfair crap MM that’s the real priority

    or soon we will get the ‘new 3 minute’ turbo 1 sided slaughter battles every game

  23. Migsaec says:

    As opposed to checking the tiers of the tanks in the platoon, why not just give a bonus if the MM range of the tanks match up?

    “You just need 2 skilled arty players for the game to be fucked.”
    And it also just takes bad RNG to make those skilled arty players utterly useless, or the remaining 13 guys on the team just steamrolling the enemy so fast they can barely get a shot off. Arty is only useful if the match drags out due to both sides digging in.
    Personally, I think 2 arty per team is fairly okay, especially with the maps that have like 2 major locations, if they each take a flank its actually fairly okay. 3 is stretching it a little, but still okay if RNG doesn’t bless all their shots. 4 or 5 arties per team means its gonna be raining shells.

  24. wolvenworks says:

    i’d imagine the exchange with Slava Makarov involved plenty of cyka =D

    anyway. i agree with his view that arty plats are BS. yes they’re rare, but imagine if you end up fighting an enemy team that has 3 Berts (FV 304) in a plat….

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