13/03/2016 Q&A: Storm


Storm has been sightly more talkative but don’t get your hopes too high, this is only because he mostly wants feedback from 9.14, thanks to Edrard for compiling this and Ivan for translating.

– New sounds have received a lot of positive feedback, more than negative one
– Regarding the complaints the 75mm and 76mm now sound the same – they did even before, the sounds now follow the same pattern (if guns A and B had the same sound before, they have the same sound now), the only new sound that was added is the one of guns of very high caliber
– The number of sounds was not reduced, now it will be extended
– Havok is not a priority at the moment, there will be other interesting features
– A bug where allied tanks are “flying” is caused by connection problems
– There are people who love the new sounds and people who hate them, it really depends on personal taste
– 45mm gun for MS-1 will stay
– The shell order (shell button assignments) can only be change when the tank is being completely overhauled. That means that in usual tank rebalance cases it stays as it was
– Soviet LT2 T-60 had wrongly modelled lower-right part of the UFP, it was fixed already
– Developers do not issue any comments on questions related to smoke
– A minimalist hangar without any details will not consume any resources
– The T29 turret is still penetrable by 120-122mm calibers (based on three caliber rule) – for now
– The developers conducted a lot of surveys regarding the new sounds, they did reach some conclusions but those won’t be published
– The settings window size (currently 640×480) will have to be changed

– The fact that IS-6 is getting its ammo rack damaged while sidescraping is not a bug, before the HD model it was the same, the shells penetrate through the bottom of the mudguards above the tracks

– There will be arty rebalance
– The spall liner mechanism will be rebalanced
– The developers will discuss adding one more circle to the minimal showing the maximum firing range (useful for low caliber machineguns and artillery)
– Light vehicles such as the British Sexton arty became considerably faster due to new physics
– The developers will check the reports of alleged too low LT reverse speed
– If this happens, you need to update your GPU drivers

– Storm regarding this picture:

“Everything as it was before”


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13/03/2016 Q&A: Storm

54 thoughts on “13/03/2016 Q&A: Storm

      1. Funny Farmer says:

        The new motor sounds are like sewing machines. 85mm guns just go “plopp”. Everything sounds thin and hollow to me, I really want the old sound back. Of course, I don’t have a huge stereo set attached to my PC, just normal speakers.

      1. taief98 says:

        Wotlabs forums tend to be a lot more constructive. The forums are genuinely for complaints though. If it’s good why go??? You only go if there is a problem

    1. SMGJohn says:

      No sane person uses the forums anyway, mostly just angry children who get offended by anything specially anything related to USSR.

      Also, who in their sane mind actually liked the old sounds? I played this game since the day it went to open beta and the sounds were always God awful, now they are actually good sure there are issues but the engine sounds are better than that bus engine they previously had.

    2. Anonymous says:

      have anione information about the soundmod maker for new sounds next time? wwiii sounds gnomefather and more? Come new sounds or drop the guys now the project

    3. Anonymous says:

      Couldn’t agree more
      i only tested a few sounds the only one i liked was the 183 gun which actually still sounds accurate
      The F155’s gun is a joke when i tested it the pzjg Iv sounded more threatening

    4. Shitters will complain about everything at all times. The first complaint is from an arty player for fuck’s sake. Don’t listen to shitters, if you want legitimate, minimal-autism feedback then refer to the WoTLabs forum

    5. Anonymous says:

      This data is skewed. The majority of people who bother to Google or look up info on the sounds are the ones that don’t like it. Not to mention people are resistant to change and there will always be people who like things the way they are. Alas things must move forward or we would still be watching vhs and using floppy disks.

    6. Anonymous says:

      “The new motor sounds are like sewing machines. 85mm guns just go “plopp”. Everything sounds thin and hollow to me, I really want the old sound back. Of course, I don’t have a huge stereo set attached to my PC, just normal speakers.” use earphones.

    7. Shelby427Arbok says:

      I don’t see why people are complaining. The sounds actually sound like things now. Seriously, the old sounds would be bad compared to PS2 games. Not only are the new sounds detailed and diverse, but they develope an immersion that the game long struggled with and they just seem excellent in general. And, even if you don’t like them, surely you can wait for Gnomefather to release a sound mod for the new engine.
      Seriously, I don’t know what players are smoking these days…

  1. 3caliber rule is pure bs and does not work. When a 152mm gun with 286mm pen bounces off the turret of an AMX CDC (which has maximum 30mm of armor) that makes you question it ever existing.

  2. Nigmata says:

    Anyone has a proper reason, why arty need rebalance, or just a same as always, some noob has problems because arty hit them sometimes?

    1. because it is utter crap and is gamebreaking.
      It is not fun to play because you hit nothing and do no damage exept that one game out of 10 where you oneshot a poor guy for no reason.
      It is not fun to fight because it can either oneshot you either damage you enough to ruin your game, and is influenced by xvm.

      They need to completely change it. This class of tank needs much less damages, but a much MUCH better accuracy and a better reload. But overall as long as rng is that high (25% really WG) it will be crap, they’d need to make FV304 equivalents in accuracy, and damage/reload wise french arties are good (exept tier 10).

      Saying that as an arty player. I simply refuse to play them anymore because exept killing your stats and making you lose huge amounts of credits they dont bring you much. I keep one or two for missions but I dont even try anymore because it’s so painful to play.

      1. Nigmata says:

        Not crap and not gamebreaking. Need same damage with better accuracy (every class want that 😉 ).

        I dont think they need rebalance. Its simply fun IF you want to play as an arty. (teamsupport) Not painful to play with it, just learn how to play with an arty.

      1. Nigmata says:

        You talk about oneshot from sky, you say its OP, because oneshot from sky….so not broken.

        Yes, thats a fcking ARTY. Deal with it…

    2. I agree with speedycraft51 and want to add, IRL artillery isnt even used to fight tanks, so its highly unrealistic to have that class in the game. I am of the opinion they should find another way to counter camping(Which artillery definitely DOESNT do) kill OP hulldown tanks.

      Im thinking making artillery like in rampage mode where you have the ability to call arty but isnt absolutlely game ruining when you get hit.

    3. thesherbet says:

      I think the main issue for arty is only really apparently on the higher tiers where the alpha is just ridiculous but the accuracy is so poor that any skill in leading targets or following tracers becomes irrelevant, you just have to pull the trigger and hope it lands in the same postcode as the target.
      This stops them being fun to play since you aren’t really the one playing, the Random Number Generator plays the game for you and you just have to cross your fingers.

  3. apache1990 says:

    “– The shell order (shell button assignments) can only be change when the tank is being completely overhauled. That means that in usual tank rebalance cases it stays as it was”

    What question resulted in this reply? Did the person not know they can rearrange ammo themselves?

  4. x says:

    The sounds are far better than the old ones, the whining of the spoilt little arcade kids is laughable. The engine sounds need improvement (sounds very artificial and muffled) and some gun blasts, the rest is perfectly fine.

    1. Teobold Tor says:

      The sounds are very similar to the mod I used to run, they’re great. No idea how people could prefer the old version! It comes down to people hating new things I guess.

    2. RagnarokBazil says:

      gun sounds are EXACTLY the same just remixed and remastered..

      Engines are new byt the sounds fir guns are just the same sounds THATS why people dont like them.. They need to put each tank with there own gun sound.. example The machine gun stayed the god damn same.. Just added eco effects. So go look at the sounds again you listion closely then you will see they are alll exactly the same sound just remixed remastered. They did not use real sounds AT ALL

  5. thesherbet says:

    “45mm gun for MS-1 will stay”

    Yay this makes me happy after seeing it was originally on its way out. So glad they kept this gun, without it the poor thing just becomes generic, now it keeps is character and playstyle.

  6. Dreadnought1906 says:

    I am really scratching my head about many people’s negative reactions to the new gun sounds. They sound much more realistic to me. I served with tanks in the military. Tank guns don’t go “boom”, they crack. Obviously you can’t simulate the full effect over speakers, but the new sounds sound closer to reality than before.

    Overall I think 9.14 is a big improvement.

  7. devor says:

    I wouldn’t mind the new sounds if they didn’t take away all the visual cues. Now i can’t tell whether a shot penetrated, was critical or bounced, and since the icons/markers that pop up when you get shot are the same for penetrating and critical hits you have to look at your health bar to tell what happened. This wouldn’t be a problem if WG allowed us to choose which sound profile we’d like to use. People like Jingles who well… are like Jingles in regards to skill would choose the new sounds, but I am not like Jingles i actually care about what kind of game I’m having and how i preform so i want the old voices back.

  8. Eli Williams says:

    If liter tanks move faster then that explains why heavier tanks are slower. That is a huge nerf to super heavies is there in any plan inplace to compensate?

  9. ManFredE3 says:

    I was having that issue and updated the GPU drivers, didn’t change anything… between the invisible buildings, rocks, and crazy walls of color the game is completely unplayable… Premium account value right there…

  10. Sorin says:

    The new sounds are ok, but only for effects and for the engine…but for the gun….really …..it is a big joke…….WG really screw this up…..if you have a nice 5.1 audio system…well it is not that bad…but still gun sound like ****…
    If there is a way to have the old sounds back, please let me know ….I will be happy to listen my E 100 shooting…….:)

  11. That graphics glitch, it has little to do with drivers. This has been happening to me since I bought the PC and I keep everything updated. Nearly every game I have. It’s a graphics card issue, not the driver.

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