13/03/2016 Q&A: Storm


Storm has been sightly more talkative but don’t get your hopes too high, this is only because he mostly wants feedback from 9.14, thanks to Edrard for compiling this and Ivan for translating.

– New sounds have received a lot of positive feedback, more than negative one
– Regarding the complaints the 75mm and 76mm now sound the same – they did even before, the sounds now follow the same pattern (if guns A and B had the same sound before, they have the same sound now), the only new sound that was added is the one of guns of very high caliber
– The number of sounds was not reduced, now it will be extended
– Havok is not a priority at the moment, there will be other interesting features
– A bug where allied tanks are “flying” is caused by connection problems
– There are people who love the new sounds and people who hate them, it really depends on personal taste
– 45mm gun for MS-1 will stay
– The shell order (shell button assignments) can only be change when the tank is being completely overhauled. That means that in usual tank rebalance cases it stays as it was
– Soviet LT2 T-60 had wrongly modelled lower-right part of the UFP, it was fixed already
– Developers do not issue any comments on questions related to smoke
– A minimalist hangar without any details will not consume any resources
– The T29 turret is still penetrable by 120-122mm calibers (based on three caliber rule) – for now
– The developers conducted a lot of surveys regarding the new sounds, they did reach some conclusions but those won’t be published
– The settings window size (currently 640×480) will have to be changed

– The fact that IS-6 is getting its ammo rack damaged while sidescraping is not a bug, before the HD model it was the same, the shells penetrate through the bottom of the mudguards above the tracks

– There will be arty rebalance
– The spall liner mechanism will be rebalanced
– The developers will discuss adding one more circle to the minimal showing the maximum firing range (useful for low caliber machineguns and artillery)
– Light vehicles such as the British Sexton arty became considerably faster due to new physics
– The developers will check the reports of alleged too low LT reverse speed
– If this happens, you need to update your GPU drivers

– Storm regarding this picture:

“Everything as it was before”


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