13/04/2016 Q&A


most recent Q&A compiled by Edrard and translated by Ivan:

– The German 88mm gun parameters will be rebalanced, but no ETA yet
– The most important upcoming fixes in WoT are the matchmaker, artillery, tank rebalance and same gameplay mechanisms, game performance, multi-core mechanism and vegetation quality
– It’s possible that the accuracy RNG will be rebalanced
– The problem with bigger maps in WoT that was never solved concerns slow vehicles and their inability to drive around quickly enough to make a difference. Other unsolved problems include the fact that there’s not enough time to introduce a reasonable number of big maps in short time and performance issues on weak PCs
– WG will not establish a special department dealing with illegal mods or issuing certificates to legal mods. Such a WG certificate would get hacked very soon
– When it comes to future vehicle rebalance, the developers will not only use small scale changes such as penetration buffs or nerfs, the overhaul will be global
– The Rampage mode is less popular than CW or Stronghold. The income perception in this mode is not good either, the problem was that the mode had too high income rates (artificially enhanced) during testing and the players got used to it
– WG matchmaker will be overhauled from scratch, it will come this year
– The whine about Super Pershing getting ammo racked too often is not confirmed by statistics
– 9.15 release date depends on the testing results
– There are no plans to buff accuracy on the move for the T-34/85 top gun
– There is no rule saying that track links hanging on the armor have to be considered thicker armor zones, it depends from case to case
– German tank side skirts (E 50 E 75 Tiger II) will become spaced armor in the future
– Himmelsdorf is well balanced when it comes to winrates of both sides

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