Studyanki Map: 4 Versions in SP


there are currently 4 versions of the Polish map Studyanki in supertest:

And I have a question for you:

I personally like the forth version, mostly because it would fix the issues I found on this last article:

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Studyanki Map: 4 Versions in SP

17 thoughts on “Studyanki Map: 4 Versions in SP

  1. Sturmi says:

    To me, there are too many maps with either an open center, which you get sniped in, an those with impassable centers (like lakes and mountains). Those maps, demanding some tactical thoughts since you have to split up your team, are not much fun to play with a “less-than-casual”-players’ team.
    This is just Murovanka/Prokhorovka/etc all over again. Those maps just deny you any sort of exciting tank-action, since people are just too careful and passive (or suiciding right at the start).

    There has to be a way to make a map which actually promotes and encourages mobile battles. Otherwise, we could just replace all the tanks with static fortifications.

    Overlord the one map they did just right, in my opinion. And of course, my beloved Port. May you rest in pixelpiece.

    1. 1n_Soviet_Russia says:

      Well I like Overlord, the beach is completely irrelevant, we need to make maps that don’t have lakevillesque valleys and make all sections of the map reletively viable. I have a feeling this map will play like steppes, fighting along the edges and the middle being used lategame.

      1. stormcrow99 says:

        What do you mean valley isn’t viable, half the team goes to die every game there so it must be a great choice.

  2. Hard to tell. Only a map view. Can’t tell what the ridgelines, level of land etc looks like.

    More open. More bushes. More scouting spots. As long as it has that I’m fine. Couldn’t care about heavy tanks. 2 of 3 maps are corridor / city anyway. They have enough maps.

    More prok / Malinovka plz.

    1. stormcrow99 says:

      “Couldn’t care about heavy tank” In what way exactly is it good to have a map that is favorable to some type of tank and unfavorable to some?
      Obviously urban maps are an exception, they’re such a huge type of map only a moron would ignore them, and some tanks like artillery are bound to be at a disadvantage.
      You can’t just decide to go and make maps where heavy tanks will die within the first minute, and tell them “get a real tank fuckface”

      1. Well I’m only saying that because of the current situation of the game.

        Maps are all corridors and cities. Anything except a heavy or heavy TD is pointless to play on almost any map with a couple of exceptions.
        All I’m saying is it would be a nice to have a map for once that favours soft td and especially scouts.

        However if WG pull their fingers out their arseholes and balance the exiting maps. Then sure balance this one too for all tank classes.
        As it stands there are 2 maps for scouts. Prok and Mali. That’s it.

        My comment was only meant to say that it would be nice to finally have some maps that favours something else than a heavy. Nothing against heavies or heavy tank drivers.

  3. StumpyDaPaladin says:

    I like a new open map.
    I would favor any map that actually gets to keep its trees and bushes.

    I DONT like that the playerbase would find a way for 10 heavy tanks in a match to “brawl” around the one indestructable building that may only be a bit bigger than a Maus. And spend the whole time bitching about how OP any vehicle “that has a bigger gun/bullet” is whether its Arty oneshot. auto loading TD one clips you, Mediums spamming heat Lights w/too much pen

    No amount of map design will fix this. Because no one wants to play heavies as any thing other than two tanks playing PeekKaBoom around a solid piece of cover until one runs out of Hit Points

    As long as the buildings are as eventually destructible as the village in prokharovka then it really doesnt matter what shape they take. eventually you can just shoot through them or drive over the rubble pile they become.

  4. Superfly says:

    Its funny…players and developers complain about corridor and city maps…yet….all kids vote for the city version. The WoT community/players will for some reason always vote for the map has the most city in it. When will the developers finally get the balls (and brains) to do a game without listening to the grey sea of players….

  5. mike t says:

    Vote for Superfly thoughts as its much as I’m thinking with WG very retarded simple ‘children’s’ eye view of direction that WOT should go
    which sadly is ~ City maps, for heavy tanks only, awful corridor maps, and Open maps zero cover and 50% map wasted deliberately to create simple no thinking 1 sided fast slaughter fest of 4 min games

    btw WG, children or teenagers don’t have a Bank account so CANT buy anything unless mummy or daddy gives them there credit card to use, like duh! WG think please

    *would actually vote But I have to REGISTER and get a DOMAIN?

    I don’t want to register or run a website! just to click on a ‘LIKE BUTTON’
    not ‘LIKE’ friendly is it?
    I’m sure Rita will fix these minor but annoying issues in time (I hope lol

  6. mike t says:

    Anyone know the Map size?
    is it 1000 x 1000 – so flanking is al least possible
    800 x 800 or smaller – so brawling only mode

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