15 cm L/52 Sturmgeschutz E-75, what?


Yuri Pasholok, Wargaming’s chief historical advisor sent me this today, it generated a couple laughs around and although is hardly RSR material I felt like sharing it with you as this is what happens when people start making things up/inventing proposals.

The magazine TnT and artist Hubert Cance distinguished themselves again by inventing another monstrosity (this magazine is notorious for making sh** up and passing it as real), behold! The 15 cm L/52 Sturmgeschutz E-75:


Yuri Pasholok shared it on his page and not long after a reader, psina_zloj, commented with a more realistic version of this vehicle:


It reminded me of the Grille 15’s absurd gun, wondering how long it would take until someone attempts to get this in WoT.

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