18/03/2016 Q&A: Storm


there’s a new Storm Q&A out, thanks to Edrard for compiling and Ivan for translating once more:


– The alleged loss of reverse speed some players claimed happened was not confirmed
– The bug that allowed the tanks to achieve very high speeds when reversing from a slope was fixed in new physics
– The problem where a tank with full HP gets killed when driving down a mountain is known
– The situation where the capturing siren continues to sound even after the capping enemies were killed already is a known bug
– Storm admits that lately he plays WoT only a little
– The new sounds are just the beginning, the sounds will be polished and fixed. The most important part was to implement the new engine
– The decision not to allow players to choose between old and new sounds is final
– The American tier 8 heavy T34 was buffed already during the HD overhaul
– The ability to block one track (police turn) for T95 and Batchat 155 58 will not be removed. It’s a compromise between cancelling the feature completely and allowing it completely (like other classes have it). The devs wanted to disable it altogether for TDs and arty but this is what they got.
– There is nothing wrong with IS-6 regarding the alleged too often ammo rack explosions, the internal modules were not changed with the exception of splitting the engine and the transmission
– Object 430 in HD will appear soon
– Internal gravity value is increase by 10-15 percent so the tanks don’t turn on their roof too often and so the feeling of “lightness” is reduced. This is also due to the fact that in real life a lot of energy is consumed by the deformation (tank parts deformed by the impact) and by the surface into which they crash and which they deform as well
– The average IS-6 player quality didn’t change since 9.14
– IS-6 was not nerfed in any way that would cause the vehicle to be less effective. Storm regarding this matter: “For 5,5 years now, the players always write that we nerfed their premium after every patch. This concerns every premium tank. Unfortunately, we can’t take such words that are not confirmed by any statistics seriously. And statistics do not show any drop in performance. On the contrary, the amount of shell bounces increased after the update by roughly 8-9 percent, so nobody can say that its armor got worse. As for Super Pershing, there were serious and uncompensated armor nerfs. That is why we offered earlier to have it returned for gold. IS-6 situation is completely different.”
– The 235mm IS-6 frontal armor parts doesn’t take normalization and other shooting conditions into account. There is no need to use them to determine whether the tank will or will not be penetrated, these were only given for comparison with the previous versions which took the previously mentioned factors into account

-IS-6 statistics before and after patch, RU server, random battles in standard mode. As you can see, the amount of bounces increased.


Given the armor buff, IS-6 also survives longer and therefore manages to deal more avarage damage


And it earns more credits


Average winrate increase


Storm regarding IS-6 armor: “The system of penetration depends on probabilities and is complicated. There are many conditions – shell entry angle, penetration RNG, normalization. These factors can combine into a situation where the armor can be penetrated by tier 7 tanks. Everything depends on that specific case of penetration.”

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18/03/2016 Q&A: Storm

52 thoughts on “18/03/2016 Q&A: Storm

  1. skivster says:

    In other words: We’ve madethe soviet tank stronker, while ignoring the fact that it was already hard to penetrate
    Fuck you WG

    1. Anonymous says:

      Maus is hard to penetrate, but I doubt you’ll find many people saying that it is OP.

      This IS-6 is balanced out by the horrible gun. The inability to penetrate do to a combination of horrible accuracy, aim time, and penetration make this tank (imo) a fairly balanced machine.

      Now buff the t34-3 and 112 already.

      1. pacer123 says:

        I dont want to insult you but being almost impenetrable for lower tiers while being dmg pinata for higher tiers is pure “balanced”. Better armor makes it even more “balanced” now. Being good at some thing while bad at something else is soooo “balanced”-as arty and WTFE100.

    2. stormcrow99 says:

      If you had a hard time penning an IS-6, you’ll have a hard time penning Waffletracktor in the back of the turret. (0mm)

    3. Hard to penetrate previously? Maybe for tier 6’s and tier 7 mediums, but anything at tier 7 with over 190 pen, or practically any tier 8 or 9 tank could pen it with ease. The buff was entirely unnecessary, but the tank wasn’t previously hard to pen and it still isn’t ridiculously OP with its armour. It can be troll if you don’t aim. Just don’t be shit and you should have no problem

      1. Xplato says:

        The thing about the Is6, is that against a good player it’s meh, but against a shitty player(roughly 95% of the players) it’s pretty much god tier, because bads are retarded, and don’t use common sense. that and any IS6 drivers carries a truckload of APCR, most smart IS6 players carry more APCR than AP, as douchy as it is you kind of need it in the IS6.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Object 430 in HD will appear soon”- I’m sure it will be completely balanced like the HD E5, IS-3, IS-6 etc. What a joke this game has become.

    1. Anonymous says:

      well i have it and compared to the t62a and the obj140 the turret is way weaker then the already weak 140 turret and the gun is way worse too! ok your reload is 5.06 fully equipped but the 140’s reload is only 5.22 with a way more reliable gun the 430 needs a buff because its not the most armored of the three (it’s supposed to) and also is not the fastest nor the most easy to use due to poor gun depression, accuracy (.38) and long aim time (2.3) it deserves a buff in gun stats or a turret rework so it doesn’t get penned by is3 ap shells in the front (not the roof wich is way bigger than on 140 again)

      1. Anonymous says:

        E25 doesn’t do handbrake turns. It does the tighter turns if you step off the gas when turning but the space at turns aren’t possible in it. However on the day it was made HD both me and my friend got consecutive Radley Walters medals in it, which had nothing to do with the turning ability.

  3. Landric says:

    Anyone who thinks the IS-6 has been nerfed by the 9.14 patch clearly has some sort of closed head injury. Where do this people come from? It was good before, now its better. For instance, penning the side of the turret of an IS-6 in another IS-6 with AP was a sure thing, now it isn’t, I’ve bounced multiple shots off the sides of IS-6 turrets since 9.14 went live. Overmatching the roof/penning the hatches was pretty easy, now it is still possible, but the targets are smaller. So sure people, it got nerfed, whatever. Clearly some of these complainers won’t be happy until they give the IS-6 the M62-T2 gun from the T-10/ST-I/IS-4 with the same rate of fire it currently has and tier 8 maximum matchmaking.

      1. Kauris says:

        I shoot AP in my WZ 111. same thing. I also shoot AP in my KV-5.
        Don’t have an IS-6. same gun as WZ 111.

  4. Patata Caliente says:

    > Storm admits that lately he plays WoT only a little

    Can’t blame him. There are so many better games out there these days. Even in its own nice WoT is only second best these days.

    1. stormcrow99 says:

      Since when exactly have people chosen what to play based on if it’s the best or not?

      And since when has it been an official statistic how much better one game is over the other instead of it being opinions of individual personalities?

      1. Patata Caliente says:

        Obviously, there is a strong element of personal choice and preferences involved, but if a game features more up-to-date graphics and addresses known design weaknesses their competition suffers from, I’d say you have a pretty strong case for calling it the superior product. It’s not that Wargaming does not acknowledge WoT’s shortcomings.

  5. Isnes says:

    “– The ability to block one track (police turn) for T95 and Batchat 155 58 will not be removed. It’s a compromise between cancelling the feature completely and allowing it completely (like other classes have it). The devs wanted to disable it altogether for TDs and arty but this is what they got.”

    What’s new in this? Every single vehicle can lock it’s tracks…

    1. Not really. According to the official data (which they apparently did not follow), in the new physics engine, only LT’s, MT’s and HT’s should have been able to do that. But they ignored that for some others as well, but not all TD’s and SPG’s can as far as I know.

      1. Isnes says:

        Locking tracks and powersliding, what only heavies, mediums and lights can do are two different things

    1. party1c says:

      WG can only get rid of these cry-kids by banning all sub-1500 wn8 bots from the forums. cause these “players” who cant handle their tanks & dont understand basic game mechanics are those who whine that they dont get ridiculesly OP p2w tanks for their money, even when allready good tanks get buffed further.

  6. stormcrow99 says:

    Oh look, another wave of butthurt morons complaining how Wargaming is the physical embodiment of Russian bias just because the company’s from an ex-soviet country.

    1. Patata Caliente says:

      You are not exactly strengthening your argument by insulting others, you know. Quite the contrary, as a matter of fact.

      Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being a fanboy, but if you showed some class you might end up being a wee bit more convincing.

      1. exocet6951 says:

        Honestly, all you have to do is look at War Thunder to get some perspective, then go back to WoT to have a look again. Apart from a few anomalies, Soviets are not intrinsically better.

        There’s the KV-2 on tier6 that’s really powerful, and that’s been unmatched for years up until recently with the O-I, and the HEAT spam “sum of all the best parts from 1947 to 1960’s” T-54.

        But then again, there are a few anomalies in other branches of other nations, like the T110E5 currently being easy mode faceroll, the batchat being the most feared TX med, the CQC being the potentially most lethal arty by far…

        WG has made some real progress since 2011.
        War Thunder on the other hand…Now that’s bias through and through. Removing 20mm of armor from the Maus to let IS-2s penetrate it frontally, and having the engine grills being basically unarmored, meaning HE shells to the turret kill the Maus with ease?
        Good balance comrade ))))))
        Hell, in their typical Soviet overlord, they chatbanned me for saying that someone was an asshole with TKing, and that their report system was broken. KGaijinB sent me to gulag.

      2. stormcrow99 says:

        I’m not trying to convince anyone about anything, I’m just expressing my frustration, caused by people who speak like complete numbnuts.

  7. 2goxd says:

    I noticed a track-block bug where you are let’s say holding only D and you are turning to the right (and the right track is already blocked by default) … and then you also press space and tank starts turning horribly slow.
    Happened to me in WZ-111 and in IS-6… but it only happens in some battles.

  8. Sturmi says:

    Please, no more pictures of Storm as Q&A-header. I expect neither competence nor concern about the game/playerbase in the answers below whenever I see his face. Take a pic of something pretty instead. TOGs in various lascivious poses, or something…

  9. Anonymous says:

    I could name a dozens of tanks that need looking at before the is6, i suppose it shows the priorities of wg… Still no news on the chieftain?

  10. “– Storm admits that lately he plays WoT only a little”

    so, Shtorm now plays one battle in two months ?
    How the hell can WG have a developer who is NOT playing the game he is developing ? Oh, sorry, Belorussian strok business strategy.

  11. argleblarglegarble says:

    – The ability to block one track (police turn) for T95 and Batchat 155 58 will not be removed. It’s a compromise between cancelling the feature completely and allowing it completely (like other classes have it). The devs wanted to disable it altogether for TDs and arty but this is what they got.

    Uh, they’re the devs, ie the ones responsible for how the game operates. If something is not implemented correctly the onus is on them to fix it, not just shrug and go WELP. The T95 isn’t going to present a problem but I can see the Batchat arty being pretty trolly with it. Unless they implemented the track locking in some incredibly arcane way it can’t be too hard to remove an ability from 2 vehicles.

  12. IS-6 buff ? Aaaand those statistics are the proof ? it is a joke right ? Cuz all i see is an increase for 1 day… and then, it is droping back to what it was before the “buff”. The increase is probably caused by better players trying the tank out again. IT IS A CRAP vehicle ! It’s 7th tier 122mm gun ( most popular gun in the game i guess) is awuful on 8th tier to say the least. Armor ? Lacking !!! Here http://tanks.gg/wot/tank/is-6#tab:model check it ! The UFP is 165mm to 177 mm of armor and if u angle, the “cheeks” are 170mm to 186mm. Which means 6th tier tanks will have a hard time with standart ammo, but with gold, 8 out of 10 should (in most cases, in some you dont even need gold ammo) go in. That’s 6th tier vs 8 !!! in summary bad gun, lacking armor, blind, slow and does not earn credits well ( the need to use gold :C ). I dont recommend it… The only buffed thing i see is the driver hatch which is no longer a huge weak spot.

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