18/07/2016 Q&A


here’s the weekly dose of RU server player whining:

-9.15.1 released is planned for tomorrow, 19 of July on the RU server.

-Less than half of the playerbase is using HD client.

-Q: In HD client, there is a desynchronization between the client and the server when it comes to landscape textures, the same way it was before when using the lowest landscape settings. -A: In the SD and HD clients, the landscape geometry is identical on identical settings.

-Player whines that lately most often than not he gets the lowest Alpha damage rolls and rarely gets to oneshot enemies. -This hasn’t been confirmed.


-Player complains that exist hidden RNG parameters. -”Hidden parameters don’t exist. Doesn’t even make sense to have them”.

-When you say that there are not hidden mechanisms that interfere with the game many players just assume they are being deceived. I bet you are not even aware about these game mechanics. -There is no simplified RNG mechanic. And believe me I know all about the mechanics implemented the also the ones that are coming to the game.

-The garage is having a strange delay since the second test (after clicking on things). -I sent this to be verified as soon I saw the first report.

-2 battles in a row! Comment on this please! -”Want me to comment? Bad luck.”

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18/07/2016 Q&A

72 thoughts on “18/07/2016 Q&A

      1. you do realize that the FV304 that’s currently ingame ( the SD version) is way to small, the HD version is the right size, and since it’s arty it doesn’t matter anyway. if you’re gettign spoted in an FV 304, you have bad map awareness

      2. RagnarokBazil says:

        Apparently you realize being Massive when you only have a gun arc of 400 meters mean most tanks HAVE 400+ view range.. and with the Massive Size it CANT do what its sapposed to be doing.

      3. RagnarokBazil says:

        Fv304 Requires a Brain to use.. You need to Brawling ranges to Support.. So eat that scumbag..

      4. stormcrow99 says:

        @Ragnarok m8 are you seriously crying that the hands down second most OP arty in the game is underpowered…?

    1. GrimmReaperBG says:

      Haven’t had even single crush since months. Stop playing with warpacks and aimbots and you won’t have such problems!

  1. abusemtex says:

    Bad luck – sure. What makes it so hard to ensure equal distribution of tiers per team?
    After such a long time WG is still unable to fix the most simple f0ck ups.

    Listen Sergej:
    1st) reduce 25% RNG to maybe 10%
    2nd) use MM algorithm ensuring same number of same tiers per team (NO! arty is not a tonk)
    3rd) you yourself introduced you own f0cking player rating – use it to distribute skill equally

    Don’t understand? Of course…

    1. Since most usually play more than 20/30 battles a day, this is really just that. Bad luck. Statistically speaking it even should have happened more. And they aren’t changing the 25% RNG, they’ve been pretty adamant about that.

      They have however announced there will be better MM for tank class and tier spread between teams. That should help.

      1. abusemtex says:

        It should never happen – and it’s so easy to ensure that.
        As for 25% RNG – WG pretty often refused to change stuff only to contradict themselves later.

        The 25% rule is sh1t and needs to be changed. And I am very sure it will now that the most retarded heads are removed/replaced.

      2. Be careful with saying ‘never’. If you program your mm to do that, you might be in the queue for a much longer time during the quieter hours.

      3. RagnarokBazil says:

        25% i think i know why its that way.. its cause its in favour of lights.. you shoot it misses the light going 90+kms i understand it now..

      4. stormcrow99 says:

        “boo fkin hoo the enemy team has one more tier x & tier ix we lose waahh”
        SHUT UP MAGGOT. This is the time when you take that little sealclubber wn8 and make use of your “skill”, if you actually have any.
        Some people say that when life gives you lemons, you beat its head to a pulp and shit down its throat but a WoT player runs home to mom, tears in their eyes saying that big bad RNG is bullying them. Jesus christ you guys are the worst bunch who do that, because I’ve had to deal with not only the MM, but also the shi RNG AND that moron who cries RNG is bad, only to win that same match against statistically superior players.

        Why don’t you cry about something you can/not/ overcome like people who are too retarded to know even the absolute basics of english?

      5. stormcrow99 says:

        Because actually idfk I could have gone to the reply above u
        See I’m good at fucking up helpless seals, not replying to numbnuts 😀

  2. The lord your savior says:

    Once i thought my t34 does low roles… i wrote down EVERY hit with AP, that was able to do full dmg… so no 10hp kills
    turns out, the average was FINE

    1. Major_Rager says:

      I do not understand why people explain it away with Bad luck, whining or any other ridiculous forum platitudes or demand entitlements (proof) just because they do not experience this on their accounts.
      Fanboys “Think” we are attacking their favorite game, But that is NOT the case. I want to know who is experiencing the same anomalies I am. When you have a family that plays with several accounts in your household you CLEARLY see discrepancies between accounts, My personal account is divergent in comparison to the boys accounts as well as the streamers I watched. This is One reason why I quit playing over a year ago and another was getting attacked and called a liar, Even though you see it on a weekly basis from other players on the forum.
      I am still here! I want to play the game! I am waiting for fixes/repairs/changes to better the game because my previous experience with this game was not consistent nor enjoyable.
      How can we better the game and community if we cannot discuss issues in a civil manner?
      This lashing out at people is Not Helpful.

      1. kingtrygon says:

        The tinfoil-hattery is real…

        The entire game could be rigged OR perhaps a more sane suggestion is that you just aren’t very good.

      2. stormcrow99 says:

        The sheer amount of stupid here. “my account is divergent” but every individual account is unique in their statistics and performance you nob…

    2. atomicemu says:

      And yet to this day nobody was able to present a statistically meaningful set of data supporting any of this…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Last night I had the most uneven battle I’ve ever seen, with 5 HT on our team and 1 on theirs – a 92% win chance according to XVM!

    We squeaked a win at 15 to 11…

    1. Nocomment says:

      Xvm isn’t perfect but it is usually pretty accurate. Most of the time. If it tells you a game is going to be a walkover (one way or another) it is. You still won, so it was right in its prediction 🙂

      1. stormcrow99 says:

        The XVM winchance is nothing more than the peoples stats piled together, seeing which has the overall better average and by how much, and compressing that to a number between 1-100.
        It doesn’t foresee the orange players outdoing the opposing unicums by a large margin if that happens. And that’s just one of the things that could go wrong, because measuring skill in numbers is wrong beyond words by default.

  4. SMGJohn says:

    I hope WG disables XVM once and for all, I am so tired of being singled out all the time, why the fuck should I play like garbage just to get shitty stats and then I can play good and my stats will improve and I gotta play shit again, makes no sense.

    I said this back in the days and I will say it again, FUCK XVM!

    1. Anonymous says:

      They will never disable or ban XVM or similar mods, because that’s where they get all the ideas for actually useful, popular improvements to the game!

    2. Nocomment says:

      I often see people complaining about xvm focus and it does happen. Though most of the time I see someone complaining of such it is because they are out in front making a target of themselves.

      That’s not to say they aren’t playing well but aggressive play means you are seen first and targeted first no matter your stat’s.

      1. Anonymous says:

        WG said that they could stop XVM from displaying stats in game to reduce in game toxicity but that it was more important to make changes to the game to make it annoying in different ways to stop players always whining about the same thing…. or something.

      2. stormcrow99 says:

        This. I do recall an instance getting shit on by a Borsig in chat who complained that I was singling him due to his stats, no it’s because you’re dangling in the open with an open-top paper-armored tank destroyer, you nob.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I am fairly sure WG mentioned once that they had this thought that perhaps being able to disable XVM display in-game might lower toxicity and increase enjoyment but that it was more important to do other things to make the game annoying in different ways so players are not always annoyed by the same things.

    1. sturmi0545 says:

      chat disabled => toxicity disabled.

      try it for one day. playing without the “omg again loose”-people and common incompetent haters spamming the chat will do a lot of good to your gamer-soul.

    1. stormcrow99 says:

      They’re whining because 1. the enemy team had insignificant amount more tier 9 & 10 tanks, and that the enemy teams were STATISTICALLY better than their own team.
      Note statistically, so let’s not take anything the XVM says based on number stats seriously shall we?

    2. Holykeg says:

      They have TD mission to kill 2 heavies that are 2 tiers higher, but they got only one tier X heavy 2 times in a row.

  6. Tyrud says:

    I always thought it was really funny joking about so called potato Russian PCs, but to actually see that less than 50% (so the majority!) don’t use the HD client is pretty sobering. Guess all the nice graphical stuff you see on the console version is staying on the console version for now.

    1. HmanSA says:

      Some people just don’t like the huge downloads, my buddy has a better pc than me but uses SD as the downloads for updates are smaller. I use HD as I don’t care about the download size.

  7. RNG is clearly not random my m103 get a lof of 404 damage shots so many of them that must be a certain ammount of damage put there to roll with others not actually rangom number between lower and higest damage on that gun

  8. Posledni says:

    Every day I pray that the sadist matchetingu got prostate cancer. Firstly , these people no longer put to multiply , and in particular Dofa he would come on road man in his place . Well, the most important thing at WOT is to have in reserve another game , especially not from WG and how they can start giving crap game, so feel free to leave

  9. Str0nkTenk says:

    Imagine any other company in the world calling it’s customers ‘whiners’

    Guess what WG. Its your shitty game experience that makes people complain.

    Give this shit 12 months and it will be gone. Suicided.
    Sad, all the ‘whiners’ can see a good game waiting to get out but WG excel at self destruction.

      1. wolvenworks says:

        i know, but this one seems very…calm and moderated. feels like SerB without his trademark “how terrible”

  10. Amrael87 says:

    -Player whines that lately most often than not he gets the lowest Alpha damage rolls and rarely gets to oneshot enemies. -This hasn’t been confirmed.

    It’s all about RNG, and it’s especially noticeable on tanks with high alpha. And so long as WG will keep their retarded +/-25% RNG that even they probably don’t know nor understand, we will always have games where a single low roll can spell defeat.

  11. watti says:

    those low rols is often called mercy rols. of course wg wants to give one more chance to everyone. seriously that is happening far too often for me. shooting someone and he survive with 1-10hp. i have bounced from back of a batchat with my jagdpanzer E100 and that should have the kill shot but as usual wg decided otherwise

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