18/07/2016 Q&A


here’s the weekly dose of RU server player whining:

-9.15.1 released is planned for tomorrow, 19 of July on the RU server.

-Less than half of the playerbase is using HD client.

-Q: In HD client, there is a desynchronization between the client and the server when it comes to landscape textures, the same way it was before when using the lowest landscape settings. -A: In the SD and HD clients, the landscape geometry is identical on identical settings.

-Player whines that lately most often than not he gets the lowest Alpha damage rolls and rarely gets to oneshot enemies. -This hasn’t been confirmed.


-Player complains that exist hidden RNG parameters. -”Hidden parameters don’t exist. Doesn’t even make sense to have them”.

-When you say that there are not hidden mechanisms that interfere with the game many players just assume they are being deceived. I bet you are not even aware about these game mechanics. -There is no simplified RNG mechanic. And believe me I know all about the mechanics implemented the also the ones that are coming to the game.

-The garage is having a strange delay since the second test (after clicking on things). -I sent this to be verified as soon I saw the first report.

-2 battles in a row! Comment on this please! -”Want me to comment? Bad luck.”

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