20/05/2016 Q&A


WG RU posted a Q&A on their portal which is basically a copy paste of the answers they gave WG EU and I for the 9.15 WG EU Q&A, but there were a few different bits, I filtered them for you:

-First of all I forgot to warn you, when I told you on the WG EU Q&A that the 112 wont be sold any more in a very near future, I forgot to warn you to wait until last-minute to buy the tank if you are interested, because WG tends to make “goodbye-discounts”, the RU server already has a 30% discount on the 112.

-The team is not planing to make changes on the Valentine.
-Caernarvon turret may be replaced at the end of this year/start of next.
-There are no plans to give the 20 pounder gun to the Challenger.
-There are no plans to give the 121 a 100 mm gun.
-Wargaming is planning to bring a Carousel mode.
-There are no plans for players to vote which maps they want to play on.
-There are no plans to give rewards to players for receiving medals.
-There are no plans to trade commanders between vehicles of different nations.
-Havok was cancelled? “We haven’t cancelled the work on it but there are no news either so far”
-Dev team says that if stats show that CZ tanks need nerf then they will nerf them.
-The team learning to not give “high-sounding titles” to the patches (Rubicon).
-There are no plans to introduce a tier 11-12 fun mode like it was shown in April’s Fool over a year ago but the team is happy that players enjoyed the joke.

Also a couple of my birdies told me:

-American medium tree rework is taking serious form.

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