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Quickybaby has uploaded a tank review of the Chieftain Mk. 6 that has been available in the CHINA server for some time, this server doesn’t develop the game but the publisher does whatever the *blip* it wants, hence why tanks like Type 59 are still being sold and OP vehicles are allowed to roam around as long players have a pretty coin.

I actually took notice of this replay before QB’s video was uploaded but just didn’t had anywhere to post the screenshots (which is nice because now have the video to complement it), this is the reason why the vehicle hasn’t been allowed in our servers yet:


Patience will reward us, trust me…

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34 comments on “Chieftain Mk. 6 Review

  1. alhambra117 says:

    I just hope they don’t nerf it to death before it reaches the public test/live servers over here.

  2. aengis says:

    cant zoom the pictures :/

  3. apache1990 says:

    Remember, the Chieftain hasn’t been added because it’s bad. Right?

  4. Pass this on to WG:
    Come back from a game ban and every fucking battle today is less than 40% chance of win, all I get are teams of worthless east euro scum.
    If WG want to fuck with me, I will fuck with them. I look forward to visiting the even in London soon.

  5. Pass this on to WG –
    You think it’s funny fucking with my MM after a 7 day ban?
    Lets see how fucking funny it is at the event in London soon.

  6. James K says:

    Just balance that bad boy to appropriate levels and give it to us already

  7. Pass this to WG –
    WG are going to burn.
    They think it’s funny messing with my MM after a 7 day ban, giving me nothing but teams of worthless east euro scum.
    I give up with this game, and my life is shit, so I look forward to meeting WG at the event in London soon, I’ll make it at even they’ll never forget.

  8. Daryl says:

    It’s OK, it’s just a Chinese knock off

  9. Borsuk3344 says:

    This tank was supposed to be postponed because of shitty armour. I see that other stats substitute for that

    • Bobo T Baggins says:

      They said the didnt want another glass cannon. they didnt say it was underpowered, but they are right about inconsistent armor. Look at the model in tanks gg, some areas of the turret are horrendously weak.

  10. Colin says:

    “Patience will reward us, trust me…” Rita do have something you’d like to share but can’t??? 😉

  11. avalon304 says:

    I cant find the reson why we dont have the Chieftain in your picture… It cant be the damage… because the enemy Chieftain only did 1500… the only reason one chieftain got damage that high is because he never had to put his tank in danger and he played well.

  12. platoon says:

    that screenshot doesn’t prove its over powered tank, as you can see other team Chieftain Mk. 6 player didn’t do that much also look at the others bottom five player of enemy team, almost didn’t do any damage (t110e5.. obj268.. 0 really?)

    so I think we can say it about how you play the tank + some rng luck
    DOESN’T the tank itself, just say wp gg and move on

  13. Alex Almond says:

    Looked like an extremely lucky game to me the enemy side collapsed and he had nothing much to do with it, he just plinked in the shots whilst enemy tanks were distracted. The gun, ROF and pen will be nerfed, so will the tank still be good enough?

  14. Alex Almond says:

    Looked like an extremely lucky game to me the enemy side collapsed and he had nothing much to do with it, he just plinked in the shots whilst enemy tanks were distracted. The gun, ROF and pen will be nerfed, so will the tank still be good enough?

    Look at what the enemy chieftain did…

  15. They have all sorts of self invented tanks in the game, no need for historic accuracy. So why don’t they buff the armourmodell here and there, nerf the insane dpm and gunhandeling and you have a heavy tank that is equal to the VF215 or T110E5.

  16. SatyrAngel says:

    Is it that rare? i got one yesterday. And yeah, like some say, it has shitty armor and meh gun. Just a pretty paint

  17. satyrangeluz says:

    I ws going to say i got one yesterday but was for AW =P

  18. Hedgehog1963 says:

    I don’t trust WG at all on this. They’ll nerf it so hard it will be the worst Tier X HT before putting it out there in a tree or they’ll give it as a reward tank.

  19. 1n_Soviet_Russia says:

    looks OP as fuck in its current iteration, it will be like a tvp, god tier with good players with the gun stats and dpm.

  20. bggeneral says:

    I still wonder – is this tank good enough, to make any effort for obtaining it?

  21. Alex Knight says:

    The reason WG is hesitant to implement it, is because it would demolish USSR mediums, and that is a major no no! With these stats it would pretty much auto aim at them and bash their stoopid OP armor, and the mobility would not allow them to circle it. Just perfect!

    • exocet6951 says:

      He said, forgetting that the T110E5 already crushes Russian meds, and that in the right hands, the E50M simply rolls over them. The only reason they’re more used in CW is that low reload time that allows for more firing on the move/less wasted DPM finishing off low hp targets, and that the low turret allows more survivability when they’re in position to snipe. Which is generally a very specific location they chose to be at and hold at all costs.

  22. _not_so_nice_ says:

    All that i ask is that it is in the tech tree as a nomal tank. Reward, mission, cws and im gone for good!


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