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B.B.T.BR.PANC. Video and In-Game Screenshots


have some extra screenshots and video of the B.B.T.BR.PANC. for you:

See also:

Description and official HD screenshots 


17 thoughts on “B.B.T.BR.PANC. Video and In-Game Screenshots

  1. […] B.B.T.BR.PANC. Video and In-Game Screenshots […]

  2. […] B.B.T.BR.PANC. Video and In-Game Screenshots […]

  3. these new tanks from the czech and polish tech tree look so Fing ugly.

    1. It’s soooooooo bad dude. Makes the Kv5 look like miss universe 😛

    2. So butt ugly makes Kv-5 look like miss universe 😛

  4. What an inspiring name… I guess a nice clean name like Panther or Tiger is way too cliché…
    Although, TVP T 50/51 or leFH18B2 does not inspire me either.

  5. Will this be in a separate Polish branch, or in Soviet?

  6. omfg… so ugly 🙁

  7. Russian T28?

  8. I predict a nickname for it: Tits-tank xD

  9. I predict a nickname for it: Titstank :v

  10. Can you give us some history on this vehicle? Never seen or heard of it before.

  11. This isnt real name of this tank , the real its 20/25TP

    1. This a real name. That is just the weight. There were 3 versions.

      20 tonne- KSUS 20TP

      23 tonne- B.B.T.BR.Panc 23TP

      25 tonne- PZinz

  12. […] B.B.T.BR.PANC. Video and In-Game Screenshots […]

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