a couple more in-game screenshots of the upcoming tier IV Polish Medium B.B.T.BR.PANC. :

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11 comments on “Extra B.B.T.BR.PANC. IN-GAME SCREENSHOTS

  1. Teobold Tor says:

    It looks like a T-28 got frisky with a Vickers Medium

  2. Bog says:

    This is gonna screw the game even more, more Polish noobs pff

  3. vochinsky74 says:

    adding a new nation already?

    • trying to get in on that massive polish market to sell more gold and premium tanks. Not even joking that’s is exactly what they’re doing. They said they’d do it as long as they had a viable tier 10 vehicle. looks like they found one! Hope its the Czolg Panc; the game could use more gigantic titans with tons of armor and health. I have my doubts that vehicle is the one that it will be due it having weird suspension and a main turret that wont turn all the way around due to the large AA turret, but I can dream. Maybe that would be the tier 9 and a WG fantasy improved version will be the tier 10. More likely, however, I think it will be the T-54 AM Merida. I hope beyond hope that it is a Heavy tank line though.

  4. Durandal says:

    Anyone notices the miniturrets are not really modelled as real turrets but are welded to the hull?

  5. stormcrow99 says:

    Discount Soviet HT

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