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  1. C12 says:

    Don’t be surprised if the Mod registration feature will be implemented into World of Tanks, Wargaming is currently trialling a feature where mod makers must register their mods with Wargaming and even though its been passed off as safe, players who want to use the mod must still register the mod but WG will issue a ‘unique code’ that will activate the mod the player wants to use, i also believe it is to stop Warpack as the people who developed a Warpack for World of Tanks has a working Warpack for World of Warships the feature i am speaking is of is currently under trials and was introduced when patch 0.5.3 was implemented, literally all mods like aim assist was disabled

  2. PrivateBoon says:

    Rita, I really like your blog and the effort you put in. But I don’t get why you promote all the YouTube stuff (Ranzar, Papoj and what not) over and over again because the visitors who want to see these vids have certainly subscribed to them on YT already …

  3. exocet6951 says:

    Something something Russian bias

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