9 comments on “World of Papoj

  1. CN says:

    Massive dislike because this video basicaly says that unfair gameplay against allied arty is funny/OK.

    • Teobold Tor says:

      Agreed, whatever you think about arty that’s a dick move. Doing it to the enemy arty would have been funny, to their own isn’t

      • GhostUnitVII says:

        Happens every day… Because people who don’t know how to play arty, think its the most OP thing in the world, so they feel privileged to punish them, even if it is on their own team. I get SO tired of this crap in game, and yet nothing happens… It’s also why I hate playing my arty, it is so discriminating it’s not even funny.

  2. Ullandon says:

    Thats how we get so many premium copies of the IS-3.

  3. Teobold Tor says:

    Am I the only one who thought about Jingles’ “You’ve got a friend in me” music with those IS-3s?

  4. Sean says:

    ‘Jeff Goldblum Voice’ – Life will, find a way.

  5. Steve King says:

    Filth! Won’t somebody think of the children?!

  6. spendog8 says:

    arty may be broken/rng/op/up whatever you think, but that guy was a complete d1ck for doing that.

    • That T54 mod1 (KrajnaBystra on RU server as seen on the last part of the sequence) is a complete idiot : not only is he preventing arty player to contribute to the game, but also he is doing nothing to help his team either, I hope this player get a perma ban, so he’ll be safe for encounting arty ever and vice versa…

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