World of Tanks Live: Software Extention



are you okay with telling Wargaming which porn you watch (joking) and in trade you get to see the latest portal news, videos and premium store specials? If yes, they have created an software extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla called World of Tanks Live.




My first worry is that it would stay locked in one region but its actually pretty simple to change in settings. I will be using it depend of how fast it updates information from the places its harnessing the info from.



17 comments on “World of Tanks Live: Software Extention

  1. PLMasterrace says:

    pornhub and redtube mostly.

  2. “It can: Read and change data on websites you visit.”

    Now you got me all paranoid.

  3. Broken. Unsigned, so Firefox wonlt install it. The included work around doesn’t work either.

  4. Teobold Tor says:

    “are you okay with telling Wargaming which porn you watch (joking) and in trade you get to see the latest portal news, videos and premium store specials? ”

    It’ll probably change all the stars’ faces to SerB’s at the, er crucial moment!

  5. jakub_czyli_ja says:

    A good rss reader is a strong competition :>

    • thesherbet says:

      this is literally all you need, when combined with the mobile app there is literally no reason for this browser extension to even exist

  6. OR you can have your local WoT portal website in your favorites and you just have to click directly on it when you open a new internet tab.

    OR EVEN you can just turn on the game launcher, which is linked to the portal and has links to the recent news.

    AND if you want it everywhere use the WOT Assistant app on mobile.

  7. Bert Keg says:

    I am going to skip this. I see no reason for WG to be allowed to read and change all of the data on websites I visit. No. Bad WG!

  8. carrotmoon says:

    I’d break WG if I let them see the shit I’m into :3

  9. Jame Gumb says:

    So you watch porn. Good to know.

  10. 1n_Soviet_Russia says:

    Use this and play nothing but gay porn 24/7 to get revenge on the Ruskies!

  11. thesherbet says:

    Pretty sure this is literally the most useless waste of resources ever. As everyone else here has already said, just bookmark the WoT site, that’s is all this ‘extension’ is useful for. And even then it’s not much use for that.

  12. miljac says:

    as everyone else said there is no value in this extension for what it claims, when said content can be easily reached.
    my firm belief is that wg is trying to join the latest government craze of data harvesting, collecting all your info for data mining and future monetising.

  13. joeblobdob says:

    I like the massage porn and the…… oh wait, hang on, this is the tank blog, must’ve crossed over from Rita’s sex blog by mistake. Crack on. (If you’ll pardon the expression)

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