Micropatch 9.13_7



hope everyone is having a good weekend.

On March 1, 2016 World of Tanks servers will be temporarily down for 45min to a hour, the game will receive the 9.13_7 Micropatch.

Tiger preparing for rail

Time zones

EU: 05:00 to 05:45 CET

NA: 01:00 Pacific Time (9:00 UTC)

SEA: 10:00 UTC+8 (01 March, 2016, 02:00 UTC)


As usual players are left asking what’s in the patch without receiving an answer from staff, I searched around and SEA says that its a restart to the ladder season (Strongholds battles, besides skirmishes).


19 comments on “Micropatch 9.13_7

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very apt photo

  2. Tren Huiy says:

    Hope they will fix the low credits recieved after battles with premium tanks.

  3. Jerry_at_rick says:

    Very apt photo

  4. Anonymous says:

    whats change about Stornghold? does ladder mean teambattle?

  5. jenik2398 says:

    Did they repair the FV4202?

  6. Not Happy says:

    After spending £4k on this game, I’m tired of the bullshit I have to put up with.
    Bots, mods, worthless rerolls and gold spamming scum.
    I have decided to invest in some revenge, so will pick a random even to plant an explosive to kill WG staff.
    I look forward to seeing the news reports.

    • pixywing says:

      Yeah I have spent 1.5k USD on this game and I’m really starting to regret it.

      • taief98 says:

        How have you people spent so much???
        Seriously 1 Prem tank and Prem account and a bit of gold for camo on certain tanks equipment removal and garage slots and some free xp is all you need to play this game.
        On NA as well where everything is literally on sale

      • pixywing says:

        I have bought 4 years of premium, a KV-5, Lowe, Jg 8.8, SU-122-44, T-34-3, Super P, T34, E25 paid gold and got credits for the second copy 🙁 and 2 20 million credit 20,000 gold packs and probably 5 or so 10 million credit 10,000 gold packs.

    • Peter says:

      Did you view it as an investment? Or did you pay the money to play the game, which you have done? If it’s taken you £4k (or $1.5k – Pixtwing) to figure out you don’t like the game, who’s fault is that?

      It’s like a man who, having eaten at the same restaurant every Friday for 3 years, complains he has never liked the food.

  7. Anonymous says:

    When will the FV4202 P get buffed

  8. wolvenworks says:

    leave it to the SEA devteam to be the reliable WG guys =3

  9. Anonymous says:

    I think they do some nerf in this patch. I played IS and I experienced some aiming nerf. A 3 line skilled crew and they aim like sh.t. It could be found on other tanks too. WOT loose it’s players they have to get money from others!! Look on the player number low like hell!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    picture proves that tanks really do have logs

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