13 comments on “The Unicum Guide to the TOG II

  1. icedbroom says:

    This time he is back to himself :D!

  2. x says:

    To be honest, this time he is totally clueless about the TOG… This is the worst guide so far.

  3. Caslas says:

    He just gets better, I love it.

  4. J. E. Crego says:

    I love the Land Submarine aka HMS Whale. Good gun, but if the enemy gets your rear: “Hello, Buttsecks!”

  5. Etnadrol says:

    Huhu used tog in esl 2vs2… That was great VS the kv-2/kv1s spammed comp!

    But at the end they removed it because it was too slowly for the 2vs2 on some map it can’t reach the “battle zone”

  6. Anonymous says:

    He lost me when he said solo carry potential…. how is this guy purple, oh yeah, he isnt.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Rita…..I don’t intend to insult you, or troll you……..but when I opened this page my antivirus caught 2 Trojans…..any1 else?

  8. siralexice says:

    He just recommends what the WG wiki page recommends for the TOG. And I do not agree with all his suggestions.

  9. StumpyDaPaladin says:

    I like how he chose to offer more insight than the “platoon up, stick together, focus fire, and trade off point on the regular 2 win” meta made in/famous(?) by Jingles’ very damn funny ‘Way of TOG’ series. (though a quick reference to that might have been appropriate. Especially if written in the 3rd person.)

    heheheee … ‘Dank MaeMae’

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