5 comments on “Extra History: The Battle of Kursk, II: Preparations

  1. Poor Panther Ausf D Never has a Weapon system been so rushed and Mis deployed. They many accounts of Panther crews being used as “Breakthru” or Sledgehammer like the Tiger I were meant to be. They were just Run up to the Defensive lines and left there to wait and be targets. Tack the Fire issue of the engine/fuel pump flooding. Its not shocking that nearly 150 of the 200 used were In repair long term with 56 burnt out beyond repair.

  2. slow645 says:

    you misspelled “Cuntland”

  3. StumpyDaPaladin says:

    inb4 everyone says how they got it wrong.
    Missed the “for want of a nail, the war was won/lost” deadline :/

  4. Unprofessional work.
    Don’t understand for WHY they ask us archive photographs? For this shit?

  5. KillSlim says:

    Extra Credits? The same guys who believe in Spirit Science and spread misinformation about video games, are trying to teach people about history?


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