FV4202 (P) Changes/Buff



this are the changes on FV4202 (P), kindly provided by TheMostComfortableTanker:


Price: 7300   8000

Aim time: 2.21   2.49
Accuracy: 0.316   0.336
Terrain resistance: 0.384 / 0.479 / 0.959   0.575 / 0.671 / 1.151
Movement dispersion: 0.192   0.211

Turret dispersion: 0.153   0.173


Full statististics updated:

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0.9.14: Test 2 vs. Test 1 & 9.14 vs. 9.13



the second phase of the 9.14 Test Server is running, you are now free to roam and experiment the new physics and sounds. 🙂


Changes in Version 0.9.14 Common Test 2 vs. Version 0.9.14 Common Test 1

Technical Improvements

  1. Fixed the issue with an error message that could appear upon minimising the game client.
  2. Fixed the crash of the game client upon loading a map or Battle Training.
  3. Fixed an issue with a disproportionate rectangular shadow displayed under the vehicle.
  4. Missions in the Manoeuvres section will be available for players who registered in the game after the release of version 0.9.10 and who have completed the “Further Research” mission in Recruit Training. Previously, these missions were available for those players who had fought fewer than 50 battles before version 0.9.10 was released.
  5. Fixed some minor issues with the interface.

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Victor Kislyi a Fresh Billionaire



recently in Russia, to celebrate the “Victory Day“, Wargaming sponsored a World of Tanks tournament,  “Portraits of Victory”, at a Olympic Stadium which marked the culmination of a lifelong fascination with both history and technology for the game’s company CEO, Victor Kislyi.

He started two decades ago together with his brother on their apartment in Minsk which culminated to a present 150 million global users.

Bloomberg Billionaires Index. has valued the business at $1.5 billion and given the 39-year-old a net worth of $1 billion. Victor declined to comment the valuation stating that he lives a “very modest” and and has never tried to put a number on his fortune.

Kislyi controls 64 percent of the Cyprus-based business in his name and through a 25.5 percent stake held by his father, according to Wargaming’s 2013 semi-annual financial report. The business has 4,000 employees on four continents and revenue of $590 million in 2015, according to data compiled by Bloomberg and estimates by analysts. Continue reading

Tank Chats: Tortoise



I’m trying to not sound too excited but The Tank Museum has uploaded a new Tank Chats, David Fletcher is unavailable at the moment, he got hurt recently and the museum didn’t wanted to make us wait so one of the curators, David Wiley (who’s a really nice person to hang out with, as long there are mini sandwiches around to stick in his mouth once he starts talking too much) substituted him, this time they talk about my beloved Tortoise!


Love the footage so much, I’ve already watched it over 5 times! Specially the rotating cupolas! Wargaming should just give the museum a couple more figures and let these men make the videos for them!

Hope you enjoy as much as I did! And thanks to The Tank Museum for this treat!

Q&A: Mohamed Fadl on E-sports



Last week in Amsterdam at Casual Connect Europe conferenceMohamed Fadl, Wargaming esports chief spoke about World of Tanks on E-sports:

“We invested $32 million just into the top level of our esports initiative — not even on the whole infrastructure.”

“We spent $10 million the first year in 2012. We started to stream it out and said, ‘Guys, are you happy with esports?’ But we realized quite quickly that we were far from [figuring it out] because we had no idea what esports is.”

RG: Maybe some research on the matter before spending 32 Million Dollars on it would have been a logical idea?

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O-I Exp’s Firepower




a redditor, HeinrichVonDoucheber caught my attention and gave me authorization to use his O-I Exp’s Firepower spreadsheet that compares this tank to other similar vehicles:

O-I Exp V 300 9.69
ARL 44 VI 300 10.69
T-150 VI 300 10.20
T29 VII 320 11.41
AMX M4 45 VII 300 9.60
T32 VIII 320 10.60
Tiger II VIII 320 10.40
VK 45.02A VIII 320 10.10
110 VIII 320 10.00

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