WGL Grand Finals “GF” Camo



this is how the “GF” version of the leKpz M 41 90mm looks like:

So I have to ask you:

I find it better than last year but just like last year, I want the tank but Continue reading

April’s fool Vehicle: IS-360



meet the April’s Fool vehicle, the IS-360:

IS-360 “Spherical Tank”, designed by B. Mikova was one of the many tank projects, that had a mono-cycle structure. Project was designed in June 1942, it didn’t generated much interest among the Main Armored Directorate of the Red Army and was shelved. Until now.


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VK 30.01 (P) HD Model Explained



after I posted the 9.15 HD models I’ve noticed many of you arguing and sending PMs and Emails about the VK 30.01 (P) turret so I went to check it out, what you are seeing its actually its stock turret, the Porsche Typ 100 and not much has changed in the vehicle.

Note: From all the 9.15 HD models that WG released so far, only the VK 30.01 (P) and the BT-7 came with stock turrets, reasons unknown.

I even took some screenshots for you:

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30/03/2016 Q&A


Good morning,

did a all nighter gathering and translating this Q&A for you, big thanks to Ctacello who joined when I started running on fumes and helped with the paragraphs full of barely unreadable Russian slang, this information comes from various members from Wargaming and from different servers/languages:


-Roaming got permanently shelved, WG staff lost the ability to roam.

-Russian players had a major whining over the IS-6:

  • “In the US server they do not even dare to make a tank worse. They sue so that WG will pay compensation until the end of days.” -Nice theory, but US server is exactly the same as other servers.
  • Feedback on the IS-6 is still being gathered.

-“Tanks feel like glass! They lose HP and Crew gets injured even when I slide down carefully!” – We are aware and will work on it.

-“With new physics out, are APCs planned to be introduced in the game?- We don’t have any plans to introduce APCs and its unlikely that it would ever happen (due to lack of competitiveness).

-After being asked if E-100 will have gun stats changed: -We will inform you if something changes.

-There are no plans to replace the Object 268.

-“Everything is alright with it”(It=RNG).

-Why not introducing a “hardmode” to the game where players will fight clean (without using Premium rounds, perks, camo, etc)? -Thank you for the idea. We had something similar (Historical Battles). Perhaps they will be back in the game.

-The NewER Physics and Sounds will certainly be improved. We carefully collected and analysed all the players feedback and will work further. Thank you very much to everyone who left a constructive opinion. Note: An option to chose older sounds is unlikely to happen.

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Inside the Chieftain’s Hatch – AC I Sentinel Part 1



I’ve decided to bring back “Inside the Chieftain’s Hatch”:

I cant open this up because someone has placed a screw and bolt

Aye, because some people are di.ckwads and will try to open it to use it as trash bin or to break it and steal the parts. The Tank Museum had to close the VCC recently due to people stealing small parts from the vehicles, if you visit the museum and ever find someone doing this please report to the staff.

Also, lol at the “H&S over there”.