9.14 Sexton II Armor Slip



over the Russian server a player noticed that the 9.14 version of the Sexton II appears to have an issue with its armor model,  its left side as an extra 20mm of invisible side armor:

9.14 HD model:


The staff failed to take notice/answer the player so I’m creating urgency here as 9.14 patch is near.

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  1. Its not really that serious of an issue considering autoaim will still be aiming higher than that area they screwed up on for those running fast lights flanking it.

  2. Teobold Tor says:

    Sexton II confirmed OP :p
    Joking aside, it’s amazing how often they manage to screw up their armour models.

    • skivster says:

      Amazing is how the QA (best QA in the gaming industry) manages to completely ignored the outsorced work. Usually when you give work to another company, you tend to check if they did everything according to your specifications. WG Compeletly ignores this part of the process.

      • skivster says:

        RIP english. Rita, please, check if you can be able to modify your own posts. Its a real pain and embarrassment

      • Rita Sobral says:

        I’ve been checking for it, there are plugins for it but I cant seem to add plugins to the page, need to go into live support. I can edit you comment, which part you want to be edited?

      • vepsilon says:

        As far as I’m aware WG create the damage/collision models, the outsourced companies just create the visual models. I could be wrong though

      • StyleZ says:

        WG create collision models by themself – only textures/visual models are outsourced, meaning all the screwups are made inhouse 🙂

  3. I checked tanks.gg site where you can see data from 9.14 and I can´t see any 20 mm plate. Well there is that blue part behind the tracks but it doesn’t add any armor and doesn´t look like it is actually there.

  4. septfox says:

    Looks like the “spaced armor” is still showing up on tanks.gg, only without the extra thickness. You can tell by the distinct teal color (whereas TI uses purples for spaced, at least as I have configured).

    I would be more likely to trust TI simply because it’s pulling from XMLs “in use”, but regardless of whether or not it’s actual effective armor, there’s still something a little weird going on there.

    If it IS actually there, it’s going to cause issues for a lot of common tier 3 guns when shooting to track/damage, but as pointed out earlier…at least autoaiming will point above it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    9.14 delayed, because one low tier arty that is no longer available in the game has 2cm more armor on side. HUGE buff! Now cannot be penetrated if you throw a rock on it.

  6. Homer_J says:

    OK, it’s not quite right but it’s not really a matter of urgency that some tiny parts of a low tier tank might have 20mm extra armour depending on which unofficial viewer you use to look at it. Have a sense of proportion. The fix (if needed at all) can wait.

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