WG’s Automated Banning System is Ineffective



The T-22 sr. rigging saga continues…but before I proceed, I want to give a big thanks to Rolfwar who upon my request has generously authorized me to use his content and also PMed me with the screenshots necessary to prove the veracity of the situation that I am about to show, so lets start!

I came across Rolfwar on the EU forums, he was complaining and rightfully so;

He was trying to get his x3 XP completed with vehicles that he doesn’t take into random battles and got the unfortunate luck to meet riggers, in his own words:

“I suggest you watch the replay, as I think this is the first case of evidence beyond reasonable of doubt of minor clans involved in rigging that are rarely mentioned when speaking of the T-22 gate. Of course, there’s also the same old clans we all know.”

I recorded and uploaded the replay on youtube and decided to hide the clan tags/nicknames but I do give you my word on Rolfwar‘s quote that indeed clans, big and small, are rigging in this replay. First, I don’t want to start a witch hunt on these players/clans, because although I completely disagree with their actions, I’m writing this article for a different reason that I want you to focus on.  Second, if I don’t hide, it falls under “naming and shaming” by anything that is regulated by Wargaming which will increase the chances that they will erase your topics when you share this around the forums. And besides… you don’t have to be a Sherlock to find the replay.

Rolfwar wrote the match activities by timestamp:

  • Monday, around 2 am, I was playing some Domination and there was some rather suspicious activity under way during the match.In the early phase of the battle, you can see that everything seems to be normal, apart from some sketchy stuff happening around the flag (two very good players in Batchats acting in a weird manner, but still).
  • Then, as I am moving towards the south-western part of the map, some abnormal activity can be observed: at around 8:17 (2 minutes into the game), two Batchats can be seen just standing in front of each other. Maybe they are reloading? It might be. But why are there no evasive manoeuvres? Why is the enemy Batchat with only a few hitpoints left not retreating to a repair zone? There is one just behind his lines, safely controlled by his team. Quite suspicious.
  • As I try to kill the enemy Batchat, you can see the Batchat that his closer to me making some very strange movements. Is he attempting to shield the enemy Batchat, trying to cover my line of fire so that he will not be killed?
  • I kill the Batchat, and turn towards one of our capzones at 7:46, noticing that an enemy Obj 907 is dangerously close to it and might get the flag in. Still, he is not even trying to do so, as you can clearly see at 7:37. Also, why are my allies pointing their guns towards me, instead of trying to kill an enemy that is dangerously close to getting a flag into the cap zone? Why is a player driving an Obj 140 getting between me and the enemy, while not even aiming at the Obj 907? This is something that can happen without any rigging involved, but it is indeed very suspicious, given the situation (Enemy very close to cap circle).
  • At 7:16, the situation evolves further: a T95E6 can be clearly seen shielding the enemy Obj 907 from an STB-1 on our team. He is not even trying to hide it, as his turret his turned towards the ally, rather than the enemy. At the same time, one Obj 140 and one Obj 907 on my team are attempting to shield the enemy Obj 907 from another Obj 140, which can be clearly seen attempting to kill the enemy. The STB-1 eventually succeeds in killing the enemy.
  • At 7:02, something else can be observed: the allied T95E6 and an Obj 430 can be clearly seen blocking the STB-1. Are they trying to anger him because he has killed one of their (alleged) accomplices…?
  • At 6:58, the ALLIED Obj 430 shoots at the STB-1, bouncing a shot on his upper plate, while the ALLIED Obj 907 shoots the STB-1 in the back, DAMAGING him(you need to activate the free camera mod to see it). Why? They just killed a very dangerous enemy, and there would be no reason for that. However, it is now obvious that something else is going on here.The STB-1 keeps getting team damaged by the Obj 140 and a newly arrived AMX 30B behind me (free camera needed to see him shooting), while also one of the (alleged) riggers gets shot (playfully…?)
  • At this point, it is already very clear to me what is going on here, and I decide to shield the STB-1 from getting shot any longer; I do this at 6:37 by getting in front of the Obj 140 (who seems to be the most trigger-happy in the rigging ring), and I get team damaged myself at 6:27. Meanwhile, all the other (alleged) riggers have clearly stopped even trying to look like legitimate players, and start unloading on the STB-1. At the same time as I am getting team damaged(6:27), you can see an enemy Obj 140 rushing in our direction (notice that it is the same player that was driving the Batchat that I killed). Why is no one interested in him? As always, it is something that can happen without rigging involved, but to even prefer team damaging an ally instead of shooting an enemy?
  • The enemy Obj 140 deals the killing blow on the STB-1, and here something else can be observed: the T95E6, one of those that I allege are part of this rigging ring, picks up the flag from the dead STB-1 on his team. At 6:18, he starts getting shot by the enemy Obj 140, apparently without attempting any resistance while he gets killed. Was he not “supposed” to do that…? Was the flag “reserved” for the enemy Obj 140…?
  • While this is happening, from 6:27 onwards, you can see that I am the ONLY players on my team shooting at the Obj 907, out of 6(SIX) allied players that are in the immediate vicinity of the enemy; …furthermore, you can see the Obj 907 on my team blatantly attempting to shield the enemy tank from my shots (at 6:12), while the Obj 140 on my team (the one previously involved in team damaging the STB-1) shoots at my track.
  • Another (alleged) rigger driving an M46 KR intervenes on the scene, coming straight for me (free camera needed to see him). Why would he rush mindlessly like that with so many enemy tanks ready to destroy him? Why does he go straight for me, ramming me? Fair enough, I am at this point one shot away from dying, but why does he not attempt to shoot his enemies at all? Why does he seem to move in synergy with them, instead?
  • At 5:51, I get killed by the enemy Obj 140. At this point, the (alleged) riggers seem to be content with what their unknown objective was, and start shooting around haphazard (they do not seem to mind shooting each other even though they are in the same team).
  • Unfortunately, I cannot reach the scene again after respawning in order to further investigate the events, and the battle ends.


Now, I checked every rigger’s account involved in this match and out of nine, four managed to get the T-22, please bear this in mind…


After the battle, Rolfwar sent a ticket to Wargaming, 16 February:

“I would like to inform you that we have implemented an automated system that is now monitoring all battles for such behavior that is against our Gameplay Rules and takes measures against such players automatically. Therefore there is no need for you to report these cases to us any more and please rest assured that any players that acquire the T-22 Medium Tank will receive the appropriate sanction.”

The developers have already found a way to control whether someone is rigging the battle or not”


Another player, Brownape, who has also authorized me to use the content he posted on the forum, has checked the riggers as well and on February, 23 he submitted a ticket to Wargaming reporting  only half of the riggers nicknames that managed to get the T-22.

CS Staff as usual answered by singing the same “automated system” song. But…

48 hours afterwards, only the half that was reported got banned. What about the other half then?


And that’s what caught my attention…


…WG you cheeky bugger.

I just gave a last check to the reported half, they are still looking like floating fish in a aquarium:


The unreported other half, they are out and about with their brand spanking new T-22s, Brownape tracked them on 2 different days:


I even gave the benefit of the doubt and waited one more week because such “automated” systems can be slow, you never know. Twenty two days after the match took place, the players are still not banned and enjoying their T-22s.


My 2 Cents? I don’t want to jump on conclusions and call the company a liar (Truth is, they refuse to disclose information on things like these and is completely understandable why players are starting to doubt them) but if there is truly an Automated System its clear that it doesn’t work, not at least the way it should. It would be nice if WG recognized this and at least stop answering to people to not send reports in, its clear that players who’ve been trying to get the T-22 know that its ineffective and most, as usual, are bypassing the rules once more.

This is another proof that WG Costumer Support needs to be augmented/improved and that the Automated System needs to be monitored and possibly revised.



T-22: A game of Rigging (Part 2)

Proof WG automated banning system is a lie




95 comments on “WG’s Automated Banning System is Ineffective

  1. Sigh… Why am I not surprised…

  2. Remove the damn tank and problem solved.
    No OP tank, no riggers.

    If the tank was even balanced the rigging would be sooooo much lower.
    They made an overpowered gamebreaking reward you cannot obtain without cheating unless really really lucky and with a lot of time and spare credits. So it’s only logical that 90 % of players owning it have cheated.

    They should just remove this tank, this set of missions, and stop making OP tanks you can obtain simply by cheating.

    And by now I wish I had your faith in WG to be able to trust them, but after 2015 they can be considered hopeless. 2016 will have to be insanely good in order for them to gain popularity back.
    I’d love to see live how WoT population moves vs AW one. Must be an interesting data analysis.

    • Darth_Clicker says:

      We should not blame the OP tank for the problem. Cheaters will cheat no matter what. These same players probably use unfair mods and anything else that they can in order to get their purple wn8 rating. Such players are actually worse players than the biggest tomato in the game…and also worse than the biggest arty player. Such cheating players should be banned from the game, or even worse, only be allowed to play tier one battles.

    • Patata Caliente says:

      The irony is that if AW grows to be bigger than WoT, it is not that it’s because it is so much better – imho it isn’t – it is because Wargaming has put off its player base with an endless series of blunders and its failure to address the obvious flaws in the game. I used to be a big fan of the game, actively recruiting other players etc. Today, I still play now and then since I can’t be bothered to start from scratch in AW, but I stopped paying, and I actively advise others against trying it out. I am literally so frustrated with Wargaming that I refuse to even take a look at Master of Orion even though I used to be a fan of the series.

    • Shade01982 says:

      As someone who pays both WoT and AW, I can tell you AW playerbase already seems to be dwindling. On some occasions there isn’t even a queue and top tiers are almost empty. The forums are full of the standard complaints and some people seem to be moving back to WoT already…

  3. Anonymous says:

    The only automated script WG has are Support Bots and “Thank you for purchase” bots. Thats all

  4. KiwiTT says:

    Just another reason for abandoning World of Tanks for other games.

  5. ljpunksdad says:

    As speedycraft51 said “Remove the tank and the missions”. They should wash their hands of this, and try to find ways to improve their image after their last few debacles.

  6. Amazing Ace says:

    Just ban players that hint any form of rigging. I’m fed up with this, it’s come to the point that every time I see a T-22 MT player I automatically suspect rigging.

  7. Ultrasonic2 says:

    get rid of this BS OP tank that’s the problem…..

  8. Ultrasonic2 says:

    no one would care if it wasn’t op

  9. NorthernGuy44 says:

    Too discussed to express myself, pick a day and will stop playing if that will help

  10. Muhamad Adhi says:

    No surprise there.
    In fact, at least in ASIA, if you get T-22 then there are good chance you are rigging the mission for it.

    I mean, when someone need to come to forum and plead people to play Domination/Steel Hunt, it means nobody play it and anyone getting T-22 is automatic suspect.

  11. Elcho says:

    Hey, Dick Tracy… Why don’t you go get a life instead of bothering people? Not a single player plays domination because it’s fun, everyone wants T22. The only difference between you and them, it’s that they figured how to do it, and you didn’t. There’s no harm at all for you or other players, the only “scammed” here is WG. So, who cares? Envy is not good dude, let them alone…

    • coolathlon says:

      I’d had fun in Domination/Steel Hunt if not for rigging.

    • Shade01982 says:

      Seriously? The harmed people are the ones who try to gain the tank the old-fashioned non-cheating way. And yes, they do exist plenty. So don’t say it doesn’t harm anyway, because it clearly does.

      • Tired of T-22 mission complaints. says:

        I want to see replays of someone getting the tank without cheating. With the final mission at 15000 damage in 10 minute game. That is 1500 damage per minute. Without cheating this is only having about 3 seconds to aim every shot and pen for a whole game without any bonces or track shots. There is no way someone could really do this legit. Even if one or two did WG’s fault for making something that only the unicorns could achieve, not a general player. We all know even the top tier clans cheated there way to getting the tank. The only reason people are complaining is because they do not have enough friends to help them through the top missions.

      • darkduke says:

        you are only one know the truth ,,,,,everyone have a T22/SR,,,this is not campaign or type59 contest,,,those guys rigging t22 not lower other people chance to get that . ,,,,
        just go rigging tanks and stop post these useless articles,,,

    • If the tank wasn’t OP, no one would care.

  12. wfschepel says:

    The only way to automatically detect rigging would be to check for suspiciously low numbers of games needed to acquire the tank. Just one problem with that: people who legitimately tried at first, aren’t going to be flagged. People who aren’t that good at rigging, aren’t liable to be flagged, either. So even though there just may be some kind of system in place, I would say it is highly likely it is very inaccurate. That, and I somehow doubt WG EU found the switch to turn it on.

  13. unable2pwn says:

    That tank needs to be removed immediately (even if u leave it with all who have it and prevent it from being handed out in the future); this is friggin ridiculous

  14. Major Rager says:

    WG’s Automated Banning System is Ineffective!
    LOL and you are surprised? The one thing WG is consistent with is their inconsistencies. The ship is taking on water and the lifeboats are out on NA.
    Not sure how it is on other servers, here after two years the player base has dropped from 50k to 24K nightly and winter months have always been the busiest.
    Thank you Rita, I think you are doing a great job. I pop in daily hoping for a miracle that WG suddenly cleans up their mess and fixes the game and stops feeding everyone Bread and Circus’s. I have watched this game deteriorate since 2011-12 and I believe it has run it’s course.

  15. Who fucking cares WG made a bullshit tank with a bullshit way to get it

  16. WG made a bullshit tank with a bullshit method of acquiring said tank

  17. Stoich says:

    I can tell you for certain that Relic 3 is rigging, I have a former clanmate in there and according to him they were rigging it. not sure what you can do without hard evidence, but its worth a mention

  18. Nikolaevna says:

    Rampage as well as personal missions are seriously flawed. No rewards, no rigging. Problem solved.

    • King_Zacarias says:

      I think it’s a great idea to reward players who do the missions and put in time and effort but they are flawed. The missions should stay but need to be fixed.

  19. mother's loll says:

    It’s just another evidence that WOT became a corrupted game over the years. Top players using the right tools (not to say hacks), clans who are rigging and WG doing nothing.
    I stil like the idea behind WOT and play on a daily basis but I decided not to spend any further money (premium account, tanks, etc.), avoided the new branches like Japanese heavies, CZ and never played domination & co.
    The only thing that gives me a smile is the result of WG’s activities/investment to push e-sports forward. How can they ever thing about professional sport while they built up such an unfair game?

    My personal conclusion:
    Maybe it’s just a culture thing which I don’t get/understand? If you take other examples from the real life (Russian’s ban from world athletic, etc.) the overall story might be more or less normal from WG’s perspective and doesn’t need further activities? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corruption_in_Russia

    However I fully support NORTHERNGUY44’s idea to define a day (or days) where we don’t play!

  20. R03 says:

    Really? T22 is rigged? No sh*t!
    I dont give a crap about it, crap way of game mode, crap method to get an op tank.
    Rita, u r not police. Stop this bs, domination deserves sinking.

  21. jakub_czyli_ja says:

    How unfortunate that there are clan logos on tanks in the replay…

  22. Patata Caliente says:

    Thanks for providing proof for what everybody knew anyway. Now Wargaming will stage another PR stunt to keep up appearances, then go on with business as usual. They don’t care about the problems of the game as long as they don’t draw too much attention. Small wonder they have lost the respect of the community.

  23. exocet6951 says:

    The thing is, if they had a stricter automated ban system, and it accidentally banned peoplewho did nothing wrong (even if it sure as hell looked like it to the system), you would be all over it as well.

    There’s literally no winning,
    All of you just have a big old hard-on for bashing WG.

    • Teobold Tor says:

      People are only complaining about the automated system because firstly it doesn’t work and secondly their CS guys tell people not to report cheaters because they have the automated system.
      If they said “thank you for your report” and banned those who were rigging, nobody would be getting annoyed.

      • exocet6951 says:

        And has it ever occurred to anyone here that making a perfect automated system isn’t possible. That they’re probably building up to making one that works properly, and reporting people cheating is just slowling the process down?

        And that if they made too big of a change, and the system banned someone innocent, this blog would be all up in arms, lighting torches and grabbing pitchforks?

        This is just another piss-poor excuse for the WG-whine club to get together. Nothing more.

      • Teobold Tor says:

        Then they shouldn’t tell people not to report suspected rigging while they tune the system.
        Has it not occurred to you that if they wanted to get a system that picked up rigging, they’d welcome reports that the automated system didn’t catch so they could fine-tune it as opposed to telling people not to report suspected rigging as they *already have a system in place* which is what they did.
        Giving a SerB style answer to try to shut down people’s annoyance isn’t going to work.

    • Shade01982 says:

      There is a very, VERY simple solution for this. How about NOT using an automated system and have a complaint department manually checking replays and support tickets? Other companies do that as well. Considering WG’s yearly revenue they can easily afford this.

    • Anonymous says:

      While I do not mean to defend cheaters for a minute, I think it is absolutely justified to put the blame – at least most of it – on Wargaming: After all, they are the developers and publishers – it was them who cooked up a game mode that invites rigging and issued a reward tank that is clearly overpowered. Who if not the developer should shoulder the blame?

      I mean, come on – are we to say “Poor little Wargaming introduced this nice little game mode and the lovely T-22 and now they are completely flabberghasted to find out that there are evil people out there who rig the game?” That would make them look rather stupid, wouldn’t it?

      On second though, however, that is probably pretty close to the truth …

      • exocet6951 says:

        Oh I’m not saying WG is blameless in making stupid missions that pushes people to rig the system. They are stupid, don’t get me wrong.

        I just wanted to point at that no matter what, this blog would have found a way to whine about WG’s automated banning system.

        It’s not strict enough? => WG sux
        It’s too strict and bans someone innocent of rigging ?=> WG is evil and sux

        It’s just tiring to read after a while.

  24. redheadsg1 says:

    I wish you all to enjoy playing WoT with cheaters xD

  25. kilo_india_alpha says:

    The reactions of the support are completely reasonable from WG’s point of view. All they do is try to increase their profit. Think of it.

    What is cheaper than a CS employee checking replays? An automated script.
    What is cheaper than writing an automated script? Sending out a PR guy who pretends…

    But after all the time in this game I was expecting nothing else. And in the end I know why they have the EULA rules. By not naming the banned players they can keep the illusion up that they are banning some players at all. Otherwise they would show a blank sheet of paper and everyone would know that they don’t.

  26. _Explo1t_ says:

    As soon as you see a 1k WN8 scrub in T22SR, you know he rigged it… Simple as that.

  27. Swatdennis says:

    I am not even trying to get this tank because all of this BS…..

  28. plsdontclickmearty says:

    Who the fuck cares if they re riggin. just let them if they want to. not our bussines. same as “illegal mods” just let the players who want to use and dont fucking cry. jesus christ..

  29. a1 says:

    Names are still on the screenshots of wot-life if you look well… 🙂

  30. Dutchduck says:

    To be honest if they wait long enough nobody would complain any more I think. In the beginning every who had a (OP) obj 260 was a rigger as well and these days nobody cares about that anymore. In a few month I think it will be the same with the t22.

  31. Keller13 says:

    When I first saw this tank I was so stoked to get it. Then I sat there for five minutes in queue waiting for a game. Did you know that after five minutes you get bumped out of queue? So after about 8 minutes or so I got to play a round of domination. How can they call this a game when its not even fun? I quickly realized that between the long queue times, the horrible game mode, and the RNG based “Skill Missions” they can keep it. I have a job and a family. Would rather set goals that are based on skill, not this random crap. As long as they have factors where a whole class in the game caters to lower end players, why take wargaming seriously. And why be suprised by their epic fails. Though I do believe this is the best goof yet.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Jeez Rita why do you post stuff like this? It’s not like we are unaware of riggers but this is just shit stirring for the sake of it.

    • Rita Sobral says:

      Finally having proof that a System is ineffective? Do you think Wargaming would change things if people like me didn’t shown and gave voice to the players problems?

      • CN says:

        The proof that the system is a huge fail was delivered back in January. No need to post it now again and tell that it’s a HUGE new proof…

        And for the UC system it is clear for ages. Just in case you want to do a “new” post on that topic…

    • Patata Caliente says:

      Well, so you did not like the article. Guess what – I liked it. Perhaps you are not speaking for the community as a whole?

  33. Dutchduck says:

    I think the longer its in game less people will bother with it. Like the so called (OP) obj260 people called them riggers as well but as time goes on nobody cares anymore. I can confirm that the t22 has great side armor but who still shoots at that? The tank is good but I can do the same things in other tanks as well with the same results or better.

  34. dr.zharre says:

    There is a solution,
    Tank should be removed from the game.
    Together with bullshit rampage and domination modes.

  35. Sturmtiger_304 says:

    Rolf is a tomato.

  36. Anonymous says:

    You should maybe block out the central bottom of the screen as enemies names are displayed there too when the player gets killed

  37. Octav Iulian says:

    Simple fix : t22 can be used ONLY on domination.ALL RIGGING GONE.

  38. One says:

    I think the fastest and best way to at leat make the problem a bit smaller is to ban the T-22 med from random battles, make it available only for rampage and give it much more increased credit earning (something like if you get 4k dmg in a match you at least can guarantee a 10k credit profit). It may break the economy until they figure it our, but at least now you will only see the tank in rampage ( and let’s face it, most will not play to get it if it’s like that)

  39. just4 says:

    “WG’s Automated Banning System is Ineffective” …………. :O you don’t say….what’s next? RU and NA get better specials than EU….

    seriously, everyone who believed that a functional “automated ban systems for riggers” is implemented, is a naive moron…

  40. CN says:

    “The T-22 sr. rigging saga continues”

    But not really on this blog. The main points on this topic weren’t even mentioned here.
    Just take a Forum Topic on the german subforum (also got translated for the english forum) wit over 100 pages as an example.

    It not only shows that the banning system is pure crap. It also shows that the 100 guys who got banned first were random selected.

    There could have been waaaaaaaaaaaay more about this topic on this blog. I can’t take that first sentence serious…

  41. Anonymous says:

    And the people that got the T-22 have to deal with being called riggers…

    • Rita Sobral says:

      Exactly, it has become such an infamous vehicle that I for example wont even attempt to try get the tank even after the missions were simplified. dont want my account involved in a match with riggers in any form or shape and no matter how honest you were, people will see you as a rigger nevertheless.

  42. RemovetheT22! says:

    Thank you Rita for posting this. WG should be held accountable, and this is the perfect place for it.

  43. King_Zacarias says:

    Another problem is that there are also whiny brats who just report for no reason and get a whole bunch of people to report. Even if you spent 72 hours knocking your head against the wall with all the riggers and get the tank, your still going to be banned just for playing it.

    • Teobold Tor says:

      That really is the problem when WG is so slow to act on rigging and cheating. If they banned the players who cheated then people who got the tank because they earned it wouldn’t be griefed or reported for playing it. Nobody wins with their current system. If I had the tank (which I don’t because like most WoT players I can’t be bothered to play Domination) I wouldn’t feel comfortable playing it because people would think I was a cheat…. and because the report system is also automatic it just needs enough reports to get an unjustified ban.

  44. leop99 says:

    I can’t enlarge the window so can’t see anything at all.

  45. leop99 says:

    When I clicked on the box it advanced the timeline but did not go fullscreen. Let me try again.

  46. leop99 says:

    I got it this time – I had to get the pointer in the very bottom of the window. Thx

  47. tankdestroyer66 says:

    one of the soooooo many reasons i left WOT and moved to war thunder. good decision; i can play NOW that game what WG have been promising at least last two years.

    and i still have almost 8 months of premium left on WOT.

  48. The thing is the automated system has set parameters for flagging accounts as “suspected riggers” but it mainly revolved around the parameter of flagging them if they’ve done multiple missions in a row without failing to complete one in successive matches.

    I know this because one clan in my teamspeak community had 10 of their guys banned who were told to rig at their own risk and that we wouldn’t feel pity if they were caught(we laughed at them after they were banned). Essentially they were doing multiple missions in a row for the same guy while rigging and within a day of them starting their rigging group 10 of them got banned and all 10 of them were people who did multiple missions in a row.

    I’m on the NA server BTW and for those who are curious about the NA situation if someone is caught they only give the offender a 7 to 10 day ban, they don’t remove their privelage to get the tank, they don’t reset Rampage mission progress, The T22 isn’t removed from the account if they’ve gotten it. A lot of butt hurt has been caused by this but most on EU and RU fail to consider the extremely small server population and the fact most of the top clans actively rig to get the tank. Because of this WGNA from my opinion is in a catch 22 situation because the NA server population has been on the decline and WGNA is trying to retain its playerbase so they don’t want to give out serious punishments deterring players from playing and possibly buying premium stuff.

    All in all at the end of the day I still say riggers aren’t the true menace because if the missions weren’t so god damn impossible you would see tons more legit players trying to complete them.

    Sorry for rambling but I hope my perspective and opinion was interesting enough.

    • I forgot to mention a few more details when I was talking with the clan leader of the 10 guys who were banned.

      He gave me a quite a bit of insight in how they did it to avoid being reported and also caught by the automated system.
      – Domination mode they had 20 players waiting with tanks ready with none of them in platoons and simply counted down to do a mass drop in. Reason for having only 20 to 22 is because the matchmaker is more likely to give them a match with only 20 players as opposed to the 30 man matches.
      – Each player after completing a mission had to wait a few matches before being given the chance to complete another mission to circumvent the automated system that catches riggers.
      – They never typed in chat which I think sounds a bit like a superstition unless wargaming has some system to log matches where someone says certain keywords.
      – In Steel Hunt mode they always had 4 platoons of 3 so as to decrease the chances of a random player being in the match.
      – If and when they had a random player he said they would just play normally.

      I was kind of surprised at how they basically learned how to accurately do all this for both modes of rampage.

      One interesting thing he told me which i found funny is some of the top clans with the most T22s who rigged the most are also the biggest reporters of players rigging and they’re mainly spanish clans from Mexico, Brazil, etc.

  49. Yitnas says:

    This is pure glory and pure salt right here. Why do you all care so much? Why is so much effort being put into showing what we already know? I don’t understand in the slightest. There’s a miniscule chance that this will affect you all, and even if it does, is it so hard to just move on? If you’re killed for being a pubbie, then go back to terrible pubs. If you see a T-22, you all must be really bad to be having trouble with it. It’s not happening every match. Im just curious as to why you all try so hard for a ded game.

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