5 comments on “Guide Park: E 50 Ausf. M

  1. Grabarz says:

    AMX50 B “francuski kartoon!” Buahaha

    Russian style guide park 🙂

  2. Dreadnought_VN says:

    bullshit!!!!!then why Cent ActionX and Leo got RoF buff when 6.67r/m is tottaly fine?

    • Anonymous says:

      they need something to differentiate themselves from the E50M don’t they?

    • Migsaec says:

      Well, the E-50M has armor, I guess?
      The CentX doesn’t really have all that armor unless its the turret, the Leo’s strength is the speed/mobility and gun handling(I think? I don’t have a Leo).

  3. fsaefse says:

    E50M is weak.. approved by QB

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