37 comments on “Turán III proto in-game screenshots

  1. Isnes says:

    This isn’t a roaming account, but an event account from PC Gamer Weekender 2016
    They can try out a lot of new stuff

  2. Teobold Tor says:

    It looks like a Skoda and a G1B had sexy time in the hangar

  3. que_pasa says:

    More premium German medium tanks? how about a premium TD or premium SPG for USA?

  4. x says:

    As most german premiums it will be utter shit… Give us a nice t6 german premium med instead of a hungarian failure..

    • Corvi says:

      Only german prem thanks that are shit i can think off is the Mutz and Kjpz. The others are fine to OP.

    • Teknokraatti says:

      Since when is Mutz considered shit? Tanks.gg shows that compared with other T8 prem meds it has tied with CDC second-best standard pen and tied second-best prem pen, with the best being a HEAT shell. It’s also the second most mobile, the best obviously being a Bat-Chat. Besides, it has good gun depression and some armour so it won’t get penned with HE like the CDC The weaknesses include having no radioman (One vision skill lost), having few hit points and some modules being quite weak. having only 380m VR and having relatively low DPM. While the drawbacks are worth some consideration, I’d still say that the Mutz is relatively strong T8 tank.

      There are a couple of German premium tanks that are far more in need of some love than Mutz. Just off the top of my head, Pz. IV S, Panther/M10, Grosstraktor and Pz 2 D come to mind. VK72.01K could use some love as well, just like the Kjpz that you mentioned.

      Anyways, Germany already has a huge amount of premium mediums. What I’d wish, is a nice lower-tier premium heavy, something like Excelsior, Japanese Tiger or Object 244 are.

  5. Amazing Ace says:

    I smell preferential match maker?

  6. StyleZ says:

    Why can’t they implement Hungarian and Swiss trees in the same way as Polish one? Meaning, separate tree, consisting of prems only if they cannot find enough vehicles for normal tree.
    Now, they will f*** those trees up by putting several of available vehicles in German tree 🙁

  7. Michael Hughes says:

    It is one of the uglyist tanks I have ever seen

    I want 10

  8. Rita, would it be possible to set the image viewer like it used to be? I mean when you click outside the picture it closes itself? I’m always stuck at photos for a short period of time, because I got used to blogspot version, where I just clicked next to the image, and it closed itself. It would be more convinient 🙂

  9. Sean Dean says:

    Hey Rita, I saw a really interesting tank today while roaming the internet. It’s called the SK-105 Kürassier and it’s an Austrian light tank. Would you mind taking a look at it and giving an opinion on whether or not it would have a place in the game?

  10. Sturmi says:

    ok… well… who else thinks, WG is failing super-hard again by not implementing a new nation, although easily possible?

  11. Rich Vail says:

    the quantity and quality of your posts have gone down since you went on the WG pay roll Rita, really disappointed in you lately.

  12. Anlushac11 says:

    GIVE ME MY HUNGARIAN TURAN IIIM with option for Hungarian decals!!!

  13. Tia says:

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