Tanks Transformed into Works of Art



Big thanks to Kimmaus for emailing something so beautiful!

In Afghanistan, Neda Taiyebi, an Iranian artist is turning abandoned Soviet Tanks and other armoured vehicles into beautiful works of art.


She has painted the vehicles to create a contrast in the landscape and give people an open thinking as her work is free from politics. The Afghan army has given her permission to paint and provided her with an armed escort.



This is absolutely wonderful…

12 comments on “Tanks Transformed into Works of Art

  1. Well it is at least better than those who turn tanks into graffiti. :/

  2. Funny Farmer says:

    I want a wot camo pattern like that ; )

  3. Jarkorsis says:

    kind of sad that she needs an armed escort to do her art.

  4. Amazing Ace says:

    Dazzle camouflage too pretty to shoot. I surrender.

  5. Major Rager says:

    Holy paisley turrets Batman!

  6. Treadhead1 says:

    I hope she asked the vehicle’s machine spirits for consent before repainting them xD. Anyway it looks amazing.

  7. Silvio I says:

    Stronk camo, why did us comrades think of that.

  8. Now I want a “Persian” T34

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