15 cm L/52 Sturmgeschutz E-75, what?



Yuri Pasholok, Wargaming’s chief historical advisor sent me this today, it generated a couple laughs around and although is hardly RSR material I felt like sharing it with you as this is what happens when people start making things up/inventing proposals.

The magazine TnT and artist Hubert Cance distinguished themselves again by inventing another monstrosity (this magazine is notorious for making sh** up and passing it as real), behold! The 15 cm L/52 Sturmgeschutz E-75:


Yuri Pasholok shared it on his page and not long after a reader, psina_zloj, commented with a more realistic version of this vehicle:


It reminded me of the Grille 15’s absurd gun, wondering how long it would take until someone attempts to get this in WoT.

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  1. carrotmoon says:

    we could use it to counter the IS-6

  2. Stephan says:

    It certainly looks better than the Grille 15cm, looks a better replacement but it has not turret. New tier 8 prem? 😀 (If real ofcourse)

  3. Havoc199 says:

    Might be able to pen a tier 5 kv1 if it gets lucky.
    Stronk German 15cm guns…Yay. …

  4. erwin0859 says:

    “Spéculations autour d’un canon d’assaut” means “Speculations around an assault gun”.
    Unless the text inside the dedicated part of the magazine says that it was real, in any case, the title alone doesn’t clearly say it was real, but that it’s only speculations.

    Anyway, I’m glad to only buy the spin-off and not every single magazine 😀

  5. ステトガイ says:

    Just… glorious.

  6. Anonymous says:

    So they merged the Jagd-and the Stumtiger, replaced with a JgPzE100 gun which’s half was cut off, and named it SturmgeshsWhatever E-75. Because logic

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. Anonymous says:

    I usually concur with most of the stuff you post. I know that keeping a blog active is a difficult task. This said, your current post rings a bell.

    I haven’t read the TNT’s article you’re quoting. But title says – if you translates it – “Speculative”, e.g. it means it’s about “what if projects”. The disclaimer says it all and only a fool would read the article and think that its content is going to be scientifically based. Pictures in it are obviously artwork (they can be bad artwork tough) but I don’t see there anything that would be interpreted as blueprints either.

    I remember Silentstalker talking about TNT before, throwing rocks at them for an article talking about “what if projects” again. Since I read that article at the time, it was obvious to me that Silenttalker, by pretending that TNT was trying to present his content as serious and scientific based content, failed to properly understand what the article was really about. I would say the obvious excuse was poor knowledge of the French language, otherwise, he would not have post about it like he did.

    If I were you, I would read the article and then post about it. If you can’t, because it’s a language you don’t speak, then you should refrain from commenting it based on what someone else is saying. You are losing credibility by doing so.

  9. malvadoyrarito says:

    Load capacity: 5 shells

  10. pixywing says:

    Carries 4 shells does 5000 damage average, 537 mm of pen apcr rounds, and a 3 minute reload with .67 accuracy?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Would be worth putting this tank into the game, if it was a prize tank for clan campain. Only real way to balance it. Since it will be few in numbers, it won’t affect every match as if someone bought it from the store.

  12. SMGJohn says:

    The next thing is they are going to try slap a 800mm gun on a waffletractor.

  13. Martin Collmer says:

    It makes about as much sense as the Japanese Heavies

  14. nabus says:

    Slap anything above 128 mm on any tank and its an instant German “Shady but 100% historical” tenk

  15. Anonymous says:

    Fucking sick of these Bullshit made up ” What if ” Tanks by Wargaming
    That bottom picture is that what happens when the drive slams on the brakes too hard?
    If it was never built it means it never was>

  16. Cranky says:

    That bottom picture is that what happens when the drive slams on the brakes too hard?
    Sick of Wargaming making Bullshit ” What If? ” Tanks
    If it was never Built means it never was.

  17. Muhamad Adhi says:

    You know your fake need more works when WG laugh at it.

  18. Captian Nemo says:

    There was actually a mention of a StuG E75 but as as soon as the idea came up it was dropped. Its basically a real idea that got all of one line of text in Walter J. Spielberger’s book. No drawings, no plans and nothing beyond the single line of text.

  19. Darth_Clicker says:

    It has a gun that would make a porn star proud

  20. DecoNoir says:

    Thinking of the counterweight tanks like the T34 needed, this sucker would need a damn Pz. IV strapped to the back.

  21. carramba66 says:

    The gun in the draw is about two times bigger than in the real. Measure the hull and measure the gun diameter. This is a bullshit…

  22. wtfcaniuse says:

    I seem to recall Silentstalker proposing a Stug E75 with 150mm L/52 StuK as a T10 TD except his drawing of it looked better.

  23. Cacahuaitte says:

    Too bad it is clearly stated in the link you just posted it is a speculation. They do not say it is a real machine, just that there are “sources” stating that this thing existed, and all they did was trying to imagine what a thing like this would look like, regardless of it’s “realness”. As a reader or this magazine, I have to admit that in the day they used to make some silly mistakes, but in this case, the critic is firmly unfounded.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Gun Arc 0°
    Elevation Arc -1°/+1°

  25. sniperexe says:

    Just add a vertical jet engine on the gun, or another hull…

  26. Migsaec says:

    That gun looks like its way bigger than a 15cm gun should be.

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