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Thanks to KrowaMleczna! Cobi, a Polish manufacturer of Lego-type pieces presented on their catalogue a partnership with Wargaming, these are the vehicles available:

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I’m actually tempted to get the Patton and Matilda. There are more vehicles in the catalogue, not just from WG, take a look:

Also some of you asked me the last time why Cobi and not Lego, its simple actually, Lego doesn’t really produce military vehicles like these and although is possible to still create amazing models, people usually need to order custom pieces. While Cobi sells a model for 40-50Euros a Lego project stays around the  200-300E which is not very affordable for most people.

22 comments on “Cobi Partners with Wargaming

  1. skivster says:

    Im a simple man. I see a Stronk Tenk I click buy.
    Imma getting that KV2 asap

  2. Alexbuildit says:

    Hetzer looks best…

  3. skivster says:

    Ok, its not YET available, prolly will be soon.

  4. podian says:

    So… um… Polan Stronk?

  5. burdy says:

    “While Cobi sells a model for 40-50Euros a Lego project stays around the 200-300E which is not very affordable for most people.”
    Bullshit. Lego sets cost around 10 Cent per piece. So a 500 piece Tiger would cost around 50 €.

    • Rita Sobral says:

      Think WordPress didn’t like the word BS and marked you as spam, let me pull you back to the light… But are those pieces custom or in packages like Cobi’s?

      • Anonymous says:

        You can do 100% real Lego, pretty realistic tank models although it requires you to get creative for some parts which Cobi gets custom made e.g. The mantlet. Granted, it is more time consuming and costs the same as a Cobi kit but the result is worth it.

    • Michael Gearhart says:

      The price actually depends more on how the model is designed a more detailed model with a lot of rarer components or even custom molded components is likely going to cost a few hundred euros or dollars, sometimes it also depends on the color of the bricks specific colors for LEGO bricks can get expensive fast. And then you need to take into consideration the cost of the business gathering the parts from bulk re-sellers then sorting and packaging of the model kit to then distribute.

      But a thing that i found thats cheaper is that some of these company’s that make the custom LEGO models also sell the instructions for them and you can buy those and they give you a PDF for the instructions and an Excel document that has some code of some sort on them that you can copy and paste into search functions of the brick re-sellers and order the parts yourself

  6. burdy says:

    “While Cobi sells a model for 40-50Euros a Lego project stays around the 200-300E ”
    Wrong. Lego sells set at prices around 10 cent per piece. So a 500 piece Tiger would cost 50 €/$.

  7. KrowaMleczna says:

    Thanks for posting this! I’m happy that many people like these tanks 🙂

  8. killswitch95 says:


  9. TDMIllard says:

    I believe the whole Lego not doing military stuff thing is because the inventor didn’t want children to want to play with military things. Allegedly they didn’t even do dark green and brown blocks to start with so people couldn’t make tanks and stuff. Bit weird that they still don’t do military stuff considering the police sets have guns and stuff and they have Star Wars etc now.

  10. The reason why it’s 200-300 Euros is not because of the pieces, more for the time it took to make and design it.

    Anyway, did you get my pics? If so, pls share your opinion

  11. Anonymous says:

    You thought regular legos hurt when you stepped on them! These fire at you when you get near them!

  12. Alex says:

    I would be very happy if they could add my favourite tank in wot: the E50M. Some soviet tier X medium tanks would be also awesome.

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