WGL Grand Finals “super secret” Tank



As you may know the WGL Grand Finals will take place in Warsaw, Poland at 8 and 9 of April.

On the WoT’s Portal, it says the entrance is completely free but those who buy VIP tickets will be getting a special tank “that has not been revealed yet“!  Well… this is such a “super secret” that you just need to click on that big orange button that says in caps-lock “BUY A VIP TICKET!”


So what In-Game goodies we get if we purchase it…


3 Premium Tanks: Excelsior, IS-3A and… Oh! Look at that! The M 41 90.

The leKpz M 41 90 mm is a tier 8 Light Tank. A German variant of the M41A1 Walker Bulldog light tank modernization. The main change was the replacement of the 76mm M32 gun that was re-bored to 90mm and was made 425mm shorter.

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It most likely will be sold on the premium store too and probably with an ugly WGL camo that will make people not want to buy it, I sincerely hope they don’t repeat the same mistake as last year.

Last year’s WGL tank was pretty decent but no one wanted to look like an advert pariah, the community even made the effort to create mods that remove the unwanted “camo”.


39 comments on “WGL Grand Finals “super secret” Tank

  1. Actually, they switched the M41 90mm to tier 8 in the second iteration of 9.14 (and the actual release). They adjusted the hitpoints and reload, but otherwise, it’s pretty much the same as before. Not as big of a fan now, but at least the DPM is nice.

  2. Renarde Martel says:

    Can you fish around for confirmation on if it’s going to be sold, Rita? I really want to know if I’ll be able to pick it up normally, or if I’m going to need to contact Polish friends to see if any of them want to attend in my place…

  3. Shade01982 says:

    Actually, since the VIP package is just over 60 euros if I’m not mistaken, as a premium tank package the price is quite good.

  4. mredweird says:

    Wait…what? Wasn’t the M 41 90 supposed to be a tier 7? When did it become tier 8?

  5. James k says:

    Hopefully you can get it without that holiday camo ad… I specifically didn’t but the 1357 because of that camo.

  6. Xenomass says:

    Does the USA get this or is it just europe

  7. michalm9 says:

    I attended previous two WG Finals events, and I think ill pass on this one. Excelsior itself isnt good enough to make me sit in these ridiculous lines for 3 hours straight, especially since i already have it, and I’m not planning to buy a VIP ticket either (although price-to-content ratio is quite good).

  8. Haiko Amend says:

    This guy here did a “branding remove” skin for the amx.
    but im not sure if its working with version 9.14

  9. Renarde Martel says:

    A thought occurred to me. The name of the tank as listed is simply ‘M 41 90’. Now, that’s obviously shortened from ‘LeKpz M 41 90 mm’… but still, no ‘GF’ tag in the name. The 13 57 GF still has the ‘F’ in it’s name even when shortened.

    So, just speculating here, but this looks like an indication that we won’t get a reskinned version this time. Cross your fingers that I’m right, lads and ladies.

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  11. Shrike58 says:

    If they sell it without the stupid promotional camo I’ll certainly consider buying it.

  12. Jofanin says:

    I buy a ticket, but probably participate in the April 8th., I’ll get premium tanks ?

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