21 comments on “T49: How to troll

  1. Isnes says:

    How to troll?

    Load gold.


  2. BattleBudgie says:

    Don’t count on it though. Most of the time you’re just tearing your face off out of frustration, since 8 out of 10 shots misses by a mile, and even if they hit, they do 2-300 damage. The guy on the video was very, very lucky, and yes, can’t deny that his timing was also great. But this is a “one out of a hundred” kind of battle with the T49.

    • Lapac says:

      Mate, every 3rd, 4th battle i have in T49 is like that 😀 only reason i uploaded this one now is cause i had some really weird shots, penning SU152 frontal, and that jump on T34, ramming O-Ho and surviving 😛

    • StyleZ says:

      Yup the tank is very frustrating to play even more than a Death Star because of that horrible accuracy and aim-time. Shots like these are luck.. and luck doesn’t come so often. 🙁
      T49 should get some bloom buffs and then it would be good to go.

  3. Fr4nt1s3k says:

    If you can’t afford this tank, buy this one: KV-2 auf E-50M (VK 28.01)

  4. Fr4nt1s3k says:

    Here is the cheaper version in skirmishes 😉

  5. Boceto says:

    Luck and premium ammo are what you need for this. Not that it’s not entertaining, but the 90mm on the T49 is just so much better…

  6. Lapac says:

    Btw that game was nothing compared to one i had some time ago (sorry for klingong, back then i was still doing commentary only on serbian) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jW9gtfaiJoc

  7. Swatdennis says:

    Or you have that kind of game, or you can not hit a barn from the inside, it is how WOT works…

  8. dotree says:

    F**king noob boost at its best!

  9. O-Ho is even funnier actually. Same damage but many tanks bounce from you ^^

  10. InvaderNat says:

    I have T-49 with one MoE, but honestly it’s an EXTREMELY frustrating tank to play. Matches like the one you posted are rare, most of the time you’ll either miss by a mile or only do about 300 damage per shot. Plus being a derp-gun means you’re always a priority-target for the enemy.

    Still, I do like the T-49; at least in the same way a father has to like his child no matter how much he might fail. Plus it’s great for scaring the shit out of paper-tanks, or for crippling heavier tanks in a support-role. And there’s nothing more satisfying than driving up to someone’s weak side and wreaking them in one shot 😛

  11. Shrike58 says:

    I’ve been mostly driving heavies and TDs of late but my favorite moment of derp in this tank was taking out a Lorraine 40t for about 900 xp!

  12. nah…. i can do only this in bobo team

  13. siralexice says:

    You do realize he is using an aimbot, yes? It is quite clear, several instances show how he looks one way but aims in an obviously different direction.

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