How to Increase FPS



WG RU uploaded a video on how to increase FPS, English subtitles available:


When they show in videos like this how the game looked like years ago, I cant stop but feel nostalgic, although its nice to have a good PC, sometimes I miss my WoT 2012 laptop potato times, do you feel like this?

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  1. balexandre says:

    There’s one in English for a long long time:

    • PlazmaKeks says:

      If you get low fps even after setting everything to LOW on your native screen resolution:

      (getting a SSD will remove ANY micro freezes due to much faster cashing)
      Level 1: use WoT Tweaker Plus
      Level 2: Compress all textures to 50%
      Level 2.5: (this is NOT legal but it helps) Use Tundra mod to reduce foliage to 25%.
      Level 3: remove sky (either same sky on all maps, either black sky)
      Level 4: Compress tank skins to 25%
      Level 5: Compress all textures to 25%
      Level 6: Stop eating and get a better PC FFS !!!

  2. No! I want my old craptop to burn in hell!

  3. Nope! I hated playing with 15-20 fps, with my new computer I can play with max settings without any problem at all. I remember it took forever to load into the matches too.

  4. podian says:

    Well, I’m playing Blitz for Windows 10 on my potato laptop – 60 FPS on Intel HD3000, totally worth losing “awesome” features like artillery and prohibitive crew system 😛

  5. devor says:

    This all doesn’t matter, you know why? Because i have an AMD cpu and the game still only uses 1 core. In 2016.

  6. Hedgehog1963 says:

    Since the new patch the sound is handled in a second core (so I’ve read) and, what do you know? I’ve now got everything on “max” graphically and I’m getting 85 FPS. The game looks great.

  7. Marsal_Celicni says:

    I still play on laptop on 15fps and i still rock 😀

  8. Gkirmathal says:

    Alu hats time! Strange thing is, I haven’t seen any significant change in how the World of Tanks process utilizes my second cores besides #0, or any of my other 3 cores for that matter. Performance has increased in some situation and decreased in some others.

  9. still remember having ~200ping and 20~30 fps on min, got as low as 5 when firing through bushes when the game in close beta in NA sever, god those days were hell.

  10. Teobold Tor says:

    I’ve gained a bunch of FPS since the game processes sound on a second core, and as it includes viewrange on the minimap I don’t need XVM any longer.
    Maybe I can get the game prettier without FPS dropping to a stopmotion rate.

  11. Wumbolo says:

    What’s the background music? It sounds a bit like Heart of Courage, but can’t find it. So sad 🙁

  12. wumbolo says:

    What is the background music? It sounded a bit like Heart of Courage to me, but can’t find it 🙁

  13. Shrike58 says:

    At times I was playing with 8-10 fps before a got a video card upgrade; damn I was naive about some of these issues!

    Whatever else you can say about 9.14 I’m appreciating fps peaking around 75-76; might turn on some more affects!

  14. marianr87 says:

    I have not gained any performance improvement since the update or in the last 2 years with the settings I use. I get around 20 FPS (not on max but something to look decent). The weird part is that when I ask it for the recommended settings, it goes to the standard render and on low settings even though I have 8Gb of ram and 2Gb Video card and a decent Intel processor, sure it’s 3-4 years old, but this games runs ok on low on my other 9 year old machine with around 25-30 FPS so I’d expect it to run smoothly at least with my newer one.

    With my computer I wouldn’t expect it to recommend the max settings, but at least something in the middle.

  15. Hussars_Trumpet says:

    I play on a craptop, regularly have low teens fps and 100s of ping. The new sounds are great when they function on my machine, but I still enjoy myself. It’s only a game!

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