18 comments on “How WG made the new sounds

  1. Anonymous says:

    so true 🙂

  2. And the coding was done by a monkey in between the time he spent flinging poo.

  3. I find this amusing, well done funny video person maker.

  4. Anonymous says:

    its a ring-necked parakeet i have a similar bird only in yellow 🙂 screaming little buggers

  5. Daryl says:

    Lmao, well done, very funny

  6. FilipG says:

    Genius 😀

  7. that_f-in_guy says:


  8. Anonymous says:

    I bet that parrot knew 8 llanguages,( american, british, japan, german, france, crez, china, and sweden) 🙂 .

  9. Anonymous says:

    It would not be so funny if it did not seem so close to the truth.

  10. party1c says:

    funny but not fair.

    its tiny projectiles hitting a metal plate.
    tanks are designed not to get affected by hits. unlike the big brass bell in your lokal church. if you except a loud and deep “booooomm” or “doooong” every time you get a hit by matildas 4cm gun… maybe you should get yourself one like this: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=airHornSoundsNew.liquidApps

  11. Anonymous says:

    while it is a bit unfair to WG, this vid is funny as hell =))

  12. Jetflash99 says:

    One more =]]

  13. Anonymous says:

    good one

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