Czech T-72 ARVs pull stuck cargo ship



first of all a thanks to SilentStalker senpai for sharing this with me.

In Dresden, Germany a cargo ship with 800 tons of salt got stuck on a sand bank under a bridge for nearly a week which stopped the traffic in the area. The authorities had to extract the salt first and then called in 2 T-72 ARVs from Czech Republic to pull the ship.

ČSPL , the company owner of the cargo ship stated that the ship wasn’t overloaded and that it navigated 150-180cm deep, the river area according to German media is 142cm. Apparently this is not the first time it happens, last year another CZ cargo ship with 1.100 tons of soybean got stuck in the same manner.

Experts started examining the local, they are worried that these close encounters with the cargo ships are damaging the historic bridge stability by cracking and losing pillar stones.

Seems like this will keep on happening, maybe they should start prohibiting cargo ships to circulate or higher the river levels?

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12 comments on “Czech T-72 ARVs pull stuck cargo ship

  1. joeblobdob says:

    Get your boat, you’ve pulled.

  2. Diggin’ that red paint tho

  3. Hedgehog1963 says:

    I can only see one? BTW that ship would be called a “barge,” in English.

  4. There was also this modification of a T-34 that was used as a crane.

  5. that_f-in_guy says:

    All shipments should be delivered by a Tog.

  6. hmm, Salt? I wonder if Jingles had a hand in this….

  7. Anonymous says:

    Well, as long as Jingles gets his salt shipment on time…

  8. party1c says:

    i wonder why they didnt call the german army for this since this happend in germany… Leo2A5 “Bergepanzer” could have done the same.

  9. Yndy says:

    Czech tanks invading Germany. World War 3 incoming.

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