12 comments on “HOW WG MADE THE NEW SOUNDS Part II

  1. Jerry_at_rick says:

    Funny but unfair.

  2. In my clan, they don’t like the new sounds. -They think the most of them that a grass-cutting machine sounds better!

  3. TomSkyer says:

    Oh, now I know where lamborghini sound comes from. Just one note, everyone who doesn’t like new engine sounds should have checked theire ears

  4. party1c says:

    we got it. your laptopspeakers sound bad.

    this is not cool rita. not cool. you promote retards that bash wg cause their shitty rigs cant handle the at max medicore reqirements you need to expierince the beauty of the new sounds.

    stay fair pls.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wrold of tanks???? New GAME?

  6. ValerianHD says:

    Just like Gajin did in WT

  7. Anonymous says:


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