Kettenkrad War Motors 2016



I hope this may interest some of you as there isn’t much “tracks” in it but an exhibition, Kettenkrad War Motors, took place a few days ago in Moscow and got some photos and video for you:

Video from Yuri Pasholok who attended the event:

And photos (source on images):

4 comments on “Kettenkrad War Motors 2016

  1. Hedgehog1963 says:

    I’d love to ride to work on one of these…

  2. Treadhead1 says:

    Pretty nice! I like that they have the german artillery conversion of the Lorraine tractor. Not something I expected to see. Plus the image with the kids on the motorcycle was pretty adorable.

  3. that_f-in_guy says:

    I need one of those in my life for reasons.

  4. sniperexe says:

    Why does the truck on the image wwiicars009-38 have a wot icon for manufacturer-emblem-thing ?

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