Sentinel AC I On Sale: Final Stats, Screenshots & Reviews



The Australian Sentinel AC I is now being sold in all servers, gathered as much info as possible for you:

Video Reviews

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Final Statistics

Tier: 4 premium MT

Crew: 5 (Commander, Gunner, Driver, Radio Operator and Loader)
Hitpoints: 370
Engine: 330 hp
Weight: 27,941 tons
Power-to-weight: 11,8 hp/t
Maximum speed: 60,4/20 km/
Hull traverse: 40 deg/s
Turret traverse: 44 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 1,1/1,2/2,2
Viewrange: 350
Radio range: 450
Hull armor: 65/45/45
Turret armor: 65/65/65

Gun: QF 2-pdrMk. X-A
Ammo amount: 130
Damage: 45/45/60
Penetration: 88/121/23
ROF: 26.09
DPM: 1175.05
Reload: 2.3
Accuracy: 0,37
Aimtime: 2,7

Depression: -10/+20

In-Game Screenshots


Will I buy it?

Actually, yes. Truth to be told the tank sucks, it may have a good top speed but it rarely reaches it and when climbing even a T95 can give a run for it. The accuracy is tremendously good and I have no problems with the amount of damage it deals but the aiming time is just deplorable. The armor is not too bad actually, just as long you keep facing forward to the enemy. Reason I chose to want this tank is because of the cheap price and of course, the 2 majestic Australian dicks it waves around, so I will give this tank a “Happy Serb” rating:



Premium Store



-Until 1 May at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2).

Premium Package



Standard Package


  • AC 1 Sentinel
  • 1 Garage Slot
  • 2,500 G
  • 1 Improved ventilation Class2
  • 1 Enhanced Gun Laying drive
  • 1 Medium-Caliber Tank Gun rammer
  • Bonus: Crew – 100% Major Qualification
  • Bonus: Australian camouflage pattern
  • Bonus: Custom emblems
  • AC 1 Sentinel
  • 1 Garage Slot
  • Bonus: Crew – 100% Major Qualification
  • Bonus: Australian camouflage pattern
  • Bonus: Custom emblems




-Until May 6 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET

Standard Package


  •  AC 1 Sentinel
  • 1x Garage Slot
  • 450 Gold


  • Custom Camo & Emblems
  •  100% Crew
Premium Package


  •  AC 1 Sentinel
  • 2,140
  • 1x Improved Ventilation Class 2
  • 1x Enhanced Gun Laying Drive
  • 1x Medium-Caliber Gun Rammer


  • Custom Camo & Emblems
  •  100% Crew
  • 1x Garage Slot
  • 360 Gold



-Until 01 May, 2016 (Sunday) @ 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC)

Premium Package

Value in Gold

USD 30.00

Standard Package

Value in Gold

USD 10.00

Package Contents

  • AC1 Sentinel (with AUS
  • Customization)
  • 1 Garage Slot 
  • AC1 Mission Token (*)
  • 5,700 Gold
Package Contents

  • AC1 Sentinel (with AUS
  • Customization)
  • 1 Garage Slot
  • 1,200 Gold

Note: The token unlocks a repeatable mission for x1.5 the EXP and Crew EXP until 1 May – when you finish in top 10 by EXP.


-KR players got F*** all.


That’s all folks, now go and do whatever you want!



45 comments on “Sentinel AC I On Sale: Final Stats, Screenshots & Reviews

  1. Garth says:

    Why why ……??

  2. Rick Ansell says:

    ‘Technical Issues’ mean they can’t ‘Take My Money Damnit!’

    What can I say, I’m a British & Commonwealth Completist.

  3. gpc_4 says:

    Rita, can we get some pics of the unique camo and emblems? Can the emblems only be used on the Sentinel?

    • Shade01982 says:

      Here you go:

      When you buy it, the camo and emblem are automatically applied (camo is for all three map types and provide the 3% camo bonus). As far as I can tell, they are unique for this tank, but I am reluctant to try anything in case I lose it and can’t get it back :P.

      • bonesaw1o1 says:

        You actually get 4 emblems with the tank, the ones that come stock are for Australia’s 1st armoured division (armoured fist clutching battle axe ). However if you check your inventory you should also have the badges for second armoured division (scorpion), 4th motorised brigade (greyhound over boomerang) and another one that I can’t remember. I’m just disappointed they didn’t put in 4th tank brigade group’s badge (Palm tree and crocodile over boomerang). Afaik these badges can be put on other tanks but I’m not 100% sure how the new emblem system works in that regard

      • gpc_4 says:

        Thanks. Still haven’t been able to see the other unique emblems though.

  4. Even if it would be significantly buffed (regardless how much) it would be hopeless…

  5. Michael Hughes says:

    The Penis-mobile has lower DPM than a TOG has health. It can fight the tog

  6. Anonymous says:

    Only one question rita, only one answer; quicky baby or jingles??

  7. Shade01982 says:

    After having played a few rounds in it, I have to agree with Jingles’ review. The tank by itself is actually really not that bad. And if you are top tier, you can really have a great time. Even at battle tier 5, it is ok.

  8. Artakha says:

    Saw the exact same tank they modeled this off of at the Texas Military Forces Museum last year, was cool.

  9. wtf i dont give a damn about an australian penis tank and the whole game as well lel lel lel

  10. nicodeimous says:

    Bought it because I wanted it for the collection, playing it though … its a turd. Gunner dies A LOT, seldom if ever bounces anything fired at it from tier 3 and up. Just about any damage to the track, engine or driver and your slower than a Matilda the rest of the match. Turns out for me the gun isn’t even the thing that makes this tank a turd, everything else does. It’s not going to be a useful tier 4, good for the collection but a turd otherwise.

  11. wattscemple says:

    Love the “Serb-O-Meter”! Just picked this tank up…haven’t had a chance to run it yet. I collect tanks…so good or bad I want it in my garage.

  12. Jurrunio says:

    Why are people buying AC1? They forgot AC4? That is not a collection piece, but something you can enjoy and earn credits with.

  13. Axe_Killer says:

    Time to go “ram” some matildas :3

  14. Fuckin Straya cunt… that’s why you should buy this tank…

    but seriously, aim time and acceleration are shockingly bad. They could have given us the AC E1 with 17pdr gun, or the AC 3 “Thunderbolt” with 25pdr, or the AC 4 that had either 17 or 25 pdr gun

  15. argleblarglegarble says:

    I’m still tempted, just coz Straya. But they really should make it more competitive in terms of gun handling/aim time. Interestingly the Sentinel has really good bloom values for turret movement, it’s the hull movement/traverse bloom plus aim time that kills it. The IS-3 gets by fine with a huge aim time but very small bloom. Perhaps they could give the Sentinel 2.5s aim time but cut the hull bloom in half.

  16. OrigamiChik3n says:

    “The 2 majestic Australian dicks”…

    As our good friend Gimli would put it – that still only count as one.

  17. wolvenworks says:

    sounds like a nice brawler, what with that armor and QF 2-pdrMk. X-A

    i assume it doesn’t have pref mm, so it will function as something like a fat Matilda?

  18. Marko Mravak says:

    Everybody go buy a tank with the infected penis 😂

  19. Me says:

    Burkatovsky-O-Meter should have only one rank and that is total crap.

  20. pacer123 says:

    That NA poster really got me xD

  21. siralexice says:

    It’s a must buy, the dick is too funny

  22. Anonymous says:

    is the camo from this tank available for other tanks?

  23. joeblobdob says:

    Awesome Clit tank.

  24. Jasio says:

    Is it worth? No – just compare with another tier IV premium – Valentine II which has limited battle tier of only tier IV!!!,52817%28%29

  25. 2goxd says:

    I just bough 200€ skateboard parts and 50€ helmet … so i might as well. throw 6€ for this double penetration steel dildo -> so i can fuck others right in the ass with this Aussie sex-war invention

  26. Someone says:

    And on an unrelated topic, the premium T4 med T-28 gets a 85mm cannon with 160 dmg and 120 pen.

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