11 comments on ““Leaked” Footage

  1. Peter says:

    Tog 2 will probs be a sub or boat and we PC users get fuck all

  2. Well that’s for console players. The PC community who made this game big can go and fuck themselves. All we probably get is some lame mission with a lame reward

  3. CoreOfLive says:

    They know this joke since the tog was introduced. And now it is going to be console only.
    We pc players are pretty spoiled.

    • CoreOfLive says:

      I feel like some sort of negative nancy posting on these thread since I have nothing positive to say.

    • Console players have gotten more in in a year than we had in 3 years. Graphics, better sounds, HD models, unique maps, etc.

      What do we get in 3 years… Few maps, slight optimizations, broken Japanese heavies, some lines, slight graphical inprovements, shit ton of premiums, and we are mow just getting some pretty good sounds and decent physics.

  4. Homer_J says:

    Wasn’t this leaked (see what I did there) already?

  5. StyleZ says:

    Meanwhile special game modes on PC version…………….

  6. Anonymous says:

    why do people bitch so much about getting free stuff it amazes me.I guess it’s a generation thing because I was thankful when someone gave me something for not doing anything no matter how small a gift it was you guys really need to get your priorities straight.

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